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  • News Walmart Announces Foray Into Pre-Owned Games

    Program begins on 26th March

    Walmart has announced today that stores across the United States will begin participating in a new pre-owned video game program as of 26th March this year. Citing the $2 billion used game market as incentive to enter its own bid, Walmart promises an easy trade-in program that follows much the same business model as...


  • News Walmart Already Selling 3DS for $169.99, But Be Quick

    Won't last forever

    On 12th August Nintendo of America officially drops the price of 3DS to $169.99, and is compensating anyone who bought the machine at its earlier, higher price with 20 free Virtual Games from the eShop. What if there was a way to get both — the cheaper console and free games? Could you have your cake and eat it? The answer is "yes" if your local Walmart is one of many..