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News: Hey WiiWare, Enjoy Your Massage

Hey WiiWare, Enjoy Your Massage

New muscle manipulation game inbound

Whilst we have a pretty good handle on Nintendo's download front these days, sometimes a company throws a curveball from so far out of left field it stuns even us, and it doesn't get much crazier than a massage game from the publisher of mobile pseudo-erotic title Emmanuelle Erotic Massages. Titled Enjoy Your Massage, the game's ESRB rating describes it in the..

News: Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life

Merry Christmas from Nintendo Life

A festive treat for our loyal readers, in which a young boy gets a Wii from Santa

Picture the scene: it’s Christmas morning and you’ve sat through the socks and questionable knitwear from your granny and mastered the “oh thanks, that’s great” response. It’s been worth it though, because next up is the family gift… It takes a couple of seconds for the enormity of the gift to sink in,..

News: We Pray - Coming To A Console Near You?

We Pray - Coming To A Console Near You?

Wii is getting cross...

File this one under "Huh?", "What?", know what? Let's not file this one at all. We Pray is set to be the motion-controlled minigame-based church simulator to end all motion-controlled minigame-based church simulators. If, of course, it really exists... Check out the trailer below. According to the Prayer Works Interactive official site it's..

News: Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered"

Pixmania: Wiimote Tech Is "Endangered"

Death by Natal?

UK electronics retailer Pixmania has compiled a list for The Daily Telegraph of what it deems are "endangered" technologies that "will be lucky to survive by the end of next year," and Nintendo's game-changing Wii Remote is sitting pretty in 6th place. According to them, Microsoft's upcoming motion-sensing,...

News: Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Riding Peripheral

Nintendo Patents Inflatable Horseback Riding Peripheral


Well, this was unexpected. A European patent held by Nintendo (discovered by Siliconera) shows the company isn't content with just having peripherals like the Balance Board, Vitality Sensor, Zapper, Wheel, MotionPlus and the Nunchuck. No, Nintendo wants to peripheralize your badonkadonk as well. An inflatable horse saddle is the latest innovation patented by the company. The seat would have be..