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  • News ​Video: Check Out This Long Lost Third Party N64 Development Tool

    It's only sort-of piracy

    Nintendo has come a long way in terms of openness with developers for its consoles. Nowadays, anybody with a laptop and some time is welcome to submit a game on the eShop, and there are more tools than ever to help realize this goal. It hasn't always been that way, however, as Nintendo used to require certain standards of...








  • Video Bravely Second Jobs Trailer Features Deadly Desserts And Catmancery

    12 new jobs detailed

    Bravely Second: End Layer is headed to Europe on February 26th, and Nintendo has published a new video which shows off some of the 12 new job classes included in the game. Highlights include the Catmancer, who can copy the abilities of monsters, and the Patissier, who "undermines foes with deadly desserts". Ahem. With these 12...

  • Video Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult, But This Guy Did It Anyway

    1260 games later

    The Wii is one of the most successful games consoles of all time with over 100 million consoles sold - and counting. As ever, commercial triumph goes hand-in-hand with loads of software, and the Wii has been blessed with 1260 games to date, not all of them good. You might assume that collecting all of these games would be a foolish...

  • Video Watch The Epic Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial Right Here

    Train on

    Pokémon is 20 this year, and to mark the anniversary, The Pokémon Company ran a special commercial during the recent Super Bowl. That commercial is now available for viewing online, and you can feast your eyes on it below. The clip shows several different individuals from all over the world who are aiming for monster-training greatness,...

  • Video Five Things We Want From The Nintendo NX

    We can wish, right?

    Nintendo is expected to announce more details about its mysterious NX platform early this year, and there are signs that the console could launch before Christmas comes around. We actually know very little about the system so far, but that hasn't stopped our video guru Alex from putting together a tantalising wishlist. What do...

  • News Unreal Engine GoldenEye 007 Tech Demo Gains The Approval Of Game's Designer

    He loves only gold!

    Rare's prolific N64 output is the stuff of legend, but one title tends to stand out from the rest, primarily because it was such a curve-ball at the time that it took the entire gaming world by surprise. Prior to the release of GoldenEye 007, two things were true: licenced James Bond games had been pretty forgettable and...

  • News Shadow Moses Is A Fan-Made Metal Gear Solid For The HD Era

    But how long before Konami closes it down?

    As we all know, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has parted ways with Konami, which means that we're unlikely to see another "true" Metal Gear title, despite plans by the publisher to continue the franchise without its founder. If such a realisation leaves you feeling a bit blue, then cast your eyes over...

  • Video Everything We Know About Nintendo NX, So Far

    The NX level?

    Nintendo's new console - dubbed NX - will be revealed this year, and could even see release before 2017 rolls around, but the company has remained largely tight-lipped about the system. That has predictably led to a lot of uncertainty and questions, and while we can't entirely solve that, we're here to give you a wider picture of what...

  • Video This Japanese McDonald's Super Mario Happy Meal Commercial Is Too Adorable For Words

    So just watch it instead

    We're not going to talk too much about the following video - produced to promote the new range of Super Mario Happy Meal toys now available at Japanese branches of McDonald's - because the normally bountiful English language doesn't provide the words required to describe how utterly adorable it is. So instead, we advise...

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