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  • Video Nintendo Minute Reveals Its Game of the Year Winners

    The Super Sixteen Showdown reaches its end

    It's almost the end of 2014, so Nintendo Minute - the NoA video series - has made sure it wrapped up its Game of the Year awards. In previous weeks hosts Kit and Krysta have shortlisted their own personal choices for both Wii U and 3DS, while viewers have been voting in the Super Sixteen Showdown knockout...

  • News Nintendo Rolls Out Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Footage and Details

    May transform opinion

    One of the first retail releases on Wii U in 2015 will be Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, at least in North America and Japan, which will bring its brand of stylus-controlled rolling gameplay to the system; its clay-based look and animation has certainly caught the eye. Nintendo took the opportunity, on Christmas Day, to spruce...

  • Video Nintendo Minute Dishes Out Alternative Awards and Announces Final Two in Super Sixteen Showdown

    A battle of the giants

    Over recent days Nintendo Minute has been hosting some Game of the Year videos in which hosts Kit and Krysta have picked their favourites from the year, and also taken us through a number of knockout rounds in which viewers vote for their overall winner. A 'Bonus' video has now looked at alternative awards and also revealed...

  • Video Learn About the Nintendo 64 in Stop-Motion Style

    Seven fascinating facts

    It's the season for being a little lazy, which can certainly include sitting around watching a lot of films, TV shows and online videos. For Nintendo fans, it's not hard to find enjoyable snapshots of entertainment to chill out with. Case in point is this short effort from hugely popular YouTube channel Vsauce3, which covers...

  • Video Nintendo Shows Off 2014's 'Fan Faves'

    Nintendo Minute's hosts show off their Wii U choices, too

    'Tis the season for contemplating the year, and Nintendo is joining in with its own videos to remind us that — above all else — 2014 brought us a lot of fantastic games. The most recent video from today is a sizzle reel showing off 'fan faves' of 2014, based on over 600,000 pieces of...

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