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  • Video Take A Look At Some Awesome Limited Edition Mega Man Merchandise in Japan

    Lots of Rockman goodness

    In conjunction with the release of Rockman Classics Collection (Mega Man Legacy Collection in the West), Capcom started to release some items related to the game. I thought it'd be neat to collect some of these relatively rare items and share them with you. One of them is the "Rockman Classics Collection Fanbook", which...

  • Video Enjoy More Star Fox Zero Puppet Shenanigans in These Trailers

    With bonus continuity errors

    Star Fox Zero is so April 2016, especially in this era of the internet rapidly moving on and forgetting about recent releases. Nevertheless the Nintendo / PlatinumGames collaboration hasn't been out that long, and the big N hasn't given up on promoting it quite yet. As previously reported, Nintendo has brought back the...

  • Video A Look at Five of the Worst Mario Boss Fights

    Alex picks some rather unimpressive encounters

    It's widely agreed that the Super Mario games - in their various forms - are among the very best in the industry. Yet some parts of them are somewhat 'meh', nevertheless, even if they are relatively brief sections among far better gaming moments. Our video man Alex Olney reckons boss fights can be a...

  • News The Legend of Zelda Has Been Reimagined as a Hong Kong Crime Drama

    Yes, it really has

    We've seen various unofficial tributes and reimaginings of The Legend of Zelda, including some flashy fan efforts and more touching commemorations. We're pretty sure we haven't seen it as a Hong Kong crime drama before, though... Well, it's happening thanks to Dayside TV - thanks, Eurogamer - and looks suitably strange. There's...

  • Video Fans Recreate Super Smash Bros. Melee's Opening

    Retuning the nostalgia chords

    It's often touted that the opening video to Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube is one of the greatest video game intros that Nintendo has produced. It was a video that set the scene for the excitement to come, all the while showcasing the all-star cast that Nintendo had to offer. It's even often used as a...





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