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  • Video Enjoy The Famous Pokémon Theme in Twenty '90s Styles

    Brilliant work from 10 Second Songs

    YouTube may host some dross that prompts a weary shake of the head from cynics like this writer, but it also has some amazing content. When creative and talented individuals turn their skills to honouring popular culture and gaming, the end results can be amazing. This video from 10 Second Songs certainly...

  • Video Animal Crossing Noir Continues to Explore the Mysteries of New Leaf

    "I boarded the train, but where does the rest of the line go?"

    A while ago we shared the first couple of episodes of 'Animal Crossing Noir' with you - it's an entertaining and dark spin on New Leaf that has strong vibes of 1960s TV series The Prisoner. Six episodes have been released so far, deepening the mystery behind villager HMK's arrival

  • Video Catch Up On Battles and Classes in Dragon Quest VII

    Still featuring THAT music

    It's easy to overlook the fact that Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past is getting rather close to release in the West, arriving on 16th September. The 3DS title could keep fans of the series busy for weeks and months, with this being a notoriously lengthy entry in the franchise. As it has with complex...

  • Feature Unboxing the Super Famicom New Nintendo 3DS XL

    Units shipping from Nintendo in Japan right now

    Its been a long wait for those who were fortunate enough to snag a pre-order of the awesome-looking Super Famicom New 3DS XL in Japan, which was first shown off in a Nintendo Direct in March of this year. The unit comes decked out with the hardware design of the Japanese Super Famicom on the back,...

  • Video Learn Some Handy Metroid Glitches

    Skip those pesky boss fights

    Glitches remain an important part of games for enthusiasts and speed runners, with unintended gaps in code or system limitations allowing those with the know-how to do strange things. Sometimes you can skip entire areas, defeat an enemy easily, or just make something look cool. There's a mix of techniques in the latest...






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