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  • Video This Mario & Luigi Trailer is the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

    Suitably zany

    For fans of the Mario & Luigi RPG franchise developed by AlphaDream, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team can't arrive on 3DS soon enough. Early glimpses promise the same wacky humour that's characterised the series, while we're hopeful that the capabilities of the handheld will bring even more creativity; we already know that the...

  • Video Debut Fantasy Life Link Trailer Arrives in Japan

    How's that localisation going, Level-5?

    Fantasy Life, if you don't already know, is a 3DS title that came from a collaboration between Level-5 and Nintendo subsidiary Brownie Brown, which is now known as 1-UP Studios. It's a title where you can choose a a profession and interact with the large game world, and when you feel like it you can embark...

  • Video Skylanders Swap Force Really Lives Up To Its Name

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson gets swap-happy

    The clue’s in the name right? Skylanders Swap Force is an interesting proposition this year because of all that switching and swapping you can do with the new figures. What we hadn’t appreciated was quite how varied the new mixed up creations could be, or how much they would feel like fully fledged...

  • News Nintendo May Have Eased Off On Its Claims To 'Let's Play' Ad Revenues

    Popular YouTuber says he's making money on Nintendo content again

    Last month we reported on Nintendo's move to put a block on 'Let's Play' videos on YouTube monetising any of its copyrighted content. Essentially, the company claimed the rights to any revenue generated from user-created video content that is long enough to get an advert placed at the...

  • Video Reggie Shows Off Wii U to Jimmy Fallon, Hilarity Ensues


    It's been video game week on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show, with various executives making an appearance and various game-related shenanigans, including an awesome Mario rap by The Roots. Wrapping up the week, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime made his customary appearance to show off the Wii U. Rather...

  • Video This Official Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Performance is Just Too Good

    Why yes, Nintendo, we'd love a full album / DVD

    We suspect that a good number of Nintendo Life community members know the Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses concert well, as it's been touring around the world delighting fans of the series. When you take the scores of iconic Zelda games and orchestrate them, magic undoubtedly happens. The tour is...

  • Weirdness The Roots Perform an Awesome Mario Rap on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

    Disses Luigi, rap battle should happen...

    For those that don't know, The Roots are a critically acclaimed, Grammy winning band, that also serves as the house band on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Some of you may also be aware that Fallon has been doing a lot of post-E3 coverage, so games have been a prominent part of his show in the past week. That...

  • News Kensuke Tanabe: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is "Kind of a Road Movie"

    Dynamic camera, furriness and an unnamed additional character discussed

    In one of a series of developer videos recently released by Nintendo, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze producer Kensuke Tanabe took some time to discuss some of the design choices and priorities that he shared with primary developers Retro Studios. Some are fundamental to...

  • Video Monolith Soft's X Given More Epic Footage

    Slated for 2014

    There was plenty of game footage on show in Nintendo's E3 Direct, with one eagerly awaited trailer being for Monolith Soft's X. First revealed in January, the fresh footage arrived with a vague confirmation of a 2014 release. Some themes from the first trailer have continued across, such as the use of impressive mechs that can...

  • Video Batman: Arkham Origins Gameplay Trailer Goes for the Takedown

    Holy retro Batman cliche, Batman!

    With presentations wrapping up — apart from the Nintendo Direct stream — E3 is preparing to open to the public and enter full PR hype mode. We can expect plenty of trailers and info-drops, and Warner Bros. is the latest to jump into the fray with the first gameplay footage of Batman: Arkham Origins, the...

  • Video LEGO Marvel Super Heroes E3 Trailer Saves the Day

    It's a LEGO Wolverine, at last

    There are so many LEGO games out on the market — so, so many. Yet we seem to keep wanting more, possibly because in the majority of cases they're a lot of fun, and LEGO Marvel Super Heroes looks set to be a big release this Fall; versions will grace the Wii U, 3DS and DS. With the E3 madness now well underway, the...

  • Video This Zelda Stop Motion Animation is Crazy, and Awesome

    And no, it's not closely based on the series

    Zelda is a series that inspires plenty of people to take up instruments, cameras and more to produce fun videos or fan-albums for everyone to enjoy. It's also a franchise with such ardent fans that it can promote concerts worldwide and consistently sell out venues; it's truly iconic. Naturally, YouTube...

  • Video You'll Wish You Could Play Tetris As Well As This

    Thor Aackerlund is a Tetris master

    Like the talented and popular sporty kid you used to hate at school, Thor Aackerlund has been annoying the hell out of Nintendo fans for decades, thanks largely to his superhuman gaming skills — skills which won him the coveted Nintendo World Championship back in 1990. Turns out Aackerlund hasn't allowed his...

  • Video A History Of Nintendo Controllers in Less Than 30 Seconds

    The N64's is still the strangest...

    Nintendo has often played the role of innovator with its control schemes, particularly in more recent times. When not innovating it's been satisfied with simply producing the best controllers of their kind — in the NES and Super NES variants — with the Nintendo 64 starting a trend for curious designs and...

  • Video Street Fighter Gets Artistic with Motion Sculptures

    Lots and lots of lines

    When teaching yourself video-making techniques and how to use various pieces of software, you could do worse than to use the time to commemorate a beloved gaming franchise. That's what a Vimeo user, DantheAdMan, has done, producing a video of motion sculptures based on characters from the iconic fighting franchise, such as...

  • Video Check Out Donkey Kong at this Nintendo World Launch Event

    Credit to the guy in the outfit

    The Nintendo World store in New York recently hosted a launch event for Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, where attendees had the chance to enjoy other games featuring the mascot, pick up some goodie bags and meet the ape himself. Events such as these, as well as expos and similar occasions, give gamers a chance to...

  • Video Watch_Dogs Behind the Scenes Trailer Shows MoCap in Action

    Hands can now go in pockets, minds are blown

    Watch_Dogs is arguably Ubisoft's biggest game of the year, as it's a new IP that also has the potential to be a technical marvel; it certainly turned heads when it made its debut at E3 2012. It's coming to the Wii U, too, which is possibly the best news of all. Ubisoft has been producing various videos...

  • Video This Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies Trailer is a Treat

    Its eShop release can't come soon enough

    While its eShop-only release will undoubtedly disappoint some, we shouldn't forget that — after a lot of doubt — Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies is coming the West in the Fall period. Quite a number of the Nintendo Life team, for example, are planning to raid the 3DS online store when it...




  • Video An Ultimate Monster Hunter Gives a Masterclass

    Less gathering, more hunting

    Quite a number of us have probably, judging by the popularity of the subject within the community's forums, been playing a fair bit of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U. It's a title that — given the chance to sink its claws in — can be difficult to put down. Still, advancing to the stage where you can...

  • Video It's a Fighting Robot Controlled By a Famicom Controller

    Step aside, R.O.B.

    Video game enthusiasts are often wonderful people, in that they'll do something unspeakably cool and awesome simply because they feel like it; that's why we rather adore quite a lot of video game culture. We also like anything that fuses modern technology with retro gadgets, which is exactly what this Japanese genius has done...

  • Video Someone Has Hacked Nic Cage's Face Into Zelda, Just Because They Can

    "We had no goal, only Cage"

    Oh boy. Some things in life simply defy explanation, so we won't even bother, but merely offer this befuddling video and allow you to draw your own conclusions. YouTube user Criken has created a texture mod for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask which liberally coats various surfaces in the game with the face of...

  • News This NES Arcade Unit is a Perfect Introduction to Gaming

    All for one lucky little girl

    Earlier today we posted an article on The Electus 64 II Mini, a handheld Nintendo 64 that resembles a glossy, chunky Game Boy. And rather like London buses (wait for an eternity and two come at the same time), we've been directed to an arcade cabinet that plays NES games — just like the handheld N64, that's actual...

  • News The Electus 64 II Mini Brings the Sexy Back to Nintendo 64

    Packed with features that actually work

    When it comes to modded consoles — which in this case means one that plays actual cartridges, not ROMS — we've seen plenty of innovative efforts over the years. Enthusiasts with a flair for hardware tech have produced handheld GameCube systems housed in tupperware boxes — we kid you not — a Super NES...

  • Video Assassin's Creed III - Tyranny of King Washington's "Wolf Power" Has Some Bite

    It's a dog's life

    As a big-budget release, Assassin's Creed III was always destined to have a fair bit of DLC. After a couple of packs featuring extra missions and multiplayer bonuses — the latter's not recommended on Wii U due to the lack of an active online community — it got to the main event, The Tyranny of King Washington. It's a new...

  • News Richie Branson Celebrates Chrono Trigger Anniversary With a New Rap

    Three free tracks, album on the way

    Last summer we directed you to a music track from rapper Richie Branson, called Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, which combined rap with enough game references to satisfy almost anyone. He's now returning with a new album that's focused on SNES classic Chrono Trigger, and to celebrate the 18th Anniversary since its...

  • News Miyamoto Overseeing Series of Animated Shorts

    Even in his spare time he's playing with Pikmin

    Nintendo has a bit of a history in cartoon making, as anyone who ever had the pleasure of watching The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! will testify to. It seems as though the company is now contemplating venturing into the business once more, with a few animated shorts designed to be viewed using the...

  • Video Get Spooked by Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's "ScareScraper" Multiplayer

    We want a polterpup

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon's release is now around two weeks away for both North America and Europe, a long-awaited sequel to the GameCube launch title. As well as featuring an all-new adventure with the under-appreciated brother, it'll include local and online multiplayer, an extra mode that was kept under wraps for the majority...

  • Video More LEGO City: Undercover Webisodes Introduce the Cast

    Meet Chief Dunby and Frank Honey

    With its release looming ever-closer, Nintendo UK is continuing its webisode series to introduce the cast of LEGO City: Undercover. The first video revolved around Chase McCain, the hero that you control as you venture around the open-world city and indulge in various wacky shenanigans. The latest videos — yes,...


  • Video Vblank Entertainment Shows You How to Make a Game for the NES

    ROM City Rampage is a blast from the past

    Out today in North America and Europe, Retro City Rampage is, as the title suggests, a WiiWare release that aims to remind us of gaming's older days. Inspired by the original GTA, it includes a host of jokes, references and areas designed to bring to mind pop culture of the '80s and '90s. Also included...

  • Video Professor Layton's Final Adventure Looks Suitably Epic

    Hits Japanese stores on 28th February

    It could be a good while before those of us in the West get to sample the delights of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacies, apparently the final adventure with the famous hat-wearing puzzle solver. It arrives in Japan in just a few days, so as a result the promotional videos are going into overdrive...

  • Video Grab a Sneak Peak of WiiWare Console-Exclusive "ROM City Rampage"

    15 seconds of glorious pixels

    A few days ago we were relieved to confirm that Retro City Rampage arrives on WiiWare on 28th February, a long-awaited and delayed retro homage to the original GTA titles. That description may sell it a little short, as it's packed with pop-culture references and diversions that are set to distract gamers on a regular...

  • Video Iwata and Miyamoto Perform Skit As The "Luigi Brothers"

    Another classic Nintendo Direct moment

    Since the broadcasts began in late 2011, Nintendo Direct has produced a number of memorable moments, even prompting us to name ten of our favourites last year. It seems that Japanese viewers were treated to another example in the most recent broadcast on Valentines Day, which has now been posted by Nintendo UK...

  • Video Tesla Coil Shows Creative Spark To Play Mario Theme

    Science wins

    Occasionally we like to show the best of video game culture, snippets of creativity and ingenuity that show the love some have for our favourite hobby. Today the spotlight should focus on the engineers from student-run organization X-Labs from the University of Florida (USF). According to scientific explanations that we don't fully...

  • News Paper Mario: Sticker Star Advert Gets Literal

    A big effort for 30 seconds

    So, there's a cool new advert for Paper Mario: Sticker Star running in North America, which some of you may have already seen. It works with the idea of representing gameplay with stop-motion animation, using paper and card for an authentic look that, to the game's credit, isn't actually a million miles away from in-game...


  • News Footage of Renegade Kid's Crash Bandicoot DS Demo Emerges

    No kidding

    Crash Bandicoot, a series that originated as an exclusive on the Sony PlayStation but evolved to appear on multiple platforms, has been relatively quiet of late. In fact since Activision attained rights to the series in 2008, when it co-published Crash: Mind over Mutant, it's only appeared on mobile platforms. That's not the say that more...

  • News Super Mario Bros. Theme Gets The Rock Treatment

    Metal rock, that is

    It's Monday, the Holiday season is well and truly over, and despair may be the feeling of the day. Still, fear not, because YouTube has the answer to brighten your mood! No, it's not a sneezing panda, or a puppy doing the cutest things, or even a rubbish Gangnam Style routine. Oh no, it's music from Super Mario Bros. with a metal...


  • News This LEGO City: Undercover Trailer is a Treat

    Shawshank Redemption, anyone?

    During yesterday's Nintendo Direct shenanigans, it was tough to keep track of the varied footage and announcements from across the regions. With that in mind, we consider it our duty to make sure that you see the latest LEGO City: Undercover trailer that was included in the Nintendo of Europe broadcast. Not only does...


  • News This Zelda Video is Truly Epic

    One of the best you'll see

    We've seen some creative and clever videos over the years, with no shortage of film-making skill, that celebrate Nintendo franchises or characters. One of our favourites is this post-it Mario sequence, which used stop-motion video techniques and 7000 post-it notes — all in the name of entertainment. The talented people...

  • News "What is Wii U?" Adverts Start Quizzing Gamers

    Depends on the game, of course

    With all of the hubbub and excitement it may be possible that some Nintendo fans have forgotten about us Europeans and PAL gamers, still waiting for Wii U to arrive. It's actually the worst for Japanese gamers who'll get the system last — what were the odds on that a year ago? In any case, for many of us the...

  • News Microwave 'Artist' Returns to Melt a Wii U

    A deluxe model, no less

    So, plenty of you in North America have a shiny Wii U, and you're possibly cradling the GamePad in your arms between game sessions and telling children with sticky hands to stay away. Or maybe you're just playing a load of games, but we're sure most are you are being quite careful to keep your new console shiny. What you...

  • News New Trailer Released As Chasing Aurora Soars Onto Wii U eShop in North America

    Broken Rules' indie title finally flies the nest

    Broken Rules has released a launch trailer for its Wii U indie game Chasing Aurora, which is available now on the Wii U eShop in North America. Featuring up to five-player asynchronous multiplayer and glorious vector art, Chasing Aurora is a 2D aerial action game where players battle it out as birds...

  • News Tomorrow Corporation Turns Up The Heat With New Little Inferno Trailer

    Great balls of fire!

    With the Wii U launch just days away in North America, Tomorrow Corporation has released a new trailer for its upcoming Wii U eShop title Little Inferno. This bizarre new title from Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and Kyle Gray (Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure) provides the player with an "entertainment fireplace". Players...

  • News ZombiU Live Action Video Shows Multiplayer Battle

    All hail the Zombie King

    Halloween may be gone for the year, but one particular Wii U game will be playing on the fact that, for many of us, it's the time of year with long, dark nights. ZombiU is one of the most eagerly anticipated Wii U launch titles, with early impressions emphasizing the complexities and difficulties it'll offer, as well as its...

  • News Nintendo Direct Wii U Summary Released by NoA

    WaraWara Plaza and Wii U Chat prominent

    With this morning's Nintendo Direct broadcast, there was a lot to digest, translate and understand about Miiverse and other Wii U system details. Nintendo of America has kindly put together a short summary video to highlight the key features, and provide a slightly more detailed look at the console's UI (user...

  • News Satoru Iwata Provides the Ultimate Wii U Unboxing

    Shaky YouTube videos, begone!

    Whenever new consoles hit the market, we see a glut of shaky-cam unboxing videos on YouTube, which we may watch out of sheer curiosity. In a surprising sequence in today's Nintendo Direct, however, Satoru Iwata provided his own video, albeit with much higher production values, which he called the Wii U Premium Pack...

  • News Nintendo Teams Up With Disney For "Wii U Showdown"

    Get ready to cringe

    With Nintendo's quest to appeal to an extraordinarily wide range of gamers, it'll be susceptible to using marketing or adverts that make the older, jaded or more cynical amongst us gnash our teeth. These celebrity-based adverts can often be categorised as good, bad or cringeworthy, and we think another candidate for the latter...


  • News New 3DS Sizzle Reels Show Their Wares

    Upbeat music included

    After yesterday's Nintendo Direct broadcast, we've seen a gradual release of trailers to show some of the biggest titles on the way. We've already enjoyed juicy footage from some prominent retail games, but we reckon that plenty of people still enjoy some good old-fashioned sizzle reels. Sometimes one game per trailer isn't...

  • News Aksys Releases Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward OVA

    "I want to play a game"

    Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is set to release next week in North America, and publisher Aksys Games has taken the opportunity to release the game's anime prologue. Dubbed in English, the video reveals how main character Sigma was kidnapped, and how he must work together with eight other captives to escape the Nonary...

  • News Super Mario Gangnam Style Flash Mob's Got Some Moves

    It was inevitable

    If you haven't heard of Gangnam Style, maybe you're the lucky one. That might be harsh, but the quirky music video has gone so viral that there's no escape, meaning that lots of people are happily imitating it and looking rather silly. As most will know, meanwhile, the best place to find people dressed in silly outfits with time...


  • News La Mulana Beginner's Guide is Essential Viewing for Adventurers

    It'll call you names

    So, La Mulana is just a few days away. For Nintendo gamers that enjoy an action-platforming challenge and still have love for their Wii system, this has been a long-awaited WiiWare title that's likely to scratch an itch. Challenge is the word, though, and developer Nigoro has been kind enough to produce a lengthy beginner's...

  • News This Rayman Legends Footage Seriously Rocks

    Platforming to heaven

    Rayman Legends is a Wii U title worth keeping an eye on, as it's starting off as a system exclusive and, most importantly, is a follow-up to the highly regarded Rayman Origins. The original earned plenty of praise for gorgeous visuals — including the standard-definition Wii version — and lengthy, impressive level designs...

  • News Check Out Dinosaur Planet, Before it Was Invaded by Star Fox

    Anthropomorphic characters, but different

    Star Fox Adventures was the last Rare developed game on a Nintendo system before the company was bought by Microsoft, and it was famously not what had initially been planned. It was going to be a new IP called Dinosaur Planet, with creatures called Sabre and Krystal, sidekicks Tricky and Kyte, as well as a...


  • News Nintendo UK's 3D Film Contest Approaches Its Finale

    Budding film-makers need look no further

    Not long ago we brought you news about a competition being run by Nintendo and BFI (British Film Institute), with support from Ridley Scott, to give 3DS owners an opportunity to produce and show a professional 3D production at the 56th BFI London Film Festival in October. With this weekend also bringing a...

  • News Ridley Scott Wants 3DS Owners To Follow In His Footsteps

    Director of Blade Runner is backing new joint venture by Nintendo and the BFI

    Nintendo and the British Film Institute (BFI for short) have joined forces to create A Vision in 3D — a ground-breaking initiative to get Nintendo 3DS owners making movies with their consoles, with the central theme being "British Summer 2012". Expect a large proportion...


  • News Nintendo Direct Channel Arrives on YouTube

    In Japanese, of course

    Nintendo Direct has been a regular event in 2012, with game reveals and major announcements served up at regular intervals. It's a strategy that Nintendo is taking seriously, even unveiling 3DS XL in one of the broadcasts, and after the first presentation in February we even argued that it was all part of Nintendo joining the...


  • E3 2012 Your First Look at Super Mario Bros. on Wii U

    Here it is!

    Nintendo said we wouldn't see any Wii U games in tonight's Nintendo Direct Live, but Satoru Iwata snuck in a cheeky glimpse of Super Mario Bros. to show off the system's new Miiverse functionality. It was only a short video and focuses more on the system's all-new social networking functions, but we'll never pass up an opportunity to...


  • News Ocarina of Time Makes a Good Bedtime Story

    Cute baby included

    Sometimes video games deserve to be passed from one generation to the next, with The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D being a perfect example that brings the Nintendo 64 classic to 3DS gamers. Kyle Hilliard and Ben Hanson from Game Informer have decided that age is no barrier to learning about this particular adventure; they've...


  • News Hulu Plus Still On the Way to 3DS


    It was way back in October that we first heard about Hulu Plus for Nintendo 3DS, but it's gone quiet since then, leading some to believe the service has been surreptitiously dropped. According to the latest video from Nintendo, it's still very much in the works. The video below crows about the advantages of connecting 3DS to the 'net,...


  • News Nintendo Video Application Launches in Europe This Week

    3D TV in your hand

    The 3DS eShop will be updated this week with the much anticipated Nintendo Video application. Nintendo is hosting a 3DS event in the UK next Tuesday. The invitation bears the phrase "you won't believe your eyes" — could this be related to the 3D video application? Download the free Nintendo Video application, only for Nintendo 3DS 11th July 2011 – Nintendo 3DS..

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