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Feature: Video Game Characters Looking for Love - 2014

Video Game Characters Looking for Love - 2014

Dating Game Over

It's Valentine's Day, and with the most commercially romantic day of the year come many traditions, such as exchanging flowers, sending cards, getting sick on chocolate, and combing online dating sites looking for profiles posted by our favourite video game characters! What, you don't do that last thing? That's okay, because we...

Feature: Video Game Characters Looking For Love

Video Game Characters Looking For Love

Looking for co-op partners

Last year we brought you a collection of dating profiles we happened to find online, which belonged to some of our favourite video game heroes! You wouldn't expect lightning to strike twice, but since it's Valentine's Day and miracles do happen, we thought we'd spend some more time combing through the darkest recesses...

News: Gaming from the Heart

Gaming from the Heart

Games that tug the heartstrings

Valentine's Day is sometimes derided as a "Hallmark Holiday" - a day created for shops to sell stuff like greeting cards and chocolates due to feelings of obligation. Despite this, it must be said that having a day in which you're expected to express love and devotion to those closest to you can't be all...