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  • News ARMS Version 3.1.0 Is Now Available

    A new stage! Sort of…

    The latest notable news in ARMS was the recent addition of Lola Pop—a brand new, clown-themed fighter—alongside an associated stage, new ARMS, and various balancing tweaks. Nintendo sure isn’t slowing down with the updates though, as it’s already prepped and released a new patch that makes a series of notable tweaks...

  • News My Nintendo in North America Adds Free Games to its Gold Rewards

    Zen Pinball 3D! Runner2! More!

    A few days ago, we reported on My Nintendo in Europe adding four free games—two on 3DS, two on Wii U—to its Gold Rewards, something that has been much requested in the past months. While it may be that many decried the specific games being offered, it at least shows that there’s some effort on Nintendo’s side...

  • News LEGO Worlds Just Got a New Update

    Performance changes! Online! A new icon!

    Suffice to say, we weren’t all too impressed with LEGO Worlds when it came out a few weeks ago, as the subpar performance and janky gameplay made it an experience that simply wasn’t all that much fun to play. Even so, we held off on giving it a score until the full experience could be delivered—an...

  • News Super Grand Prix Mode Is Coming to Super Bomberman R

    The gift that keeps on giving

    Super Bomberman R was one of the highlights of the Switch’s launch lineup, offering a retro inspired experience that perfectly sells the concept of the Switch and its multiplayer options. Since then, Konami has kept the game updated to keep interest high, putting out a few free content updates that expand and polish...

  • News 3DS OS Version 11.6.0-39 Is Now Available for Download

    11.5.0-38 is so last year

    With each passing day, it seems that Nintendo Switch becomes an increasingly more important part of Nintendo’s plans, while the 3DS proportionally becomes more and more irrelevant. The release of Metroid: Samus Returns helps stem this, but there’s still a lingering feeling that the platform is on its last legs. Perhaps...

  • News Here’s the Full List of Changes Made by ARMS Version 3.0.0

    You'll float, too

    ARMS is still ticking along just fine, seeing a regular amount of content additions and balancing tweaks every few weeks. The big news with the current update is that the new fighter, Lola Pop, is finally being added to the game, but there’s a number of other additions and tweaks that have been made, too. Alongside Lola, we’ve...

  • Exclusive Here's What's In Today's Free FAST RMX REMIX Update

    Mixing things up

    FAST RMX was one of our favourite Switch launch titles; it's pretty much everything we wanted from an F-Zero game, but without Captain Falcon and the gang. The lovely folks over at Shin'en Multimedia just got in touch to remind us that the REMIX UPDATE is coming to FAST RMX later today, which will add 6 new tracks...

  • News Overcooked: Special Edition Update Brings Silky-Smooth Framerate

    A little longer in the oven works wonders

    We rather liked Overcooked: Special Edition when it brought chaotic co-op cookery to the Switch back in July. It's been very popular on other platforms previously of course, but there is nothing like playing on the Switch on-the-go in tabletop mode with a friend, is there? Unfortunately, there...

  • News Splatoon 2 Version 1.3.0 Is Now Live

    At last, the Tri-Slosher nerf!

    Splatoon 2 has already seen a number of changes since launch, adding in new stages and content alongside some much needed tweaks to balancing the greater metagame. It’s been a bit since the last update—although we have naturally seen the addition of some new stages and weapons, periodically—and now Nintendo has...

  • News FAST RMX Version 1.3 Goes Live on 13th September

    Bring on the free DLC

    FAST RMX was a standout title in the Switch’s launch library, carrying on the dream of F-Zero with its high intensity futuristic racing. Since then, the game has been occasionally tweaked with new updates that add in new content and extra features, and the latest of those has just received a release date. FAST RMX version...

  • News Super Mario Maker Gets A Long-Overdue Update On Wii U

    To make for a "pleasant playing experience"

    Super Mario Maker was one of our favourite Wii U games; Nintendo clearly invested great time, resources and thought into making it greater than its core concept. The user interface, the creativity of the tools that feed the player's imagination and the overall polish are a testament to the development...

  • News Nintendo Switch OS Version 3.0.2 Is Now Live

    Behold the splendor!

    It’s been quite a fair bit of time since Nintendo last updated the Nintendo Switch software with *gasp* new features beyond that all-important stability that we simply cannot get enough of in any Nintendo console. Nintendo has heard your cries, and has opted to grace the raving masses with yet another glorious software update...

  • News Super Mario Run Is Back on the iOS App Store

    Mario was just taking a lunch break

    Earlier today, we reported on the mysterious disappearance of Super Mario Run from the iOS App Store, a move which didn’t have any explanation by either Apple or Nintendo. Perhaps it had something to do with a bug in the game which warranted its removal or maybe there was some kind of problem on the side of the...






  • News Super Mario Run Version 2.1.0 Is Now Live

    Achievements! More Buildings! More Toads!

    Super Mario Run has been out for a little while now, on both Android and iOS, and while it hasn't perhaps been the home run that may have been expected from the famed plumber's debut on smart devices, it's still seen pretty decent success. Nintendo may have stated that major content updates won't be coming...

  • News Fast RMX Version 1.2 Is Now Live

    Time Attack! Online friend matches!

    Fast RMX was one of the stand out titles in the Nintendo Switch launch line up, bringing high-speed, futuristic racing to fill in a gap left behind by a certain dormant Nintendo franchise. As a port of the Wii U's excellent Fast Racing NEO, this enhanced edition brings all the DLC and some additional stages, along...

  • News Nintendo Switch OS Version 2.2.0 Is Now Live

    Wow, look at those patch notes

    Nintendo has done an effective job of creating a well-crafted OS with the Nintendo Switch, but with each passing day, it seems that fans are getting more eager for additional features. When will we be able to watch Netflix on it? How much longer till the Virtual Console launches? What about the web browser that's...

  • News Show Off Your Fairy Fashion With The Latest Miitomo Update

    Folklore in the forest!

    Nintendo is still plugging away and keeping its first smart device game Miitomo fresh with new content. If you check in today you can grab the latest items in the Miitomo Drop stage, "Folklore in the forest! Fairy Fashion #2". Here's what items are on offer: Butterfly fairy top (set) Butterfly fairy shorts (set) Butterfly...

  • News Zelda: Breath of the Wild Update 1.1.2 Makes For A More Pleasant Gaming Experience

    The best just keeps getting better

    Just when you thought that it couldn't get any better playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, here comes an update to make things even more "pleasant". When you boot up the game next you should hopefully receive update 1.1.2, which offers the following benefits according to Nintendo's own patch notes:...

  • News A New Patch Is Live for Lego City Undercover

    And it's not 13 GB!

    Many of you will no doubt remember the panic that erupted about a week ago, where an evidently misprinted box for Lego City Undercover mentioned that the game would require an eye-watering 13 GB install to play. Fortunately, WB was quick to dismiss this, though perhaps an update of that size might've been useful. All the same,...



  • News Here's What The Day One Nintendo Switch System Update Will Do

    eShop! Social media! Hotspots!

    Like many modern consoles, the Nintendo Switch is due to receive a sizeable day one system update just prior to launch. We've now got solid details on what this update will bring, the most important of which is access to the eShop. Without the update, you won't be able to purchase games or even browse the eShop...

  • News Pokémon GO Experiences a Big Boost in Revenue with the Generation II Update

    Meowth used Pay Day!

    As most of you know, Pokémon GO received a substantial update last week that finally rolled out the Pokémon from the Johto Pokédex, along with many other tweaks and additions. It could be argued as being the biggest update the game has yet received since launch, and certainly got many fans back into the game to catch all the...

  • Guide How To Get Umbreon & Espeon in Pokémon GO

    The renaming trick works

    As many of you are no doubt aware, today saw the launch of a massive new update to Pokémon GO which adds in over eighty new Pokémon from Generation II, along with various other changes and additions. Naturally, this means that the two new Eeveelutions from Generation II — Espeon and Umbreon — are making their debut,...

  • News Nintendo Details Changes Being Made to Fire Emblem Heroes in Early March

    EXP bonuses are always nice

    It's been a couple weeks now since Fire Emblem Heroes first came out, and the question on many minds is what Nintendo's post-launch support will look like. We already know that the game will be receiving a lot more mission and story content in the coming weeks, and now Nintendo has put out a notice concerning certain...

  • News Miitomo Version 2.2.0 Can Now Be Downloaded

    Assuming Fire Emblem Heroes hasn't taken all your extra space

    When Fire Emblem Heroes launched last week, some news also came out about an update that would be coming to Nintendo's Mii-centric social app, Miitomo. Though no specific time was given for when to expect it, we were told it would be coming "soon", and that evidently meant today. Miitomo...

  • News Here Are The New Features Coming in Miitomo's Next Big Update

    Miifoto Logs! Bios! Other Stuff!

    After today's Fire Emblem collaboration, it seems that Miitomo is being brought back into the limelight a bit. A little while back, the app received a considerable update that reworked several important aspects, and now it's come out that Nintendo is poised to put out another similar update in the near future. The...


  • News The Pressure Is Off With Super Mario Run's New Easy Mode

    Unlimited time and bubbles for those who need it

    Do you enjoy playing Super Mario Run but find it a bit too taxing for your tastes? If this is the case you'll be delighted to know that Nintendo have rolled out a update today which adds an "Easy Mode", giving the player unlimited time and bubbles to clear the course. This really takes the pressure...


  • News Niantic is Expanding the New Tracking System in Pokémon GO

    Into certain regions, that is

    When Pokémon GO came out, it launched with a fairly hit or miss means of tracking Pokémon via footstep measurements. This system was rather difficult to accurately read and just failed to work altogether at times, so Niantic decided to pull it early on. The problem is, it never replaced it with another means of...

  • News Niantic is Rebalancing the Combat Power of Some Pokémon in Pokémon GO

    Alakazam, Rhydon, and Gengar all receive buffs

    Pokémon GO has done an admirable job of adapting the Pokémon series' primary combat into a simpler format that works better on mobile. That being said, there's still much room for improvement; the 'CP' system is constructed in such a way that certain Pokémon are not nearly as powerful as they perhaps...

  • News The New Miitomo Update is Now Live

    A much-needed shot in the arm

    During the Financial Investors Briefing a few weeks ago, Nintendo revealed that a big update was coming to Miitomo which, among other new features, would be adding in the ability to send out personal messages to friends. The update has just gone live for Android and iOS, and has brought a whole wealth of new features to...

  • News Daily Bonuses Are on the Way to Pokémon GO

    Get rewarded for regular play

    Some rumours have been floating around the internet lately concerning a future update for Pokémon GO. Data miners uncovered data that seemed to be pointing the way to some sort of 'Daily Quest' system to keep players invested in continuous play. Given the evidence, it seemed like a pretty safe bet that this would be...


  • News Miitomo is Due to Get a Major Update in the Near Future

    Personal messages!

    Miitomo certainly seemed like an odd choice for Nintendo's debut software entry in the smart device market. It's safe to say that nobody expected a Mii-centric social network game, and it seems like Nintendo itself has been a bit unsure what to do with the app. Nonetheless, the company isn't keen on giving up on it yet, and the...

  • News A New Update is Rolling Out for Pokémon GO

    New eggs!

    Following hot on the heels of the announcement of Pokémon GO's first event, Niantic has opted to put out another update for the popular monster catching game. This update doesn't really change much, mostly affecting cosmetic parts of the game, but it's nonetheless welcome. The biggest change is that eggs will now be a different color...

  • News 3DS System Version 11.2.0-35 is Now Live

    Buckle up

    It's been about a month and a half since Nintendo last gave the 3DS an update, and 3DS owners have no doubt been growing more worried with each passing day. With the advent of the Nintendo Switch and the American Presidential Election, times have never been more uncertain or, shall we say, unstable. The people need somewhere or something...

  • News Pokémon GO Plus Has Just Received an Update

    Well, that's a plus

    The Pokémon GO Plus accessory only just came out about a month ago, allowing aspiring Pokémon trainers the opportunity to interact with the world of Pokémon GO in a more passive fashion. Though the dongle came a few months later than expected, it's still been rather tough to find in stores due to demand. Now, a new update has...


  • News Splatoon Version 2.12 is Now Live

    Splatting those pesky bugs

    Though the online community for Splatoon is still going strong, it's safe to say that the game has passed its prime. It got its last hurrah with the release of the new Callie and Marie amiibo this summer, and now that Splatfests are over, it seems that Nintendo has moved on (hopefully to make the sequel). That being said,...