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  • News Monster Hunter 4 Release Date and 3DS Systems Confirmed for Japan

    The extended trailer looks awesome, too

    Although initially set for a Spring release in Japan, Monster Hunter 4 has taken longer than expected to arrive on the 3DS. After a bit of a wait it's been confirmed, in the latest Japan-only Nintendo Direct, that the title will arrive in the region on 14th September, with a price tag of 5,990 yen — that's...

  • News Flipnote Studio 3D Sketched In for 3rd July in Japan

    We doubt the Western release will be far behind

    Flipnote Studio 3D is, after a fair old wait, finally coming to the 3DS eShop this summer. Like its DSi predecessor it'll be a free app that'll also include some improved features, with short animations now having up to six colours, three layers for a 3D effect and will be easy to export as AVI or...

  • Video New Rayman Legends Wii U Stealth Stage Sneaks Into View

    Along with an epic boss fight

    Although still a few months away from release, Ubisoft is continuing to build the hype for Rayman Legends, the former Wii U exclusive that'll now be gracing every current gaming system apart from the 3DS. It's still a release to look forward to on Wii U, however, as each new piece of footage seems to reinforce the...

  • News Mutant Mudds Deluxe Confirmed for 13th June in North America

    Time to get muddy

    After various teases about Mutant Mudds Deluxe undergoing testing by Nintendo for its Wii U eShop release, Renegade Kid's Jools Watsham has now taken to Twitter to give the word on the title's confirmed release date for North America — it arrives on 13th June. [tweet https://twitter.com/JoolsWatsham/status/340129938294325250]...

  • News SEGA Dishes Out The First Details For Sonic Lost World

    Includes content unique to each system

    SEGA has unleashed the first details for its upcoming Wii U and 3DS exclusive, Sonic Lost World, after we were recently treated to the game's debut trailer. Sonic's nemesis, Dr. Eggman, is up to his old tricks again and has harnessed the power of the Deadly Six, six menacing creatures. However, this doesn't...

  • News New Touch Detective Game Looks to be in the Works

    Fungus in Famitsu

    The Touch Detective series, featuring wide-eyed sleuth about town Mackenzie and her sentient mushroom companion Funghi, looks set to receive another installment. Touch Detective Rising 3: Does Funghi Dream of Bananas? has been announced following a teaser site setup by Japanese publisher Success Corporation, which pointed towards...

  • News Ubisoft Reveals E3 Lineup

    Will feature some "new brands and titles"

    E3 is tantalisingly close now and Ubisoft has decided to announce which games it will be bringing along to the expo. There are no shocks and as expected Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag, Rayman Legends, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Watch_Dogs and South Park: The Stick of Truth wil

  • News Natsume's Hometown Story Will Be Playable at E3

    Spiritual successor to Harvest Moon will see worldwide release

    Natsume has announced that Hometown Story, the new 3DS title from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada, will be playable at this year's E3. The title, first announced last year as Project: Happiness, tasks the player with fixing up and developing a shop left to them by their grandmother...

  • News Oh Snap, Now Rayman Legends Is Coming To PS Vita With Exclusive Content

    Wii U exclusivity seems like a lifetime ago

    Ubisoft has confirmed that Rayman Legends — once billed as a Wii U exclusive — is also hitting Sony's PS Vita console. The Vita version will include all of the original content seen in the other editions of the game, as well as five specifically-created Murphy-focused levels which make use of the...

  • News Korg M01D Music Synthesizer App Delayed in Japan

    Effect on Western summer release is unclear

    Not too long ago we told you about the KORG M01D Music Workstation coming to the 3DS eShop this summer, an expanded and improved sequel to a DS equivalent. KORG M01D promises to be a useful, powerful tool for music creation, including a library of 342 unique sounds, various sequencing tools and simple...

  • News Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure Hits Crowdfunding Target

    Coming to DSiWare and the 3DS eShop later this year

    While much of the attention on Kickstarter game projects is often reserved for titles being released on PC and consoles, earlier this month we told you about Orion's Odyssey: A Pattern Blocks Adventure. This is a DSiWare release that's described as a "comedy puzzle" experience, and utilises the...

  • News Sidekick Mode Returns For Scribblenauts Unmasked

    Wii U players can have their family and friends help out

    Scribblenauts Unmasked is the latest iteration in Warner Bros' imagination-focused Scribblenauts series and it's set to be made available later this year on Wii U and 3DS. Of course, frustrated Europeans are still waiting for Scribblenauts Unlimited to

  • News Capcom USA Senior VP Responds to Ace Attorney Concerns

    Future unclear, but sales could prove a factor

    Ace Attorney fans outside of Japan have waited some time for the return of the series to their shores. The announcement of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies arriving in Europe and North America this fall brought out the confetti for the faithful, but concerns arose when it was also revealed...

  • News Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers European Release Date Emerges

    Courtesy of a fresh trailer

    Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers may not have the snappiest of titles, but in our view it's a top notch game, earning 9/10 in our review. Originally a SEGA Saturn first-person dungeon crawler, it has some notable additions and improvements in this 3DS entry, and is also a good starting point for those new...

  • News SEGA Teases Sonic Lost World Characters

    Those little scamps

    The announcement of Sonic Lost World's Wii U and 3DS exclusivity, as part of an agreement between Nintendo and SEGA, was possibly the biggest news to come out of the most recent Nintendo Direct. Sonic may have struggled to live up to his glorious 16-bit days, but he has had his good moments recently, one of which we'd argue was...

  • News Fantasy Life Expansion Heading to 3DS in Japan

    We're still hoping for localisation

    Level-5's Fantasy Life, which was developed along with Nintendo subsidiary 1-Up Studios — formerly Brownie Brown — has performed well in Japan, so much so that the publisher has announced a new upgraded version of the title, called Fantasy Life Link!. As an RPG that allows you to choose a career, set off on...

  • News Kevin Conroy Inadvertently Confirms Role in Future Batman Arkham Game

    Lets the cat out of the bag, can't get it back in

    So, yesterday there was some confusion. Kevin Conroy, the well-known voice of Batman, spoke about appearing in Batman: Arkham Origins, or so we thought, before it then emerged that a new actor was voicing the younger Caped Crusader. We rationalised that Conroy would probably appear as the grisly old...

  • Video Splinter Cell Blacklist Co-op Goes for the Kill

    More shoot-shoot-bang-bang than sneaky

    Splinter Cell: Blacklist is one of a few major Ubisoft titles heading to Wii U, set to perform a sneak kill on the system in mid-August. It's shaping up reasonably well, based on recent footage, with reassurances that stealth can be prominent and information showing that the GamePad's capabilities will be put...

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