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News: Ex-Naughty Dogs Join WiiWare Stable

Ex-Naughty Dogs Join WiiWare Stable

Nintendo’s incoming WiiWare service has gained yet another supporter in the form of Steel Penny Games, a software house formed by two ex-Naughty Dog employees. If that name doesn’t ring a bell for you, Naughty Dog is the company that brought us the first few Crash Bandicoot games (you know, the ones that were actually good) and, more recently, the PS3-savior Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.


News: New WiiWare game - Pop

New WiiWare game - Pop

Yet another developer hops on the WiiWare bandwagon. Developer Nnooo has announced they're working on a game called Pop. In the game, the objective is to pop bubbles for as long as you can without running out of time (You can also obtain time extensions, etc.). You can read some more information on Nnooo's official Pop site.

Now, commence the bad jokes about the developer's name! Nnooo!

News: New WiiWare game announced - Gravitronix

New WiiWare game announced - Gravitronix

A rather unknown developer recently revealed that it was working on a WiiWare game called Plattchen. Now, a different developer has stepped up and revealed Gravitronix.

Medaverse have announced this new game for the future service, but haven't really disclosed much information, besides that the game will have a multiplayer mode. Here's the whole press release: "Wii have made our Choice!"..