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  • News Three More Virtual Console Titles Incoming

    One NES classic and two new arcade games coming in the near future

    If you've been keeping an eye on new game pages on our site, you might have already noticed, but over the last few days, three classic games have received age ratings, indicating that they will be making their way to the Virtual Console soon. Possibly the most important to most people is a rating from the OFLC in the form of..


  • News Muscle March Marches Westward

    Namco Bandai's crazy WiiWare game gets a USK rating.

    There's a whole lot of Japan-exclusive WiiWare games we'd love to see released elsewhere, as unlikely as some of them are. However, the USK has rated a certain game which is a real shocker - We thought it would be the absolute least likely game to be brought over. Muscle March was released on WiiWare in Japan last May, after being scrapped for..

  • News Dragon's Lair Coming to DSiWare?

    Digital Leisure might be releasing its most famous title as DSi download.

    A year or two ago, Digital Leisure, the creators of money-guzzling coin-op Dragon's Lair, announced that they would be rereleasing the game on DS with various bonuses. Things then stayed silent, and as you might expect, it was never released. Now, however, it seems that this could be because they found a different way to..


  • News USK Update: Wizball

    Mega Man 3 isn't all that was today revealed to be coming to the VC - According to the USK, Europeans will also be able to look forward to Wizball for the Commodore 64.

    In Wizball, you play as a wizard, who takes the form of a strange green ball. His objective is to "paint" the game - Every level starts off in drab, grayscale colours, but by collecting colour droplets, he will be able to..


  • News USK Rated: International Karate+ and Cybernoid for C64

    Some good news for Commodore 64 fans today. Two aging classics have been rated by the German ratings organisation, the USK, so we expect them to be on the Virtual Console in due course.

    International Karate+, or IK+ to its friends is rather obviously the sequel to International Karate which is also on the VC. It was released almost a year and a half after the original in 1987. IK+ also features a..

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