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  • News Kirby: Triple Deluxe Drops Outside UK Top 20 But Survives Another Week

    Hang on little buddy!

    The weekly UK charts have seen a number of 3DS titles deliver a decent début performance before falling out of the reckoning; no 2014 releases have yet hit that magical consistency enjoyed by some major titles of 2013. There are more significant games on the way to the portable, of course, and the latest visitor to the...

  • News Become The UK's Best Mario Kart Family, Win Real And Impressively Proportioned Trophies

    Thanks to our friends at Family Gamer TV

    There’s an argument in many households all around the world over who is really better at Mario Kart. With the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8, this domestic contest is only going to get hotter. To help settle the debate once and for all, Family Gamer TV has set-up its own Mario Kart 8 Family...

  • News Kirby Seizes Top Ten Single-Format Chart Début in the UK

    16th in all-format results, though

    While gamers in North America have been enjoying Kirby: Triple Deluxe since 2nd May, it arrived two weeks later in the European market. Its début UK chart results are in, then, and the outcome is solid if unspectacular. The happiest outcome is that Kirby's latest is 9th in the single-format chart, mixing it...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour Hits a Bogey in UK Charts

    Tumbles to 37th place in its second week

    It's not always the case that well constructed and fun games achieve deserved success wherever they go, and Mario Golf: World Tour is a case in point. In the UK charts — which only last year frequently had multiple 3DS titles populating the top 40 — it's endured a tough second week, in which it's also the...

  • News Mario Golf: World Tour Swings Into 18th Place in UK Single Format Chart

    Misses top 20 in all format equivalent

    We're big fans of Mario Golf: World Tour here at Nintendo Life. Beautifully constructed, well balanced and full of offline and online content, it delivers a top-notch experience on the 3DS. Unfortunately it's only had a modest start in the UK charts following its release on 2nd May, actually coming in lower on...




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