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  • News Planet Earth, Meet Your First Classic Tetris World Champion

    It's Jonas Neubauer, and he's good

    They came, they saw, they rotated and dropped and rotated again. The first-ever Classic Tetris World Championships took place in Los Angeles over the weekend, and 29-year old Jonas Neubauer walked away with the crown, statue and novelty-sized cheque. Beating over 200 players under the watchful eye of former...


  • News Get Immortalised in a Tetris Tournament Documentary

    If you're good with blocks, that is

    Tetris is as iconic and highly-regarded now as at any time during its twenty-year lifespan, and a new World Championship and related documentary is set to keep the classic lines-and-blocks title fresh in the mind. If you want to put your money where your blocks are, the Classic Tetris World Championship will take place in Los Angeles on August 8th, with entry a..

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