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  • News Nintendo of America Running TVii Sweepstakes During the Super Bowl

    10 special "FOOTBAAAAAAALLLL" tops up for grabs

    Today is Super Bowl day, or "Big Game" day as Nintendo of America is calling it, and a massive TV audience will be tuning in to watch and, we suspect in many cases of those watching their one and only NFL game of the year, wondering what the heck is going on. It's not just a game of American Football,...


  • News Super Bowl Player Chilling with Pokémon Before the Big Game

    Use Tackle!

    Denver Broncos linebacker Nate Irving will be spending this Sunday evening trying to smash himself through the Seattle Seahawks' offence at the Super Bowl. Before the game, however, while his teammates are spending their downtime exploring all the host city of New York has to offer, Irving told the Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo that...