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E3 2010: Star Fox 64 3D for 3DS

Star Fox 64 3D for 3DS

Jeez Laweez, what is that?! Portable Star Fox 64?

Nintendo's E3 website has confirmed a host of upcoming 3DS titles and among them is a graphical update of the classic Star Fox 64, known as Lylat Wars in Europe. Only a handful of screenshots are available at this time, so whether there are additional features remains to be seen. The visual improvement is noticeable, and unlike the series' DS entry,..

News: Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love

Make Miyamoto Smile: Show StarFox Love

Feels Fox fallen, fears future frustration

Some would argue - not necessarily us, but some - that StarFox is a franchise best left dead, having had its glory years nearly a decade ago and only reappearing in mediocre titles since Lylat Wars/StarFox 64 on N64. Shigeru Miyamoto wouldn't say that, though: he's a big fan and is upset the series has declined. Speaking to Multiplayer, Miyamoto discussed..