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Review: Solitaire Dungeon Escape (Wii U eShop)

Solitaire Dungeon Escape (Wii U eShop)

Fortress of solitaire

Since the introduction of Windows, most PC owners have had the ability play Solitaire for free. A simple, addictive game of strategy and luck, there's a reason it continues to be available for free in various forms, so releasing a paid version of the game is an uphill battle from the beginning. Jose Varela Games' Solitaire...

Review: Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)

Best of Solitaire (3DS eShop)

All by myself

Who doesn't love a good old card game? They're enjoyable, relaxing and you can even play them by yourself if you're socially lacking at the time. Best of Solitaire may seem like a tempting purchase if you're a fan of the solo four-suit adventure, but is it worth spending your money on? Best of Solitaire loads up almost instantly after...

Review: ARC STYLE: Solitaire (3DS eShop)

ARC STYLE: Solitaire (3DS eShop)

Forever alone

If you've ever had a) a computer, b) a deck of cards, or c) a grandmother, then the odds are good that you've had some exposure to Solitaire. At a relatively low-price point, ARC STYLE: Solitaire aims to bring that hot solo card-arranging action to the 3DS eShop. We would have thought that such a simple game in combination with a touch...