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Interview: Smileboom - Petit Computer

Smileboom - Petit Computer

Doing a lot with BASIC

Petit Computer arrived on North American DSiWare in mid-July, and since that time a number of enthusiastic programmers have no doubt been getting accustomed to the BASIC coding language. The app has already had a positive impact in Japan, with an enthusiastic community that has been producing and sharing innovative games on...

News: DSiWare Users Going Back to BASIC with PetitComputer

DSiWare Users Going Back to BASIC with PetitComputer

INPUT "Insert subheading here:"

DSiWare releases have not only included the traditional games we expected to see, but also the growth of design-orientated applications aimed at users who enjoy creating as much as they do playing. From music applications to animation software, DSi owners have enough creative input to work on relatively advanced projects, but it seems Japanese developer SmileBoom's..