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  • News Nintendo "Very Eager" to Help Third Party 3DS Developers

    Mi casa es su casa

    As we all expected, so far Nintendo's arguably made the best use of the 3DS's stereoscopic screen, but it's not all high and mighty about it — it wants to help third party developers get up to the same level. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata told investors the company would happily pass on knowledge of how to leverage the 3DS...

  • News Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices

    Value perception is key

    When retail games hit the 3DS eShop in August, they'll cost around the same as they do in stores, a practice many believe is counter-intuitive: without the costs of physical manufacturing and distribution, digital games sidestep many costs. But Nintendo president Satoru Iwata disagrees, claiming download games have a...

  • News Download Your Wii U Games Overnight

    10GB? No problem

    Wii U will launch with a digital store offering downloads of retail games, but with the Wii U disc holding up to 25GB you could probably learn a sport to an Olympic standard in the time it'll take to download Pikmin 3. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata knows this, so Wii U will let you download games overnight. Iwata told investors:...


  • News Wii U Will Launch With Digital Store

    And full retail downloads

    One of the biggest criticisms levelled against 3DS was the lack of a digital store at launch, but Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has assured investors Wii U will land with a full download store. Iwata didn't discuss the available types of software — Virtual Console, WiiWare etc. — but did confirm that Wii U owners can...


  • News Miyamoto Focused on New Franchises

    Handing over the Master Sword

    In December last year rumours swirled around the internet that Shigeru Miyamoto was planning to retire from his role, reports of which were swiftly denied. Although it transpired as a misinterpreted comment in an interview, it still led to a number of questions about the future of Nintendo and its major franchises. According to comments in the latest investor's..



  • News Nintendo To Bring 3G Connectivity To The DS?

    Big N considering an "always on" connection for its popular handheld

    While Nintendo has always maintained that it doesn't want to compete with mobile phone manufacturers, the company has revealed that it is considering the notion of adding some form of online data connection to its DS console. Chatting to the Financial Times, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned that he was attracted by the..


  • News Iwata: We Need To Raise Our Game at E3

    Head honcho admits Nintendo needs to improve their media briefings

    E3 for Nintendo this year was seen by most people as far better than last year's effort, but despite showcasing Super Mario Galaxy 2 and revealing Metroid: Other M, Satoru Iwata feels that there is still room for improvement. As for the media briefing at E3, of course we had many internal discussions after that. Honestly speaking,..



  • News Nintendo Sets Down Some New Release Dates

    New Play Control: Chibi-Robo, New Play Control: Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, and Friend Connection have all been given June release dates by Nintendo.

    Late last year Nintendo of Japan started re-releasing Nintendo Gamecube games on Wii with motion controls, and in some cases, special features. On June 11th though, the New Play Control line will officially come to an end with the release of New Play..