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  • Rumour Cell Chip Could Power Wii Successor

    IBM still in the console game

    The Wii is powered by IBM's custom "Broadway" CPU along with ATI's "Hollywood" GPU, but what of the inevitable Wii successor – what silicon army might power its architecture? MCV has suggested it could be IBM's mighty Cell processor. Chief technical officer of IBM's systems and technology group Jai Menon has said: I think you'll see integrated..


  • News Itagaki Makes Curious Remark about Nintendo's Next Console

    Not 3DS either

    Wii is approaching its fourth birthday across the world, with no announced successor currently on the horizon. We know it's in development but there's been no clue as to its form or any such thing. So when an industry figure such as Tomonobu Itagaki, former head of Team Ninja, makes cryptic comments about the company's next home console it makes interesting reading. Itagaki, whose..

  • Rumour Sadness Still in Development With Update by the End of the Year

    Will it? Won't it? The mystery continues...

    Since it was something that was much-talked about many years ago, let us refresh your memory a little. Remember that spooky-looking game for the Wii that was in development by Nibris? What was it called, again? Ah yes, Sadness. Well, the game that no one's seen seems to be making a bit of a resurgence as the latest rumour suggests. The Nibris YouTube..


  • News The 3DS Might Make it in Time for Christmas Shopping Lists

    All we want for you!

    When the Wii launched in Europe around the Christmas period back in 2006, it was undoubtedly one of the top-sellers of the holiday season and with supply shortages surpassing what was expected, Nintendo was in a position where it couldn't satisfy consumer demands. If CVG's source is correct, we could see the 3DS...

  • News 3DS Could Turn Pages as Well as Heads

    Iwata hints at the system as an eBook reader

    With the 3DS being the fifth generation of Nintendo handhelds, it seems to have so much more potential thanks in part to the era of technology it is present in. With all the hi-tech talk of stereoscopic visuals, taking 3D pictures, motion and gyro sensors, it can be easy to forget about the more simple applications that a modern games system can handle..

  • News 3DS Will Supposedly Not Use NVIDIA's Tegra Technology

    Digital Foundry's sources 'corroborates' what was claimed by IGN's insiders

    When rumblings of a new generation of handheld from Nintendo were first felt last year, there were reports of industry insiders leaking information on the 3DS hardware architecture. Claims of NVIDIA's Tegra chip being used in the 3DS are now being contradicted by Digital Foundry's sources, who claim that a Nintendo/NVIDIA..



  • News Level-5's New Game Linked to the Future in More Ways Than One?

    It seems appropriate that a game about time-travel should be for hardware that "doesn't exist yet"

    There's nothing more mouth-watering than respected game developers dishing out cryptic pieces of information regarding upcoming projects. Level-5 has given us some of the most enchanting games for the DS, notably the Professor Layton series, and it seems they are continuing their captivating methods..

  • News Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Could Be On Its Way

    New crossover fighter in the works?

    You can file this one under rumour for the time being but there are a few interesting signs which indicate that Capcom may be working on a third title in the popular Marvel Vs. Capcom series. According to a source at Team Spooky, Capcom is going to announce the game this year. Your gut instinct may be to call BS on such a prediction, but you should know that this..


  • News The Conduit 2 Revealed in May Nintendo Power

    SEGA back on-board to publish a second outing for Agent Ford

    According to IGN and a few other places, High Voltage Software's Conduit sequel has an 8-page spread in upcoming May edition of Nintendo Power. Official (confirmed) details are thin on the ground at the moment, but we do know that SEGA is set to publish the title in the US and Europe. We've heard the online play will be enhanced, with far..


  • News Rogue Listing On Retailer Website

    Here's where the speculative fun begins!

    Star Wars fans have been left a little wanting this generation with that light sabre game still unannounced. But now, all you wannabe Jedi’s may be able to look forward to piloting an X-Wing instead, as UK retailer GAME has recently listed Rogue Squadron as an upcoming release on its Web site. Of course, with no official confirmation and with Activision..

  • News Dead Space Extracted From Wii?

    Full HD version rumoured for XBLA and PSN

    Dead Space Extraction was one of 2009's unexpected gems, offering tense action and a polished production values. Sadly the game sold very poorly at retail, which might be why EA is apparently investigating ways of delivering this on-rails blaster to a wider audience. Kotaku has reported on a survey for "possible incentives" for unlockables in Dead..


  • News Project Needlemouse Stories Come and Go

    Sega pull reported leaks as quickly as they appear

    Reports regarding Sega’s Project Needlemouse are appearing on the Internet and subsequently disappearing faster than the blue blur himself. The stories relate to a number of leaked details that Sega aren’t ready for you to see yet, namely the platform(s) the game will appear on and the game’s content and structure. We here at Nintendo Life..

  • News EA to Release NFL Training Game?

    To be used with yet another attachment...

    Not too long ago here at Nintendo Life, we reported the patent of an odd looking American Football peripheral. Well it appears that this strange contraption may come to market with a rumour that EA Sports are to announce an NFL training game this month. Unlike a traditional Madden game, it is said that NFL Trainer will be some kind of edutainment product..


  • News Intel in Talks with Nintendo

    Hope to build Larrabee into next-generation console

    Intel are in discussions with Nintendo about the use of the Larrabee processor for the next-generation Nintendo console. It is rumoured that a power efficient processor with modest specifications is desired, with power consumption and cost being main drivers for Nintendo. Consequently, it's likely that the microarchitecture of the Larrabee..


  • News Prime Yourself for More Metroid

    Developer interview teases possible DS outing for Samus

    We may still be recovering from the majesty of Metroid Prime Trilogy, but a recent interview with the UK's Official Nintendo Magazine has unearthed an even more exciting titbit: there may be more Metroid Prime games on the way. Speaking to the magazine, Kensuke Tanabe of Nintendo said: We are always planning to make new games in the Metroid..

  • News Jackal ReBirth - The Next Konami ReBirth Game?

    Prototype screenshots seem to say so.

    Konami's been very busy making new versions of their classic games for WiiWare. With Gradius, Contra and Castlevania already done, and with Life Force apparently also on the way, they've picked some excellent series so far. Their fifth pick now seems to have been revealed as well. If you head over to designer Eric Testroete's site, you'll fi


  • News New GoldenEye Title in Development?

    Ex-Eurocom staffer says he's worked on it

    Rare's GoldenEye 007 is often regarded as one of the finest video games of all time, so when EA attempted to cash-in on the name with the lackluster GoldenEye: Rogue Agent a few years back, it hardly came as a massive shock. Now, it would seem that new Bond license-holder Activision is trying the same trick. A former Eurocom staff member has unwittingly..

  • Rumour New Mario In the Works?

    Charles Martinet reckons so...

    A Twitter account purporting to belong to one Charles Martinet - none other than the wonderful voice of our favorite plumber - has recently been posting about an as-yet unspecified new Mario title. Read this tweet from a few days ago: Mama Mia!!!! I'm going to Seattle this week to record a new Mario game! Followed by this one two days later: Big day tomorrow!..

  • News NVIDIA-Powered DS Successor Coming 2010?

    It now seems possible that Nintendo will announce the successor to the mighty DS some time next year according to insider info

    Graphic chip maker has apparently been awarded a contract to provide its mobile-centric system-on-a-chip, Tegra, to a new Nintendo DS, which will be announced in late 2010. Insiders tell IT news outlet BSN that a single chip Tegra will supposedly power the new DS; the Tegra..


  • News Wal Mart: Wii Price to be Rolled Back Next Month

    Worldwide price cut may be on the cards - but will UK gamers see the benefit?

    It's a funny time in retail at present. The global economy is still reeling from the worldwide recession and in the UK - where the value of the Pound has plummeted - Nintendo has been forced to push up the trade price of its Wii console, which in turn has resulted in some...

  • News Mobile Hit Townsmen Tipped for DSiWare Release

    HandyGames's CEO confirms that talks are taking place

    Most mobile phone games are pretty poor, hindered mainly by the terrible control systems sported by the majority of handsets out there right now. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule - and one of them is HandyGames's brilliant Townsmen series. Speaking in a recent interview with...


  • News Ashes Cricket 2009 Still On The Cards For an NTSC Release?

    Codemasters is aware of international interest; release outside of PAL territories is 'being discussed' internally

    We've had countless emails over the past month or two from readers asking when Ashes Cricket 2009 will be released in their local territory. Whilst the majority of messages have been from readers in the United States we've also had...


  • News Next Level Games: We Want to Make Punch Out!! 2

    ...but don't expect a straight sequel

    Punch Out!! Wii was pretty sweet, so news of a sequel is welcome indeed. Bryce Holliday of Next Level Games - the developer behind the pugilistic masterpiece - has gone on record saying that he'd love to create a follow up, but those of you expecting a traditional sequel which merely updates the fighter roster...


  • News Car Jack Streets Coming To DSiWare?

    iPhone GTA clone could be making the jump to Nintendo's handheld

    Mobile phone developer Tag Games has posted an entry on its Twitter account which reveals that its Car Jack Streets title is coming to the Nintendo DSi. The Grand Theft Auto clone - which has previously appeared on mobile phones and the iPhone, to much critical and commercial acclaim - would be a pretty good fit for DSiWare, although..

  • News New Wii Zelda Artwork Leaked?

    Is this is image that Miyamoto showed behind closed doors at E3?

    A new Wii Zelda wasn't mentioned during Nintendo's E3 conference - much to the dismay of fanboys the world over. However, Shigeru Miyamoto later held meetings with the press behind closed doors, where he revealed that work is indeed happening on Link's latest adventure. Nothing was shown other than a piece of concept artwork,..

  • News Super Mario Logo Spotted At E3?

    The rumours would seem to be true, people

    Posted on the Twitter account of Eurogamer's Johnny Minkley, this image appears to show the famous Super Mario Bros. logo under a sheet on Nintendo's E3 stand. Most of the gaming world seems to be expecting a new Mario game to be unveiled...Nintendo's E3 conference starts in less than an hour, so we'll soon know.

  • E3 New Wii Mario Game In The Works?

    Plus more Wii Fit for you old timers

    The E3 rumour-mill is in full swing now and one of the more interesting bits of speculation is related to an all-new Mario adventure on the Wii. Japanese news service Nikkei has reported that everyone's favourite Italian plumber will be returning to the Wii before the year is out. The report also claims that a new version of Wii Fit is on the way which promises..


  • News Aliens: Colonial Marines DS Trailer Leaked?

    Could this be Wayforward's spiritual follow-up to Contra 4?

    A mysterious trailer has hit YouTube recently that appears to show footage from Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Nintendo DS. The previously unheard of game appears to have been coded by highly respected developer Wayforward. While we're not entirely convinced this is a 100% official video,...

  • News Could a New Rocket Knight Adventures Game Be On The Way?

    German magazine hints at the return of Konami's classic 16-bit platformer series.

    An article from German magazine M! Games reports that a new installment in Konami's Rocket Knight Adventures series of platformers from the early 1990's may be in the works. The story (which can be found here for those fluent in German) reports that the game is being developed by Climax Studios, the studio responsible..

  • News Nibris Teases 'E3 2009'

    Honest-to-goodness Sadness info coming?

    Man, E3 this year is set to be massive. Not only will we (hopefully) be getting some more info and debuts of some (hopefully) bangin' new Ninty Wii and DSi titles and third-party efforts, like two new games from High Voltage Software, the LA Convention Center promises to shed some light on the dark Sadness...

  • News EDGE Magazine Hints at Pikmin 3

    Could the next issue hold information on Miyamoto's latest epic?

    At last year's E3, Nintendo game guru Shigeru Miyamoto stated pretty emphatically that the company was working on an all-new Pikmin adventure. We've heard little else since, but the latest issue of UK video game magazine EDGE (issue 202, if you're interested) hints that we may not have to wait that much longer for solid news. For the..

  • News Pokémon Gold and Silver To Be Remade?

    A recent episode of the Japanese-only Pokémon Sunday TV show has provided the biggest hint yet that Nintendo is currently working on remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver. The classic duo originally appeared on the Game Boy Color and remain two of the best-loved entries in the insanely successful series. Apparently a "world-exclusive first announcement" will be made on May 10 during the..

  • News Sony to Reveal Copycat Motion Controller at E3?

    If you can't beat them, join them

    Ok, before we start let's get one thing clear - this is piece of news is still trapped in rumour-ville for the time being. With that out of the way, we can get down to business. We've heard word that Sony is set to reveal details of its own 'motion-sensing' controller for the PS3 at E3 this year. "But the PS3 already has that" I hear you cry - in the form..


  • News Mad Dog McCree Coming To The Wii?

    Crusty old FMV shooter gets rated by the ESRB

    Chances are many of you won't have been alive when the FMV gaming craze happened in the late '80s/early '90s; the storage power of formats like LaserDisc and CD-ROM caused game developers to go a little crazy, creating titles with live action footage that had all the depth of a shallow puddle. One such...

  • News More Guitar Hero Spin-offs are on the Way

    The German USK ratings board has updated with a listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

    It seems as though gamers can't get enough of the Guitar Hero franchise, and Activision can't get enough of trying to milk the franchise for all its got. Earlier this week, the German USK ratings board updated with a listing for Guitar Hero: Van Halen, presumably a title along similar lines to previous compilations..

  • News New MySims Title Pops Up

    It looks as though Electronic Arts has another MySims title planned for this year.

    With MySims Party released last month on both the Wii and the DS and MySims Kart planned for release this summer, many thought that would be the last time we'd see the MySims this year. Surprisingly though, Electronic Arts has another title planned for this September. While details remain scarce, GameStop has added a..

  • News DSi Contains Improved Anti-Piracy Technology?

    Early reports suggest that dodgy DS fakes are unplayable on the new machine

    If you’re keen on sailing the seven seas of piracy then you might be interested to know that early reports are suggesting that fake DS cartridges fail to operate on the shiny new DSi console. It’s still not known whether or not this is down to improved anti-piracy technology inside the DSi itself, but it stands to..

  • News Next DS to Have Mobile Phone Capabilities?

    Miyamoto drops a hint

    Although Nintendo has gone to great lengths to insist that the DS and iPhone aren’t in direct competition, a recent comment from golden boy Shigeru Miyamoto has led to speculation that the company's next portable will have some kind of wireless connectivity that will allow users to access data when they’re out and about – and not just when in close proximity to a Wi-Fi..

  • News Wii to increase by £20 in UK?

    UK retailer Gamestation appears to be preparing for a price rise.

    As we reported a month or so ago, Nintendo recently increased the price of Wiis to retailers by up to £20, reflecting the increasing strength of the Yen versus pound sterling. At the time it was unsure whether or not retailers would pass the price increase to customers, but now we’ve seen the first signs that the cost to consumers..

  • News The DS To Get Video On Demand Service?

    Iwata spills the beans.

    It was announced before that the Wii would be getting its own video service before long in Japan, and eventually other territories should be following suit. Recently however President Iwata dropped a few tidbits about how this service may not be exclusive to Nintendo's home console. The Nintendo DS may be getting some love as well. Iwata says that the DS should be able to..

  • News Beyond Good and Evil 2: Now More Topical!

    The sequel to Ubisoft’s unsung masterpiece has taken inspiration from real-world events.

    Five years ago saw the release of Beyond Good and Evil: a game that in many people’s eyes broke convention by having an intelligent female lead character who was a bit of a tomboy. Yet those who played it didn’t just fall in love with the game because of its reluctance to conform: the story was well..

  • News Wii Sports Resort With MotionPlus Coming in July?

    Could Wii MotionPlus finally have a release date?

    A picture was taken at an Amsterdam gaming retailer which shows a much-hyped Wii Sports Resort coming bundled with the Wii MotionPlus accessory being released on July 10, 2009. It also shows the Wii Motion Plus “Controller” being sold as a separate item as well. This could mean that it would be a stand-alone accessory, or that it could be..


  • News Could A New EarthBound Game Be On The Way?

    Famitsu article hints at the return of Nintendo's neglected RPG franchise.

    An article on the upcoming Japanese game distribution service "Noid" in this week's Famitsu seems to hint at the possiblity of a new title in the classic Mother (known as EarthBound in the West) series of RPG's. The brief article mentions that several "surprise big-name titles" are scheduled to appear on..

  • News Rejoice! The DSi Gets a Virtual Console After All

    It finally looks like we have unofficial confirmation of the DSi's virtual console.

    Check out Kombo for the whole story, but the highlight --as we can all agree, is the revelation that the DSi will allow you to download Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games. Yes, you read that right. But feel free to go back and read it another few times; this news is that good. Also nice the news that the DSi lets..

  • News New Wii Resident Evil Game Confirmed

    Capcom lifts the lid on Umbrella Chornicles sequel

    With Capcom hinting pretty heavily that another Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan) game would be coming out for Nintendo’s premier system it should come as no surprise to discover that the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu contains news on the subject. This new instalment in the popular franchise will take the form of another..

  • News Wii MotionPlus Hit By The Delay Hammer?

    IGN fan the flames

    IGN’s Wii podcast has added to already escalating rumours that Nintendo is having problems with the much-hyped Wii MotionPlus peripheral, and that it may not see the light of day when originally anticipated. The device, which is said to make the Wii Remote even more responsive to movement, was due to be launched in June, presumably alongside the killer app that is Wii Sports 2,..

  • News Wii MotionPlus Set For July Release?

    EA certainly seem to think so

    Leading US magazine Nintendo Power has recently published a short preview of EA’s upcoming Grand Slam Tennis and nestled within the text is this comment: Thomas Singleton (EA) and his Vancouver-based team hope to take things to the next level, thanks in no small part to the Wii MotionPlus accessory (due out prior to Grand Slam’s release). The clever chaps over at..


  • News Carmack looking towards Wii

    Legendary games developer John Carmack speaks of his interest in developing a title for Wii.

    The co-mastermind of iD software has often been very vocal in the industry, slamming the PS3 for its difficult architecture and writing off the Wii as a graphically challenged console, something which he's not used to coming from the PC world. Reported by EuroGamer, the main man has actually changed his..

  • News Resident Evil 5 developer wants to make new Wii RE title

    Masachika Kawata has openly admitted to EuroGamer his interest in making another new Resident Evil game for Wii

    With work now wrapped up on the PS3 and 360 instalment, Resident Evil 5 producer Masachika Kawata has told us he wants to make a brand new Resi game for Wii. Thanks to the magic of translation, Kawata-san hinted to Eurogamer TV that Nintendo fans shouldn't despair that their console isn't..

  • News Climax working on new Wii title for Konami; Silent Hill?

    Possible, but we simply don't know at this stage, however Climax have announced on their official website that they are indeed working on a new Wii title.

    "Climax has a great history with recent titles such as Silent Hill Origins on both PSP and PS2, and Viva Pinata for Games for Windows, but the future is even more exciting with Overlord Dark Legend, on Wii and DS, for Codemasters and two new..

  • News Headstrong to revitalise Virtua Cop aswell?

    Not yet, but they'd like to. Headstrong show interest in working with SEGA again, possibly on another on-rails shooter, Virtua Cop.

    In a recent interview with The House of the Dead: Overkill producer Neil McEwen, he admitted that the team at developer Headstrong Games would be interested in doing a Wii sequel to another Sega franchise, Virtua Cop. With Virtua Cop 3 having last been seen in arcades..

  • News MadWorld producer working on new IP

    It has been revealed that Platinum Games producer, Atsushi Inaba, is already working on a new IP, possibly for Wii.

    Develop Mag: What are you ambitions for the studio and the Japanese games market in 2009? Atsushi Inaba: We have been developing games since we started this company. We've got big titles coming out this year, MadWorld releasing very soon and Bayonetta later this year, and we hope..

  • Rumour EarthBound Not Coming to Virtual Console

    You're no doubt aware that the much wanted EarthBound was ESRB rated quite some time ago. Nintendo has never particularly done much with the Mother series outside Japan, only releasing EarthBound in the US and for the most part just letting people wonder where Ness from Super Smash Bros. was from. Obviously, when the ESRB rating appeared, many people got excited that one of the biggest cult classics ever could possibly be rereleased on VC.

    Sadly, it appears that this is not going to happen now. As yo...

  • News EA: Dead Space heading to Wii

    It seems Electronic Arts have confirmed that Dead Space will be heading to Wii this year.

    Edge Online have today reported that EA have confirmed that Dead Space will be heading to Wii, the following was posted on their site: EA CEO John Riccitiello said that his company will be bringing games based on mass market Hasbro and Sims properties to the Wii, but also core properties that "have..


  • News iPhone Hit 1112 WiiWare bound?

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year or so you’ll be aware that Apple’s iPhone/iPod Touch platform is getting some serious attention from game developers, largely thanks to excellent ‘Apps Store’ distribution method that allows users to download games direct to their devices using a wireless connection with the minimum of fuss. We’ve tried it and it’s all very nifty, although it has to be said that the general quality of the games available is often less than inspiring.




  • News Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie "Exclusively" on XBLA

    If you were one of those hopeful types who thought that Banjo-Kazooie's Xbox Live Arcade announcement meant that it could still come to Virtual Console, it might be time to give up hope.

    Earlier today, Microsoft published a press release containing Banjo-Kazooie's release date, saying that it would be coming to XBLA "exclusively". It's set...


  • News Disaster: Day of Crisis coming later this year?

    One of the games that never was, "vaporware" if you will, has been rated in Australia and all set for release this year?

    Originally announced at E3 two years ago Disaster: Day of Crisis was one of a few games that we've heard little about since. Developed by Monolith Soft the game is set to be some kind of adventure/survival game where the player must survive a number of natural disasters integral..

  • News IGA: 2D WiiWare Castlevania Is The Right Approach

    WiiWare seems to be a hot bed for retro revivals at the moment, what with Mega Man 9 and Gradius Rebirth already announced for the service. And if a recent interview with Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi is anything to go by, another highly esteemed franchise might be inbound, too.

    IGA is the current producer of Konami’s legendary Castlevania series and he had this to say when Nintendo World Report..

  • News Strong Bad's Freezing Issue for Attractive People!

    According to Nintendo WiiFanboy, some users of Strong Bad: Episode 1 Homestar Ruiner have experienced freezing issues during the game. Readers over at the Telltale forums are also reporting the same problem. Some users have said that changing the display from 16x9 widescreen setting over to the regular 4:3 display setting fixes this problem. Other users have also said that changing the setting from 480p to 480i also helps.

    If you're experiencing this freezing issue this is about the only help we can offer until Telltale releases a patch to completely fix the problem. We'll have any information regarding any possible patches when it b..

  • News Could Elite 4 Be Headed To WiiWare?

    While it's certainly no Duke Nukem, Frontier's Elite 4 title has seen its fair share of delays and supposed project cancellations since development on the game began back in 2000. After a successful run on the various personal computers of the 80's, Frontier was all set to take their hit franchise into the modern era of video gaming, making use of the more advanced technology found in today's computers and game consoles. Unfortunately, technical setbacks have kept the project from seeing completion, even leading many media outlets and Elite fans to assume that the project itself had been abandoned altogether.



  • News Wild West Guns Coming To Europe This Friday

    European gamers will have something to look forward to this coming Friday as GameLoft’s lightgun-like shooter Wild West Guns is up on WiiWare. This isn’t just an idle internet rumour. We have it on good authority that this will indeed be out on Friday for 1000 Wii points.

    We still don’t know a whole lot about the game other than it has a wild west setting (duh!), it plays like a old lightgun..

  • News Wallace and Gromit's Grand Adventures - WiiWare Bound?

    Cracking news, Gromit! Everyone’s favourite plastcine duo are to star in a series of adventures thanks to those kind chaps at Telltale games, and although we’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here, it’s highly likely that the platform for these episodic escapades is going to be WiiWare.

    Called Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures, the...

  • News Sonic on the Master System coming to Virtual Console?

    If you don't know much about Sega and checked out the OFLC earlier today, you might have scratched your head wondering why Sonic the Hedgehog was rated again, after all, the Mega Drive version is already out on Virtual Console.

    The interesting thing you might not know, however, is that there are three other games which are all also called Sonic the Hedgehog, meaning that most likely, one of them is..


  • RUMOUR PopCap Games To Develop For WiiWare?

    Ok, so this is probably a bit of idle speculation on our part but looking at a recent interview with PopCap Games we get the impression that the talented developer – which has such hits as Peggle Extreme and Zuma under its belt – may be looking into producing WiiWare games.

    CEO Dave Roberts and co-founder John Vechey stated that they were working on more console projects with another unnamed..

  • News 1080 Snowboarding Developer Working on WiiWare Project

    Giles Goddard, famous for overseeing the development of the highly regarded N64 title 1080 Snowboarding, has recently confirmed that his Vitei team is working on a new WiiWare game that makes use of the new Balance Board peripheral.

    Goddard, who started out at legendary UK developer Argonaut before being poached by Nintendo of Japan, has a wealth of industry experience under his belt after working..

  • RUMOUR Mega Man 9 Coming to WiiWare?

    With the news that Super Mario RPG received an OFLC rating, we almost missed another interesting listing on the ratings site.

    The OFLC also has a listing for Mega Man 9. As any Capcom fan should know, this is a new game, as the "classic" Mega Man series' last instalments were 8, and Mega Man & Bass. It is of course entirely possible...

  • News Nintendo Working On USB Devices – HDD Possible?

    Although it falls way short of being an official confirmation of the fact, a recent ad on Nintendo’s job page hints at a possible USB storage solution appearing fairly soon.

    The job spec is as follows: CONTRACT - Software/Hardware Tester Description of Duties Creating and executing a test plan for Wii’s USB devices Executing test plans with...

  • News Strong Bad's Cool Game Delayed Until July

    Here's an interesting snippet of gossip from the guys at Kotaku. It seems they are best buddies with the Chapman’s of Strong Bad fame. Over lunch today Matt Chapman let slip the following about Strong Bad Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner:

    The game is actually now getting pushed back to July, but the game is going to just be much better for it. It's just development time. What a shame, I know many of..


  • News Are Shantae Fans Going To Finally Have Their Wish Granted?

    Way back in 2001, speculation begin circulating through the gaming world that newcomer developer WayForward Technologies were developing a Game Boy Color game that would stretch the system's hardware capabilities to their limits.

    The game, called Shantae, was said to feature some of the most advanced animation techniques ever seen on a portable game system. Anticipation for the title began..

  • News Toki Tori Coming To America On Monday!

    WiiWare World can exclusively reveal that Toki Tori is due to be released this coming Monday (2nd June) in North America on WiiWare.

    Lucky Europe got this excellent game on the 20th May as part of their WiiWare launch. Platform/Puzzle fans in North America jealously coveted a slice of the action but were to be disappointed when it didn’t come out the following week in their territory. All the..

  • Rumour New Wii SKU? Hard Drive Perhaps?

    Nintendo's Wii console may be being phased out at the expense of introducing a new version of the console to consumers.

    According to the console has reached "early warning" status in a "major American outlet". Apparently this means that the console is to be phased out in its current form and replaced by a newer SKU. All seems a bit fishy to me - with Nintendo's..

  • News Soul Blazer – The Virtual Console Release That Never Was?

    During our trips around the wonderful World Wide Web we noticed that a few sites seem to be listing Enix’s excellent Soul Blazer (also know as Soul Blader in Japan) as a Virtual Console title, even going as far as to state that it saw release in North America on the 12th May alongside Konami’s Tiny Toon Adventures. We’ve also had several emails from concerned readers regarding this, too.


  • News New Hudson WiiWare Details for Tetris and Bomberman

    In an interview with Siliconera, Hudson's Japanese vice president Kentaro Murayama has revealed some more details on their upcoming WiiWare games, Tetris and Bomberman.

    There's not much new details for Tetris - They are thinking of incorporating the Wii Balance Board somehow, but have not made a decision on the matter yet. Imagine moving Tetris blocks by leaning left and right! There's also some..

  • News Luc Bernard's Rose Princess Coming To WiiWare

    Luc Bernard has been a busy chap lately. In addition to putting the final touches to the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity’s Child, he has also revealed that he has another game in the pipeworks called Rose Princess which is destined for WiiWare, if a publisher can be found.

    Princess Rose is a cello player who kills anything she touches. She is befriended by a mechanical rabbit named Mr Cuddles who..

  • News Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To The Wii?

    Swedish magazine seems to think so

    Sega loves the Wii. Lately we’ve been gifted with House of the Dead 1 & 2 Return, NiGHTS and Sega Bass Fishing, and if recent rumours are to be believed we’re about to see another classic franchise resurrected for Nintendo’s best selling console. Swedish magazine Game Reactor has excited blurted out this little rumour: Shenmue is back! Sega has..

  • News Castlevania Producer Hints At WiiWare Instalment

    His name might not be as familiar to you as Hideo Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto, but Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi is the man currently responsible for the wellbeing of Konami’s highly esteemed Castlevania franchise and this role bestows him a certain degree of kudos and respect amongst videogame fans. The vampire-hunting series is well regarded and each new entry is put under intense scrutiny by veterans of the series.

    However, of late the home console versions of Castlevania have been somewhat disappointing. Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness were both 3D flops and for the past few years the lineage has flourished solely on portable machi..


  • News WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed

    Nnooo's Nic Watt has admitted that he still isn’t 100% sure how much to charge for his company’s promising looking WiiWare title Pop.

    Speaking in an interview this week, Watt said: For a new company like ourselves, pricing is a really tough issue particularly on something like a downloadable service where there are games at a variety of prices. Disc-based games are somewhat easier as they all..

  • News Metroid Prime Trilogy Rumour Shot Down

    Within hours of the rumour of a Wiimake for both Metroid Prime and it's newer sequel were Earthed - Nintendo has gone and squashed everyones wet dreams.

    According to our friends over at their "mole" has unearthed some juicy tid-bits from a retailers computer regarding a game entitled "Metroid Prime Trilogy". GoNintendo stated: Word has it that a certain retailer..

  • News Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Console!

    Our pals at IGN, recently interviewed Capcom's Ben Judd on the upcoming PSN/XBLA remake of the original Bionic Commando Rearmed.

    This might not be of great interest if you only own a Wii console, but interestingly the interview managed to open a can of worms regarding the possibility of the NES version of Bionic Commando coming to the Virtual...

  • News European release dates for WiiWare and Nintendo Channel announced

    Nintendo of Europe today issued a press release containing the dates for multiple games to be released in Q2. While no doubt plenty of people will be happy Super Smash Bros. Brawl is included in the list, of note to this site is the fact that both upcoming Wii features have been dated.

    WiiWare will be added to the Wii Shop on the 20th of May. No specific titles have been announced to release on..

  • News Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

    Well that's no surprise then. What did I tell you? You can't remember. Well, I told you it was too damn early for a new DS.

    And I was right. Following on from our report last week about the possibility of a new DS to be announced at E3. The news came from Hamamura-san (head of Japanese publishing giant Enterbrain) and has been squashed by both Nintendo of Japan's head of PR Ken Toyota and..

  • News 3 NES Beat 'em Ups Coming To US Virtual Console Soon

    The North American Virtual Console is in for a treat over the next three Mondays as our pals at IGN have revealed that River City Ransom, Double Dragon and Renegade will be punching their way to the Virtual Console in successive weeks.

    Much to the annoyance of North American VC fans the rather excellent River City Ransom came out in February in...

  • News Capcom To Lend Support To WiiWare

    According to a recent interview, industry veteran Capcom has expressed interest in developing for Nintendo’s WiiWare platform.

    Christian Svensson, Capcom's VP of strategic planning & business development, had this to say: We’re looking for the right content first — a lot of the content we have now isn’t quite right in value or approach or interface for WiiWare. He added that..

  • News "WiiStrip" - Erotic Dancing In Your Own Home!

    According to TechDigest.TV "Peekaboo Pole Dancing" have sent out an email requesting a partner to help license their concept of a pole dancing game on the Wii.

    Following on from the news a few months back that the Wii might be getting some cheerleading action we wouldn't be too surprised if this idea eventually surfaced. Complete with a "WiiPole" to grind against, of course. Peekaboo..

  • News F-Zero Wii Hint In Mario Kart?

    Maybe we're reading way too much into things but we like to get ourselves excited.... I mean-?! SPOILERS.

    As self indulgent gamers from across the world start posting videos of themselves playing Mario Kart Wii onto the interweb - one particular unlockable kart has caused a bit of Internet babble. Depicted in the video above is the "Blue Falcon" - best known for it's appearances in the..

  • News "The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

    It's been a bit "will it, won't it" with Nibris' psychological thriller "Sadness" ever since it was announced in April 2006 but according to Official Nintendo Magazine the game is running on "the most powerful engine available for [the] Wii". Blimey.

    After the new screenshot which emerged last week we've all been waiting for the next twist in the...

  • News This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

    And it's all down to an article posted by Bloomberg Japan which has caused a whole host of rumours across the nerd-o-sphere.

    According to the article, the president of Japanese magazine publisher "Enterbrain" (which hosts the gaming bible "Famitsu") has commented that Nintendo may (note the emphasis) be announcing a new version of their blow-away success console: the Nintendo..

  • News Club Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing Wii?

    Let's hope this isn't just a coincidence...

    Kotaku has recently reported that the Japanese Club Nintendo calendar has Animal Crossing as the theme for December. This might not seem like much of a news item, but you have to take into account that for April, the same calendar features Mario Kart Wii...which is out in the same month. See the faultless...

  • News New F-Zero Coming To Wii?

    We're praying that this is true

    We’re massive fans of Nintendo’s F-Zero series here at NintendoLife so when German site Planet Nintendo reported that a new game is rumoured to be in the works, we let out a collective ‘yippee’ that shook the plasterwork off the office walls. Seriously. Supposedly titled ‘F-Zero Z’ (which basically means Nintendo has run out of letters of the alphabet..

  • News 360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

    In a not so dramatic twist Microsoft have (virtually) confirmed speculation that they are indeed ripping off Nintendo's innovation with a product the development team have dubbed "Newton".

    We broke the news that Microsoft are developing their own "Wii Remote" yesterday. Seemingly following on from the media frenzy that such "leaked" information caused in the gaming stratosphere..

  • Rumour Wii Price Cut Imminent?

    Highly-respected French site seems to think so

    According to leading French website, Nintendo France is looking to reduce the price of the Wii in that territory. This has sparked rumours that a European price cut in on the way, which of course would logically lead to a global reduction in the price of the console. The current pack retails for 249 Euros in France. The new ‘Sports’..

  • News Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

    When you run out of ideas, why not steal one from someone else?

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is the case then Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered at the moment. MTV has recently been contacted by a developer who says that Microsoft is working on a Wii-style controller for its 360 console, as well as a version of the ‘Mii’ avatar concept for Xbox..

  • News Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

    That some pretty impressive alliteration there

    Remember Sadness? Many months ago we were treated to some tantalising production artwork for this potentially groundbreaking survival horror title, and then it all went silent. From what we can gather developer Nibris has experienced issues with finding a publisher, and this has led many people to write the project off as dead. The rumour mill is once..


  • News Konami to bring us WiiWare goodness?

    In a recent interview with IGN Fumiaki Tanaka the president of Konami has hinted that Konami may be looking at bringing classic franchises to WiiWare.

    Tanaka stated that Konami will be releasing more remakes of old titles and revisiting past projects as the company moves forward. He suggested that digital distribution services like WiiWare could...


  • News “Street Fighter IV Could Potentially Come To Wii”

    Producer hints at a possible Nintendo version

    Capcom’s forthcoming 3D ‘reboot’ of the Street Fighter series may be dividing opinion all over the globe thanks to its unique visual style but producer Yoshinori Ono is confident the end product will be a success and commented that in his opinion the game could ‘potentially’ arrive on the Wii. Speaking at the GDC last week, Ono said: Street..

  • News DJ Hero In The Pipeline? Chica-chica.

    Activision are planning a spin-off to their ridiculously popular series, Guitar Hero.

    According to CVG Activision have filed a trademark for a game titled "DJ Hero". The trademark reads: "Computer game software and related instruction manual sold together as a unit; interactive video game programs; computer game discs; downloadable software for use in connection with computer games;..

  • News Mario Kart Wii To Hit Europe On April 25th?

    Online store seems to think so

    Online retailer has sparked a shockwave of excited fanboy chatter by listing Mario Kart Wii’s European release date as April 25th. Nintendo’s previous date for the game was the somewhat vague “Q2 2008”, and a spokesperson for the company has insisted that is merely guessing at a possible launch date. However, we’re not totally convinced..

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