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  • Rumour Nintendo Is Recalling Wii U Basic Bundle

    Could we see a new bundle appear after E3?

    A company-wide email is apparently being distributed by GameStop which indicates that the retailer is withdrawing the Wii U Basic bundle from sale. The email — which has since made its way into the hands of Kotaku — states: Nintendo Wii U Basic Recall – Two Week Preparation On Tuesday, 6. .. All...


  • Rumour Retro's Wii U Title Is An Entirely New IP

    IGN starts the hype

    Retro Studios is one of Nintendo's most valuable assets right now, having delivered smash hits in the form of the Metroid Prime Trilogy and Donkey Kong Country Returns. We all know that the company is working on something for the Wii U, and we'll no doubt see what that is at this year's E3. However, no one seems to know exactly...

  • Rumour Wii U Sold Less Than 40,000 Units In North America In April

    Leaked NPD numbers suggest console has been outsold by the original Wii

    If you're not keen on negative news regarding Nintendo's current commercial fortunes, look away now. Leaked NPD figures suggest that the Wii U sold around 38,000 units in North America in April. Although it shouldn't be taken as official, the numbers appear to be accurate;...

  • Rumour The Recent Wii U System Update Has Boosted Clock Speeds

    CPU and GPU both got a bump, according to uncredited source

    Everyone loves a good rumour, right? Well this one is a doozy, so grab as much salt as you can before reading. According to a poster on TV Tropes — who doesn't give a source — the recent Wii U system update has upped the clock speed of both the CPU and GPU: The CPU and GPU are built...

  • Rumour Next Sonic Game Will Go Back To His Roots, Is Coming To Wii U And 3DS

    Revisiting the classic 16-bit era?

    It's pretty obvious that Sega is working on a new Sonic game — the company's mascot is a big draw capable of selling thousands of units. This year's offering is still under wraps, but details are continuing to leak onto the web. According to a source cited on NeoGAF, the next Sonic game will be more akin to the...


  • Rumour GTA V Has Been Tested On Wii U Dev Kits For Some Time

    Take this news lightly

    Rumours have been circulating the internet for quite some time now when it comes to Rockstar's hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V potentially seeing a release on the Wii U; when a new one pops up, we have a bucket full of salt at the ready. Let's take a small trip back to last September, when Swedish retailer CDON listed...

  • Rumour Ni no Kuni Could Yet See A Western Release, According To Publisher Namco Bandai

    DS role-player could find a new lease of life on the 3DS

    You might be familar with Level-5 and Studio Ghibli collaboration Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch from its recent release on the PlayStation 3, but the origin of the series actually stretches back to a Nintendo DS game, released in Japan in 2010. Ni no Kuni: The Jet-black Mage shares...

  • Rumour Criterion Is Rebooting Need For Speed: Underground

    Updated: Criterion's creative director shoots down rumours

    UPDATE: Criterion's Alex Ward has tweeted in response to these rumours: [tweet 322632944776802304] So that's that, then. ORIGINAL STORY: We've already reported on the fact that Criterion is working on a new project, and if a fresh rumour is to be believed, we could now have a name for...

  • Rumour 3DS Owners Noticing Software Performance Improvements Since Update

    Certain games running smoother?

    OK, grab a pinch of salt for this one, because it's taken straight from the box marked "Rumour". According to some posters over at NeoGAF, the recent 3DS firmware update has delivered some unexpected benefits: namely better performance in certain games. Rayman 3D, Sonic Gene

  • News GameFly Slaps June 30th Release Date On Game & Wario In North America

    Retailer outs possible launch day for Wii U title

    Online retailer GameFly has given Game & Wario a June 30th release date in North America — ahead of any official confirmation from Nintendo itself. The Wii U game was released in Japan at the end of March, and is the next entry in the popular WarioWare series, which started on the Game Boy...

  • Rumour Dr Kawashima's 3DS Prescription Delayed Until September In Europe

    Devilish Brain Training now listed as "TBC" on Nintendo's site

    Dr Kawashima’s Devilish Brain Training — known as Brain Age: Concentration Training in North America — was supposed to launch in Europe on April 12th. We've heard very little about the game in the past few weeks, and the official page for the title now has its release date listed...


  • Rumour Vigil Co-founder Interested In Buying Darksiders IP

    Will the horsemen ride again?

    When THQ bit the dust a while back, Vigil Games was one of the companies which didn't get purchased. This seemed to spell the end of the popular Darksiders franchise. However, hope is not lost. It would appear that Crytek USA CEO David Adams has expressed an interest in purchasing the IP he and many members of his...

  • News Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut Leaked By Amazon

    Amazon spills details ahead of rumoured PAX East announcment

    At the start of the month we reported on the rumour that a modified version of Square Enix's Deus Ex: Human Revolution was coming to the Wii U. That rumour has now been given additional weight by the editor of a German website, who has claimed on a podcast that he's seen the game —...

  • Rumour Capcom Developing New Strider Title For Digital Services

    Could Strider Hiryu be coming to the Wii U eShop?

    Capcom's Strider is one of the seminal arcade titles of the '80s, thanks to its balletic gameplay, amazing visuals and fantastic setting. Given the amazing potential of the premise (who doesn't want to be a futuristic ninja?), it's surprising that Capcom hasn't done more to exploit the character...


  • Rumour Rayman Creator To Part Company With Ubisoft

    Michel Ancel to leave publisher after Rayman Legends is released?

    Ubisoft's decision to hold back the Wii U version of Rayman Legends to facilitate a multi-platform launch has caused quite a bit of ill-feeling, but if this latest rumour is to be believed, it could end up costing the French publisher one of its most talented staffers. French site

  • Rumour Aliens: Colonial Marines Tester Says Wii U Version Is "The Worst"

    "It is a bit of a joke"

    One of the worst things about the internet is that people can post things with very little proof and others will gleefully report it as fact. So please, as you read and digest the following item of news, be aware that we're treating it as a rumour for the time being. A Reddit poster by the name of “soetester” (Sega of...

  • Rumour Ubisoft's Watch Dogs Is Coming To The Wii U

    It's coming to "all home consoles", apparently

    Ubisoft's Watch Dogs was one of the surprises of last year's E3 event, showcasing cutting-edge gameplay based around the control of information. The open world action title is based around hacking and surveillance, and features some amazing visuals — leading many to predict that it would be a...

  • Rumour Next Sonic Game Will Be Called Sonic Adventure 3

    Trilogy talk?

    Cast your mind back a few weeks and you'll recall that we reported on a rumour relating to the next Sonic the Hedgehog title. According to an inside source, the game is currently in development for a wide range of platforms - including the Wii U and 3DS - and is expected later this year. Another little rumour has surfaced recently...

  • Rumour Scribblenauts Unlimited Was Recalled From European Retailers

    Nintendo asks stores to withdraw the game from stock

    Yesterday's bombshell news that Scribblenauts Unlimited has been delayed in Europe didn't exactly go down well with fans. The game has been available in North America since late last year, and with both the Wii U and 3DS in dire need of fresh titles, it's a real shame that we've got to wait a...

  • Rumour Skylanders 3 On The Cards in New York?

    Big announcement incoming?

    After a rather impressive outing with Skylanders Giants on the Wii U, not to mention pretty solid version on the 3DS, Nintendo owners would do well to turn their eyes towards the next iteration of Activision’s profitable family game. You see, Activision has used the New York Toy Fair to announce each Skylanders game,...


  • Rumour Sniper Elite V2 Coming To Wii U March 21st

    Taking aim

    It would seem that World War II sniping simulation Sniper Elite V2 is making its way to the Wii U. US store GameStop has listed the game on its site, as has Amazon US. Amazon even goes as far as to list the release date as March 21st - clearly the retailer knows something that we don't.

  • Rumour New Sonic Title Dashing To Wii U And 3DS

    Announcement coming next month?

    According to the chaps over at Sonic Stadium, Sega will reveal its plans for a new Sonic the Hedgehog game next month. A source close to Sega has dropped a few tasty hints to get chins wagging. The title apparently hasn't been decided yet, but the game will be coming to Wii U, PS3, 360, 3DS, PS Vita, PC and "next...

  • Rumour Flashback Remake Coming To Wii U eShop

    1992 classic is getting a lick of paint

    French action platformer Flashback is being remade for modern consoles, and rumour has it that a Wii U eShop edition is also on the cards. Originally developed for the Commodore Amiga by Delphine Software in 1992, the game combined 3D visuals with 2D platforming and quickly gained a cult following. Console...

  • Rumour Today's Nintendo Direct To Focus On Wii U Virtual Console

    GameCube games also coming?

    One of the biggest questions regarding Nintendo's online strategy for the Wii U revolves around Virtual Console releases, and how they're going to be made available on the new platform. Today's Nintendo Direct - which is focused on Wii U software and developments - could well be related to a Virtual Console...

  • Rumour Monster Hunter 4 Delay Is Due To PS Vita Port

    We hope this isn't true

    If we could give the "Rumour" prefix on this news story additional emphasis, then we would - because this one needs to be taken with a sizable pinch of salt. Japanese magazine GameLab is reporting that the delay of Monster Hunter 4 on the 3DS isn't due to quality improvements - as stated by Capcom - but because the game is...

  • News Whatever Happened To The Studio Founded By Ex-Retro Employees?

    And has it been working on a Mega Man game?

    Back in 2008, a group of staff from Retro Studios broke away to form Armature, with the promise of creating games for platforms other than those made by Nintendo. However, in four years the company has only produced one product: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on the PlayStation Vita. Although the...



  • Rumour Yoshi's Land Coming To Wii U

    Best Buy product page outs potential sequel

    Yesterday, retailer Best Buy Canada leaked the existence of the Wii Mini - a smaller, cheaper (and arguably less useful) version of the Wii console which was officially confirmed by Nintendo hours later. It would appear that Best Buy isn't done with letting cats out of bags, and has published a product...

  • News Resident Evil Revelations Jumping Ship To PS3?

    Any port in a storm

    According to a Korean Ratings Board, the 3DS survival horror classic Resident Evil Revelations is making the jump to the big screen, but not on Nintendo's Wii U as you might reasonably expect - it's apparently coming to the PS3 instead. "Revelations has something to offer Resi fans old and new – there are few experiences on...


  • Rumour Wii U Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Not Running Natively At 1080p?


    A few days ago, Nintendo was left with egg on its face after issuing conflicting reports about what resolution New Super Mario Bros. U would run at. Now, it would seem as if Activision is the company that is to be left red-faced. According to GotGame, an Activision representative has confirmed that

  • News Nicalis Teases 3DS Ikachan Port

    2D classic from the same developer as Cave Story

    Had your fill of Cave Story already? Well prepare to get unreasonably excited, because it would appear that Daisuke Amaya's Ikachan is headed to the 3DS. Created in 2000 by Amaya (better known by the pseudonym Pixel) - 4 years before Cave Story, perhaps his most famous work - Ikachan focuses on the...

  • Rumour Super C Coming to 3DS Virtual Console in The West

    Third party NES classics make it out of Japan?

    Up until now, Nintendo retro lovers have only had first-party NES titles to play on the 3DS Virtual Console. Although Japan has seen a steady stream of non-Nintendo games - including the awesome Mega Man 3 - those games haven't shown any sign of coming to the west - until now, that is. Konami has just...

  • News Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Europe Press Site

    3DS downloads imminent?

    Try not to get your hopes up - especially in the light of recent events - but it looks as if Nintendo is about to announce the release of Game Boy Advance games on the 3DS eShop. Spotted by German site, a trio of GBA covers have been uploaded onto the Nintendo Europe press server, with Sup


  • Rumour Kid Icarus Planning a Wii U Uprising?

    Too good to be true? Not according to Amazon

    While Kid Icarus: Uprising lead designer Masahiro Sakurai has stated that he has no plans to make a sequel , it looks like a console port may be in the works, depending on how optimistic you happen to be. Earlier today, Amazon France put up a listing for Kid Icarus: Uprising, except the game is being...

  • News Need For Speed Is Most Wanted On Wii U, But Is It Coming?

    Criterion refuse to confirm or deny existence of Wii U version

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted is shaping up pretty nicely at the moment, following on neatly from Criterion's previous effort, the critically acclaimed Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. We've been crossing our fingers (and toes) that this new law-breaking installment is Wii U-bound, but there's...

  • Rumour Grand Theft Auto V Coming To Wii U

    Got Your Pinch Of Salt Ready?

    Retailer listings for unreleased games should never really be taken at face value - they're prone to mistakes and errors, and have led to many red faces in the past. However, there's sometimes an element of truth in them as well, and we imagine that many people are crossing their fingers that this is the case with...

  • Rumour You Will Be Able To Preorder Wii U At GameStop This Thursday

    Retailer is going big on Nintendo's new machine

    We all know that Thursday's presentation is going to be related to the Wii U, with the most likely scenario being a launch date reveal and pricing details. To add a little more spice to this speculation, GoNintendo has reported that several readers have gotten in touch to report on various goings-on at...

  • News Square Enix Trademark Reveals New Mana Game

    Sequel to Secret of Mana on the way?

    Square Enix has trademarked the name Circle of Mana, which would suggest that the company is planning a new entry in the popular series which started way back in 1993 with the localisation of Seiken Densetsu 2 - better known to western players as Secret of Mana. The franchise has since appeared on a wide range...

  • Feature The Murky World of Anonymous Sources

    Don't forget the codeword

    As a website that prides itself on bringing you the most interesting, relevant and occasionally important Nintendo news, we here at Nintendo Life realise that we've been missing an important weapon in our arsenal: an anonymous source. While we normally prefer to name our sources, whether reporting news from other websites...



  • Rumour Tomodachi Collection 3DS Coming to the West

    With a brand new name

    We've just heard an interesting pre-E3 rumour: Nintendo could announce a localisation of Tomodachi Collection for 3DS. We've heard whispers a Nintendo game known as Communicator Gamers Collection is on the way to the West, which would certainly fit as Tomodachi Collection's new title. Nintendo has said we'll hear about new...

  • Rumour Wii U Price Reveal Coming Tomorrow

    Wallets at the ready

    Nintendo has said that the Wii U release date and price announcements will come after E3, but Japanese newspaper Nikkei (via Andriasang) believes we could hear as soon as tomorrow. The paper — which has a proven track record in getting this information right — claims the machine will sell for 30,000 Yen. That's around...

  • Rumour Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow

    Nikkei at it again

    Update: Nintendo has denied the rumour. Japanese newspaper Nikkei — which has proven right about Nintendo rumours on many occasions — is reporting we'll see a new 3DS model announced tomorrow. The paper claims we'll see a 3DS redesign boasting a 4.3 inch screen, approximately 1.5 times larger than the current machine. Nikkei...


  • News No, There Is Not a Star Fox & Metroid Crossover Game

    Told you so

    In our big Wii U E3 rumour round-up yesterday we gave our reasons why the rumoured Metroid and Star Fox crossover game wasn't going to happen. And guess what? It isn't happening. Originator of the rumour Paul Gale Network has revealed the game is not in development at Retro Studios and therefore will not be shown off at E3 next week...

  • Reaction The Big Wii U Rumour Round-Up

    Future prospects

    We’re now less than a week out from Nintendo’s E3 conference where the cover will finally be pulled off so many mysteries surrounding Wii U. Since debuting the console at last year’s conference Nintendo has been tight-lipped on the subject, and when excitement is high and valid information is low, it can only lead to one...

  • Rumour Splinter Cell: Blacklist Coming to Wii U

    Play Sam again

    Ubisoft's got a lot of Wii U games to show off next Monday, and one of them might feature everyone's favourite gruff-voiced special agent spy that's not Solid Snake. According to reports, Splinter Cell: Blacklist is heading to Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2013. Ubisoft has refused to comment, saying only it "doesn't comment on...

  • Rumour Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 Heading to Wii U

    A vampire double-whammy

    Yesterday we heard there's a Castlevania game coming to 3DS, but that's not all: apparently Wii U owners will get a piece of the action too, as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is in the works for Wii U. That's according to the Paul Gale Network, who claims the Wii U title will interact with th

  • Rumour Blockbuster UK Lists 25 Wii U Games

    Some surprising names

    We're a month away from E3 but Blockbuster reckons it's got the Wii U software line-up all figured out, listing 25 titles for pre-order. The list, according to photos sent to GoNintendo, is: Aliens: Colonial Marines Assassin's Creed III Batman: Arkham City Darksiders II DiRT 3 Formula 1 All Stars Game Party Ghost Recon...


  • Rumour Midnight Purple 3DS Spotted on Retail Site

    Prince nowhere to be seen

    Update: Midnight Purple 3DS hits North America on 20th May. Retailer Sam's Club has listed a Midnight Purple 3DS — a colour Nintendo hasn't announced. Joystiq spotted the listing this past weekend. Purple was among the colours first shown off when 3DS w

  • News Nintendo America Registers Fire Emblem 3DS Domain

    And relax

    So far only Nintendo Japan and Nintendo Europe have confirmed their plans for Fire Emblem Kakusei (aka Fire Emblem: Awakening), but it looks like Nintendo of America will be right behind them. The North American arm registered the domain, which currently redirects to The wing also registered domains...

  • News U.S. Patent Cites Wii U as "Universal Remote Controller"

    What else could it do?

    THQ's Danny Bilson wasn't kidding when he called the Wii U controller the "Swiss army knife of video game controllers." Touch screen, game streaming, motion control and near-field communication technology is all well and good, but the latest rumour points to the pad controlling more than just the Wii U console. A...

  • News Nintendo Buys Web Domain

    An intriguing choice, yes?

    The news that Nintendo recently purchased a Mario related web domain is not always interesting, especially as big companies often buy web addresses just to prevent others using them. When we saw that was a recent acquisition for Nintendo, however, we were definitely intrigued. It may be rampant speculation,...

  • Rumour Wii U Components Cost $180, Will Retail at $300

    The money merry-go-around

    While nobody can seem to agree on exactly what's inside the Wii U, one anonymous tipster has told Forget the Box that the console's components will cost around $180 USD. That figure supposedly comes from sources "closely involved with manufacturing and distributing Nintendo products." The $180 number includes the...

  • Rumour ViviTouch to Demo Wii U Haptics Tech at E3

    Feels good

    Here's a Wii U rumour that's more towards the 'believable' end of the scale: Wii U's new controller could include haptic technology. According to an E3 floor plan (via NeoGAF), haptics specialist ViviTouch will show a Wii U peripheral at the upcoming trade show. ViviTouch's haptic tech is a more advanced form of physical feedback than...

  • Rumour Wii U Release Date Unveiled in Mystery Email

    So secret we can't see it

    It's Wii U speculation day, it seems. Just as we get over the latest anonymous sources telling us that Wii U is less powerful than PS3 and Xbox 360, we hear about the Wii U release dates being leaked. According to a Wii U themed website, and now being circulated around the web, Nintendo's next console will hit North America...

  • News Developers: Wii U "Less Powerful than PS3 and 360"

    Is it, isn't it?

    Welcome once again to the best game show on the internet, How Powerful is Wii U? While recently Darksiders II developer Vigil Games said Wii U is "on par" with current generation consoles, now a band of anonymous developers have spoken out to Games about the machine's power, claiming it's not got quite as much...


  • Rumour Ubisoft to Bring Your Shape to Wii U

    The shock

    Ubisoft's Your Shape series rose to prominence on Kinect, but it stopped off on Wii first before leaping onto Microsoft's swanky sensor. Now it looks like the fitness series is ready to come back to Nintendo, with a Wii U version supposedly in the works. According to a post from The Royalty Network (via Go Nintendo), Ubisoft has requested...

  • Rumour Donkey Kong 3D Swinging Into View

    Disclaimer — might not be a real game

    We quite enjoy the occasional rumour here at Nintendo Life, especially on a Monday. With that in mind, we're pleased to bring you the latest speculative news, and that is that Donkey Kong 3D is coming to 3DS this year, or on 25th May if you believe one particularly enthusiastic online retailer. This rumour...


  • Rumour Kingdom Hearts 3D European Release Date Leaked

    27th July, in case you wondered

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a title that many fans are anticipating on 3DS this year, though release details outside of Japan haven't been forthcoming. Apparently there's been a slip-up at Square Enix, however, and we may now know the European release date. As reported by IGN, Square Enix's French store...

  • News Nintendo Considered a 3D Screen on Wii U

    A tablet-sized 3DS?

    Nintendo's next home console, which may or may not be called Wii U, is due before the end of the year. While Nintendo is gradually unveiling details about the console and its tablet controller, the recent appearance of the console's patent filings has provided an interesting insight into what the machine could potentially...


  • Rumour GAME User Accounts Compromised

    Update: Not really

    Update: GAME has responded with the following statement: At GAME we guard our customers' details very carefully. We have thoroughly investigated the hacking claims made today by the website Pastebin, and can confirm that they are entirely false. The published email addresses are not registered users of, and there has been no breach of our database security. We would..

  • Rumour Two Zelda Titles in Development

    Any bids for three?

    Just one week ago we reported that Nintendo is working on a new Zelda game, as confirmed by series producer Eiji Aonuma. With that comes the inevitable sound of the rumour mill grinding away, resulting in the image you see in this post. The image was uploaded to the notorious 4chan site, and seemingly shows two new titles that...

  • Rumour Harvest Moon 3D: Tale of Two Towns Due for PALs

    Ripe for the plucking?

    The Australian Classification board has turned up a rating for Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns. The official rating calls the publisher "RISING STARS", though undoubtedly this refers to Rising Star Games, the publisher responsible for the Harvest Moon brand outside of America and Japan. As HM is Rising Star's biggest series it's highly likely it'll bring the..


  • Rumour New App Store in Development for Wii U

    We're not stating the obvious, promise

    Though we're yet to receive an exact release date, we know the Wii U will hit during the second half of 2012. One guarantee as release approaches is that wild speculation and rumour will run rampant. Today's contender: a Wii U 'App Store'. It goes without saying that there'll be an equivalent to the current Wii...

  • Rumour GBA Ambassador Games Delayed to 2012


    Update: Nintendo UK has stated the 3DS GBA Ambassador games will still release this year. After the delay of the 3DS system update we've got another digital delay rumour: according to Nintendo Spain, the Game Boy Advance Ambassador games won't be available until 2012. The site says "disponibles a partir del


  • Rumour 3DS Video Update Lands on 30th November

    Get ready for launch

    Nintendo UK recently launched a large-scale advertising campaign for its 3DS, with one of the focuses being the upcoming 3D video recording feature. Several users have contacted us to report that the advert claims the feature will be available "from 30th November". Update: YouTube user hutch1081 has recorded the advert...

  • News Zelda Top Brass Discuss Link To the Past in 3D

    It could happen

    The 3D Classics has taken in arcade games and 8-bit classics, but the potential for 3D remakes of games from the 16-bit era is mouthwatering. In a recent GamesRadar interview, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma revealed that he and Shigeru Miyamoto have discussed bringing the 3D treatment to Super Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Well actually, even Mr. Miyamoto..

  • News Silicon Knights Working on "Most Requested Title" for Next Gen

    What could it be?

    Silicon Knights has had a torrid time in recent years: after years of development, its first Xbox 360 game Too Human met a tepid critical and commercial reaction, and its most recent release X-Men Destiny didn't fare much better. Things weren't always like this, though: the studio did a great job with Konami revamp Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, but there's only one title..


  • News Nikkei Leads with Nintendo Firmware Update Details

    10 minutes of 3D recording

    Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that the upcoming 3DS firmware update will land in late November and allow up to 10 minutes of 3D video recording. The paper (via Andriasang) also states that these videos can be uploaded to sites like YouTube, though it doesn't specify that this is possible directly from the 3DS, meaning...

  • Rumour The Darkness II Planned for Wii U

    Going bump in the night

    The third-party software line-up for Wii U looks pretty good already, especially if you like shooting, and now according to VG247 another decidedly hardcore shooter is on its way to the system. 2K's comic book adaptation is on the way to Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC in February 2012, but VG247 also reports the publisher is planning a Wii U version as well. Would you be..


  • Rumour Yoshi 3DS, Super Mario 3D Land Demo and More

    Pick up your salt at the door

    An astronomical amount of attention surrounds any Nintendo press event, particularly one where the company announces it'll be revealing new products. Next Tuesday's "3DS new product conference" is just such an occasion, and once again we have a fresh batch of rumours about exactly what'll be shown off at the conference and during the following Tokyo Games..

  • Rumour Monster Hunter Tri G To Be Revealed Next Week

    It's that time again

    Every man and his dog is predicting a Monster Hunter reveal for 3DS soon: Mizuho Security pegged it for TGS 2011, and now another rumour has reared its monstrous head, claiming we'll see the game shown off next week. The source of the rumour is an anonymous Internet poster claiming to work for the Computer Entertainment...



  • Rumour Kid Icarus: Uprising to Miss 2011 in Europe

    Pit overshoots

    It seems 3DS owners in Europe might have to keep waiting for Pit's long-awaited return: Kid Icarus: Uprising might not see release this year. Nintendo Life reporter Marcel Van Duyn attended a Nintendo preview event today, where Kid Icarus: Uprising was marked down for a "Q1 2012" release, meaning it would miss the lucrative...

  • News Naka and Iizuka Drop Hints at Third NiGHTS Game

    Dare to dream

    In a year seemingly packed full of anniversaries, yesterday marked 15 years since Sonic Team masterpiece NiGHTS into Dreams released on Sega Saturn, with only disappointing Wii follow-up NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams expanding the series' canon. In a recent interview with leading NiGHTS site NiGHTS into, former Sonic Team head Yuji Naka and current lead Takashi Iizuka discussed..


  • Rumour The Mercenaries 3D to be Recalled in Australia

    EB Games allegedly making the move tomorrow

    Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D has gathered some negative attention lately when it was revealed that gamers will not be able to delete their save data, leading some to believe it's Capcom's method of deterring consumers from buying pre-owned copies. The third-person action shooter has an Australian retail release date of 30th June, but reports were in..

  • Rumour Wii U is 50% More Powerful Than PlayStation 3

    The chips are up

    Wii U's IBM Power processor is capable of some pretty good-looking visuals, with full 1080p output, but how powerful is the console overall? We don't know for sure, but one analyst thinks the machine will knock Sony's PlayStation 3 into a cocked hat. Arvind Bhatia, from firm Sterne Agee, told Industry Gamers: Some of the developers we spoke to indicated to us that the console will..

  • News Nikkei Corroborates Previous Wii 2 Controller Rumours

    Japanese newspaper chimes in

    On Tuesday, Nintendo will take to the stage as it delivers its presentation at this year's E3 expo, at long last revealing details on the Wii's successor. So naturally, there's just enough time for more rumours to be backed up by another source. Japanese newspaper Nikkei reports that the console could launch as early as...


  • Rumour Famitsu Details 3DS eShop Launch Line-Up

    What have we here?

    Everyone's still waiting for details of the 3DS eShop launch: when, what, when, how, when. Apparently a translation by The Magic Box of this week's Famitsu Magazine contains the details of what Japanese gamers will be able to play when the eShop goes live. The firmware update — a date for which was not given — will include several 3D Classics, as well as 3DSWare and Virtual..

  • Rumour 3DS Developer Conference Next Tuesday

    Hopefully a particular date will get decided

    Whatever the reason is for delaying the system update on the 3DS, an update that will enable the Nintendo eShop as well as other functionalities, gamers are past caring now and just want to know when it will be available. According to a message supposedly posted on Nintendo's development site Wario World,...

  • Rumour Metal Gear Solid to Sneak Onto 3DS in November

    Makes ! sound

    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D was one of the most impressive games shown off for 3DS at E3 last year, but since then we've seen nothing new on the title. Now an anonymous Konami source has told MCV that the game is shooting for a European release this November. Konami's pre-E3 show is set for 2nd June at an unspecified time so we...

  • Rumour Wii Successor Won't Have a Traditional Hard Drive

    SD cards might be sticking around

    With E3 2011 just weeks away, there's still plenty of time for rumours and claims from anonymous sources to surface about Nintendo's next home console. Kotaku's sources have revealed that the console will supposedly have 8 gigabytes of on-board flash memory instead of a more traditional hard drive, a significant...


  • News Europe's 3DS Launch Line-Up According to Gamestation

    UK retailer lists day one titles

    The list of titles heading to 3DS on March 25th is in an almost constant state of flux, with new titles popping up and dropping out all the time like a strange version of whack-a-mole. UK retailer Gamestation thinks it has the list pretty much nailed down however, pegging the line-up at 14 games on day one. It's always worth remembering that retailers often get..


  • Rumour 3DS will be Region-Locked According to Nintendo

    Following in the footsteps of the DSi and DSi XL?

    An email response supposedly from Nintendo JP Support has dashed gamers' hopes of eventually importing games for their 3DS. As spotted by a member at NeoGAF, the quoted email originally posted on Korean message board Ruliweb speaks of the 3DS and how it locks out foreign games upon detection, making...


  • Rumour House of the Dead: Overkill Sequel on the Way

    Zombies beware, a follow-up to the 2009 Wii title may be in the works

    Sources close to SEGA have revealed to Nintendo Life that a follow-up to SEGA's House of the Dead: Overkill is well under way and should be released sometime early or mid-2011. Details on the game are still undisclosed, but what we've been told is that a title codenamed "House of the Dead: Overkill 2" is being worked..

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