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News: Wii May Have Launch Date & Games Price

Wii May Have Launch Date & Games Price

Information is slipping out around the web about the launch window for the Nintendo Wii.

Cubed3 managed to talk to an unnamed inside source, who revealed that Nintendo does indeed have a planned launch date. "At the moment Nintendo are aiming to launch the Wii on November 6th... Nintendo aren't going to have an exact date in mind until they are sure they can meet the deadlines... they are very..

News: Rumored Wii Lineup

Rumored Wii Lineup

Speculated Wii launch list has been uncovered, although unconfirmed by Nintendo

This lineup is based on internet speculation. This is the Wii starting launch lineup...erm, rumored launch lineup. This is not official. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Wii Sports Red Steel Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam Madden NFL 2007 Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower..

News: Resident Evil G.S.

Resident Evil G.S.

Mysterious Japanese magazine scan suggests what we could expect from Resident Evil Wii

After Capcom's announcement that we'll be getting an exclusive Resident Evil title for Wii the minds of the gaming elite have been at work. Capcom restrained themselves and told us nothing about the game. Would it play like Resident Evil 4? Would it be like Dead Aim? Would it be like Gun Survivor? The truth is,..

News: GBA2 Canned Due To DS Success

GBA2 Canned Due To DS Success

According to the article posted in Reuters earlier today, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata is having second thoughts on the GBA2

The question we have to ask here is; "Does this really come as such a surprise?". The Nintendo DS has been going from strength to strength and it has been proven in this years E3 with what is a stunning array of games lined up for the rest of the year. To cite the Reuters..

News: New Smash Brothers Controls?

New Smash Brothers Controls?

An interview over at Eurogamer gives some interesting hints at the direction Smash Bros Brawl will take when it comes to controls.

Most reading this will know and appreciate the Smash Brothers franchise, it has been called the best Nintendo multiplayer by many fans. So it comes as no surprise that there now is official confirmation of a Wii version in development and the game should be with us some..

News: Duck Hunt Wii?

Duck Hunt Wii?

The current E3 rumors seem to indicate that Nintendo may well be revealing a Wii version of the classic Duck Hunt.

Duck Hunt seemed one of the most logical games to have on the Wii, in fact all scope games would work well. It's not known whether this is the original working on the Wii controller or a brand new game entirely. I am sure more details on this title will emerge later in the day and lets..

News: DS Lite To Launch June 1st?

DS Lite To Launch June 1st?

Could the DS Lite be launching on June 1st for North America?

According to the Barnes and Noble website, the DS Lite will be launching June 1st in North America. I'm not exactly sure if this is true or not, and Nintendo has not yet confirmed it, but this does sound like a good date. Gam

News: Revolution To Support External Hard Drive?

Revolution To Support External Hard Drive? report comments made by Iwata indicating the support of external hard drives in additional to SD cards.

With recent news regarding Revolution's "Virtual Console" people have began to question what storage method the console will support. We're already aware that SD cards will be supported, its a very affordable solution and provides pretty good capacity. In an interview with..

News: Rumours Surround European DS Lite Launch

Rumours Surround European DS Lite Launch

EuroGamer uncover some information surrounding the release of the new Nintendo DS in Europe.

After reports from serveral German retail outlets suggesting the DS Lite wouldn't ship until August in the European Union, sniffer dogs EuroGamer have information that says otherwise. "Nintendo has declined to address online reports that DS Lite will launch in Europe on August 16th priced EUR 129.99,..

News: Revolution Details In March?

Revolution Details In March?

Rumours circulating around indicate that Ninty may reveal the Revolution details before E3...

Well at least that’s what website MCV (who are renowned for their weekly trade magazine) reckons: MCV understands that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata is set to unveil some key details regarding the enigmatic next-gen Revolution console at the Games Developers Conference in March. It seems that these..

News: New Sonic Title For Revolution?

New Sonic Title For Revolution?

Recent reports suggest Sonic Team to work on Exclusive Sonic title for Nintendo Revolution.

It's already reported that Sega are working on a "next gen" edition of Sonic for Xbox 360 and PS3, but new suggest they're working on another title exclusive for Nintendo Revolution. This, we expect, would be something to do with the unique controller Nintendo have designed. There have been countless..

News: Resident Evil To Embrace The Revolution?

Resident Evil To Embrace The Revolution?

Capcom producer Minoru Nakai talks the possibility of a Resident Evil title on Revolution.

Resident Evil has been one of the strongest brands in recent years in the video games industry. First appearing on the original PlayStation, Capcom have announced a 5th outing set to be released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Currently there is no announcement for Resident Evil 5 to appear on a Nintendo..

News: Nintendo Dismiss DS Redesign

Nintendo Dismiss DS Redesign

Shhtop. Although there is one in the pipeline, it's not ready yet.

We recently reported the rumour of a redesigned Nintendo DS to emerge this week. The rumour was based on an article over at - It seems the rumour was only that. Nintendo have now commented on the story, via and the alleged "reveal" date has passed. "But a Nintendo spokesperson has dismissed the..

News: Revolution's Virtual Console Survey

Revolution's Virtual Console Survey

Nintendo hire a marketing company to issue a survey about the Revolutions "Virtual Console" feature.

Nintendo of America recently got Zanthus, a marketing company, to issue a survey on their behalf about the Revolution's "Virtual Console". This survey featured some mock-up screen shots, I know these are ugly but none of it is official so don’t get...

News: Metroid Spin-Offs On The Way?

Metroid Spin-Offs On The Way?

Nintendo look to extend the Metroid franchise with the new "Hunters".

Metroid Prime Hunters, set to finally release on Nintendo DS early this year (March 20th if you have your diary to hand) might spark a few spin-off titles according to various sources. The eagerly awaited DS title will feature 6 new "bounty hunters" - no, not the chocolate bars - each with their own story and background..

News: National Geographic Kids Stir Revolution Rumours

National Geographic Kids Stir Revolution Rumours

The magazine prints lots of "facts" about the upcoming console, all made up of course.

There was a blogging frenzy after National Geographic Kids magazine prints an article about the ways you can play certain games on the new Revolution controller. "National Geographic Kids Magazine was invited by the Big N to test out the top-secret Revolution controller in Tokyo. The Revolution will be..

News: Nintendo Dismisses Zelda & Revolution Controller Rumour

Nintendo Dismisses Zelda & Revolution Controller Rumour

Sad but true, Nintendo deem the previously reported article as "pure speculation".

We've already reported that possibility of playing The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess on your Revolution console using the freehand controller, this however has today been dismissed by Nintendo as not the case. In a response to the big N squashed the rumours with the following statement..

News: Rumours Of Revolution Going "Gold".

Rumours Of Revolution Going "Gold".

No, not in colour, but in the respect of it being ready for mass production.

Today the industry grape-vine is tasting a little bitter as lots of rumours fly around about the possibility of the upcoming Revolution console "going gold". This industry term, usually used for software, indicates when a piece of software is complete and ready for mass production. "Thus, according to, who..

News: Play Zelda: Twilight Princess With Revolution Controller

Play Zelda: Twilight Princess With Revolution Controller

Rumours surface that the "extra" features being put into Twilight Princess might be Revolutionary features.

With us all wondering how long its going to take for us to get our greasy paws on both Nintendo Revolution and Zelda: Twilight Princess some news appears involving both. According to UK based NGC Magazine the upcoming Zelda title will be compatible with the unique Revolution controller,..

News: Classic Sega To Be Part Of The Revolution?

Classic Sega To Be Part Of The Revolution?

Sega are officially "intrigued" by the virtual console in the upcoming Revolution console. Does that mean classic Sega games will make an appearance?

One of the unique selling points of Revolution will be the "Virtual Console". The software will emulate our old favourites from the NES, Snes and N64 allowing us to re-live all those magic moments. We've had little response as to how exactly the..