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News: The Excite Truck 2 Hoax

The Excite Truck 2 Hoax

Details emerge from an unknown source of a online enabled follow up to Nintendo's Excite Trucked, excited? Don't be, its all pollycock.

A number of online gaming sites were duped this week as a fake press release (complete with screenshots) emerged online telling gamers about the new features to expect from Excite Truck 2. "The sequel to Nintendo's Wii launch game will include six-player online..

News: Interesting Wii Music And Wii Health Rumours

Interesting Wii Music And Wii Health Rumours

Nintendo's Greek distribution CEO George Katrinakis has shed some light upon upcoming Wii titles Wii Music and Wii Health.

Wii Music was seemingly unveiled at last years E3 whereby the gamer uses the Wii Remote as a baton in order to conduct an orchestra of Mii characters. Interestingly a stripped down form of this gameplay was seen in Wario Ware Smooth Moves. In Wii Music gamers will be able to..

News: NiGHTS Still Not Confirmed

NiGHTS Still Not Confirmed

It's been almost two weeks since we first saw "hints" of a new NiGHTS title for Wii, problem is, there is still no dice.

Sega have refused to give any "official" comment on the existence of the game, a sequel to arguably the most popular Sega Saturn game ever made. Just to confuse matters even more, a German SEGA representative has stated that the game has been in development since May 2006 - just..

News: Banjo Kazooie A Virtual Console Possibility?

Banjo Kazooie A Virtual Console Possibility?

Virtual Console Archive have quoted Rare saying that "its possible".

One of the most exciting parts of the Virtual Console is the ability to play Nintendo 64 games, when this was first announced we all drooled over the idea of playing all the classics, even the Rare titles. Sadly this dream was short lived as we all started to remember that Rare is now Microsoft owned and therefore unlikely to..

News: Japanese Only Games Could Get Worldwide VC Launches

Japanese Only Games Could Get Worldwide VC Launches

Finally Nintendo make some kind of hint that we may see Japanese only Nintendo classics put out for worldwide release.

For a few weeks now the word on then street has been that import favourites will not see a release on the Virtual Console due to problems with translation and such. However, speaking with Wired, Nintendo senior Vice President George Harrison revealed: “We are aware that there are..

News: Wii Is HD Afterall?

Wii Is HD Afterall?

Either that or are seriously in need of some hits to their site this week.

Anyway, according to a post on their website the Wii is in fact capable of High Definition graphics. It's just hidden. Or something. The original article states: It is amazing what you can get out of a drunk Nintendo executive. Who would have thought Nintendo knows anything about CPUs and GPUs? The bit I got..

News: Okami Heading To Wii?

Okami Heading To Wii? have today reported that Okami may well be heading to the Nintendo Wii system.

According to a "reliable industry insider" Capcom are seriously considering bringing their beautiful Okami title, a game which requires you to control an innovative magical paintbrush, to the Wii. While the game would fit perfectly hand in hand with the Wii's motion sensing a Capcom UK representative said on the..

News: Starfox 2 Footage Hits The Net

Starfox 2 Footage Hits The Net

The unreleased sequel to Starfox has had a number of bits of footage floating around on the Internet just lately and I thought you might like to share it with me.

Whether this is old news or not I'm not totally sure but I wasn't even aware of a Starfox 2. I'm sure the geeks will be flying over here to set me straight on the record but I'll just be on Youtube drooling over the footage I have never..

News: Unannounced Hudson Title Coming To VC?

Unannounced Hudson Title Coming To VC?

Previously unannounced TurboGrafx title Alien Crush is likely to make a release on the Virtual Console this Monday.

In a post on Hudson's company website an employee teased: "Stay tuned! This upcoming Monday Dec 11th, there will be a new TurboGrafx game coming to your Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii! It's a new one, which has not been announced yet. Best of all, it's one of the most..

News: Sony Patents Wii Remote Style Device

Sony Patents Wii Remote Style Device

So we're not one for rumours here at but here's something you may (or may not) be interested in.

Sony - who suffered some harsh press from hardcore gamers when they announced the tilt sensors in their PS3 remote may be about to enrage Nintendo fanboys and the general gaming press once again. A recent patent filed by Sony states: An input device providing users with a pointing..

News: Red Steel 2 Rumoured

Red Steel 2 Rumoured

Watch out - Internet forums are in a frenzy because someone translated Ubisoft's website. Oh god.

According to a loose translation from Ubisoft France's website the following has been revealed: "Game Designer Senior Production/Development; The Studio of Production of Paris seeks Game Designer for the continuation of the Red Steel project. You will assist the Person in charge Game design for..

News: Wii Bundled With A Strange Disc

Wii Bundled With A Strange Disc

The backside of the Wii box reveals a strange disc called "Wii startup disc" that we haven't heard of before.

The release of Nintendo's upcoming home console is getting closer and closer, and the lack of informative and interesting stuff to write about makes rumours spread like fire in dry grass. The latest rumour was set loose by the guys over at, who managed to grab a few pictures of..

News: Virtual Console Launch List

Virtual Console Launch List

The gaming site Play-Nintendo have posted a list of games that they claim is the 26 launch titles for the Virtual Console for the Wii.

The virtual console will let people download games from old consoles, from NES to Nintendo 64, and play them on their Nintendo Wii. This is very cool of course, with titles like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64, we are guaranteed a lot of..

News: Latest Wii Rumours By MCV

Latest Wii Rumours By MCV

The british publication MCV has published an article where they claim to know details regarding Wii's price and release date. Can we trust them, or is this just yet another Wii rumour?

According to MCV, Nintendo's new console will hit retail by November 24th in the UK, it will be priced at £149 and stock will be plentiful.They also says that Nintendo will be shipping around six million consoles,..

News: Nintendo Wii For $170?

Nintendo Wii For $170?

According to Nikko Citigroup, the Nintendo Wii could be available at launch for only $170, which is less than most people expected.

Tokyo-based Nikko Citigroup has said that the Wii could cost around 19,800 yen, which would be around $170 with current exchange rates, however, the consoles price tag will probably be around $200 when it launches in the US. Nikko Citigroup has earlier stated that the..

News: Latest Wii Date & Price Rumours

Latest Wii Date & Price Rumours

IGN & SPOnG both publish articles suggesting release date of Nov 2nd or Nov 12th for $229

It's been a little while since someone said they knew the Wii date & price. It seems sources have told IGN that the elusive date will be either November 2nd or November 12th - possibly depending on region. "A number of big-name publishers are set to release their Wii games in mid-to-late October,..

News: Mario Smash Football For Wii?

Mario Smash Football For Wii?

IGN report rumours of a Wii incarnation of the crazy Gamecube football game Super Mario Strikers.

According to a article posted by Matt Casamassina, sources have told IGN that Nintendo plan to unveil the title later this month. "Sources close to Nintendo of Europe tell IGN that the company is underway with a sequel to the hit GameCube sports title Super Mario Strikers. Furthermore, insiders..

News: Wi-Fi Wii Details Accidentally Leaked?

Wi-Fi Wii Details Accidentally Leaked?

Thats what the current rumor is, thanks to a number of people who stumbled onto a "hidden" page of Nintendo's Wii website.

This page contained some interesting news regarding online play and a couple of the games. The biggest news surrounded the two games that were mentioned to have online play. They were Super Smash Brothers Brawl (referred to as Super Smash Brothers Dojo) and Tony Hawks Downhill..

News: Wii Connect 24 - Slight Chance Of UK Problem

Wii Connect 24 - Slight Chance Of UK Problem

Earlier at this years E3 it was unveiled that the Nintendo Wii would "always be on", this may be stopped in UK.

Last week the UK government had its energy review and decided serious cutbacks need to be taken to reduce the levels of energy consumption. The potential threat for Nintendo is from the governments want to ban the standby feature on many household appliances, which include DVD's &..

News: Latest Wii Rumours

Latest Wii Rumours

More rumours appear on Nintendo's messages boards about the "remaining secret" of the Wii

Forum junkies may think they've unearthed the final secrets from Nintendo Wii, sadly we're not so sure. Posted to Nintendo's very own message board is an article claimed to be sourced from the next issue of Game Informer magazine (those guys that had the Red Steel exclusive). "This article from the..