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News: Luc Bernard's Rose Princess Coming To WiiWare

Luc Bernard's Rose Princess Coming To WiiWare

Luc Bernard has been a busy chap lately. In addition to putting the final touches to the upcoming WiiWare title Eternity’s Child, he has also revealed that he has another game in the pipeworks called Rose Princess which is destined for WiiWare, if a publisher can be found.

Princess Rose is a cello player who kills anything she touches. She is befriended by a mechanical rabbit named Mr Cuddles who..

News: Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To The Wii?

Shenmue 1 & 2 Coming To The Wii?

Swedish magazine seems to think so

Sega loves the Wii. Lately we’ve been gifted with House of the Dead 1 & 2 Return, NiGHTS and Sega Bass Fishing, and if recent rumours are to be believed we’re about to see another classic franchise resurrected for Nintendo’s best selling console. Swedish magazine Game Reactor has excited blurted out this little rumour: Shenmue is back! Sega has..

News: Castlevania Producer Hints At WiiWare Instalment

Castlevania Producer Hints At WiiWare Instalment

His name might not be as familiar to you as Hideo Kojima or Shigeru Miyamoto, but Koji ‘IGA’ Igarashi is the man currently responsible for the wellbeing of Konami’s highly esteemed Castlevania franchise and this role bestows him a certain degree of kudos and respect amongst videogame fans. The vampire-hunting series is well regarded and each new entry is put under intense scrutiny by veterans of the series.

However, of late the home console versions of Castlevania have been somewhat disappointing. Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness were both 3D flops and for the past few years the lineage has flourished solely on portable machi..

News: WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed

WiiWare: Pop Pricing Still Unconfirmed

Nnooo's Nic Watt has admitted that he still isn’t 100% sure how much to charge for his company’s promising looking WiiWare title Pop.

Speaking in an interview this week, Watt said: For a new company like ourselves, pricing is a really tough issue particularly on something like a downloadable service where there are games at a variety of prices. Disc-based games are somewhat easier as they all..

News: Metroid Prime Trilogy Rumour Shot Down

Metroid Prime Trilogy Rumour Shot Down

Within hours of the rumour of a Wiimake for both Metroid Prime and it's newer sequel were Earthed - Nintendo has gone and squashed everyones wet dreams.

According to our friends over at their "mole" has unearthed some juicy tid-bits from a retailers computer regarding a game entitled "Metroid Prime Trilogy". GoNintendo stated: Word has it that a certain retailer..

News: Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Console!

Bionic Commando NOT coming to the Virtual Console!

Our pals at IGN, recently interviewed Capcom's Ben Judd on the upcoming PSN/XBLA remake of the original Bionic Commando Rearmed.

This might not be of great interest if you only own a Wii console, but interestingly the interview managed to open a can of worms regarding the possibility of the NES version of Bionic Commando coming to the Virtual...

News: European release dates for WiiWare and Nintendo Channel announced

European release dates for WiiWare and Nintendo Channel announced

Nintendo of Europe today issued a press release containing the dates for multiple games to be released in Q2. While no doubt plenty of people will be happy Super Smash Bros. Brawl is included in the list, of note to this site is the fact that both upcoming Wii features have been dated.

WiiWare will be added to the Wii Shop on the 20th of May. No specific titles have been announced to release on..

News: Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Well that's no surprise then. What did I tell you? You can't remember. Well, I told you it was too damn early for a new DS.

And I was right. Following on from our report last week about the possibility of a new DS to be announced at E3. The news came from Hamamura-san (head of Japanese publishing giant Enterbrain) and has been squashed by both Nintendo of Japan's head of PR Ken Toyota and..

News: Capcom To Lend Support To WiiWare

Capcom To Lend Support To WiiWare

According to a recent interview, industry veteran Capcom has expressed interest in developing for Nintendo’s WiiWare platform.

Christian Svensson, Capcom's VP of strategic planning & business development, had this to say: We’re looking for the right content first — a lot of the content we have now isn’t quite right in value or approach or interface for WiiWare. He added that..

News: "WiiStrip" - Erotic Dancing In Your Own Home!

"WiiStrip" - Erotic Dancing In Your Own Home!

According to TechDigest.TV "Peekaboo Pole Dancing" have sent out an email requesting a partner to help license their concept of a pole dancing game on the Wii.

Following on from the news a few months back that the Wii might be getting some cheerleading action we wouldn't be too surprised if this idea eventually surfaced. Complete with a "WiiPole" to grind against, of course. Peekaboo..

News: F-Zero Wii Hint In Mario Kart?

F-Zero Wii Hint In Mario Kart?

Maybe we're reading way too much into things but we like to get ourselves excited.... I mean-?! SPOILERS.

As self indulgent gamers from across the world start posting videos of themselves playing Mario Kart Wii onto the interweb - one particular unlockable kart has caused a bit of Internet babble. Depicted in the video above is the "Blue Falcon" - best known for it's appearances in the..

News: "The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

"The Most Powerful Engine Available For Wii"

It's been a bit "will it, won't it" with Nibris' psychological thriller "Sadness" ever since it was announced in April 2006 but according to Official Nintendo Magazine the game is running on "the most powerful engine available for [the] Wii". Blimey.

After the new screenshot which emerged last week we've all been waiting for the next twist in the...

News: This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

And it's all down to an article posted by Bloomberg Japan which has caused a whole host of rumours across the nerd-o-sphere.

According to the article, the president of Japanese magazine publisher "Enterbrain" (which hosts the gaming bible "Famitsu") has commented that Nintendo may (note the emphasis) be announcing a new version of their blow-away success console: the Nintendo..

News: Club Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing Wii?

Club Nintendo Dates Animal Crossing Wii?

Let's hope this isn't just a coincidence...

Kotaku has recently reported that the Japanese Club Nintendo calendar has Animal Crossing as the theme for December. This might not seem like much of a news item, but you have to take into account that for April, the same calendar features Mario Kart Wii...which is out in the same month. See the faultless...

News: New F-Zero Coming To Wii?

New F-Zero Coming To Wii?

We're praying that this is true

We’re massive fans of Nintendo’s F-Zero series here at NintendoLife so when German site Planet Nintendo reported that a new game is rumoured to be in the works, we let out a collective ‘yippee’ that shook the plasterwork off the office walls. Seriously. Supposedly titled ‘F-Zero Z’ (which basically means Nintendo has run out of letters of the alphabet..

News: 360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

360Mote Tentatively Titled The "Newton"

In a not so dramatic twist Microsoft have (virtually) confirmed speculation that they are indeed ripping off Nintendo's innovation with a product the development team have dubbed "Newton".

We broke the news that Microsoft are developing their own "Wii Remote" yesterday. Seemingly following on from the media frenzy that such "leaked" information caused in the gaming stratosphere..

Rumour: Wii Price Cut Imminent?

Wii Price Cut Imminent?

Highly-respected French site seems to think so

According to leading French website, Nintendo France is looking to reduce the price of the Wii in that territory. This has sparked rumours that a European price cut in on the way, which of course would logically lead to a global reduction in the price of the console. The current pack retails for 249 Euros in France. The new ‘Sports’..

News: Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

Microsoft Working On Wiimote-Style Controller?

When you run out of ideas, why not steal one from someone else?

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and if that is the case then Nintendo must be feeling pretty flattered at the moment. MTV has recently been contacted by a developer who says that Microsoft is working on a Wii-style controller for its 360 console, as well as a version of the ‘Mii’ avatar concept for Xbox..

News: Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

Solitary Sadness Screenshot Surfaces

That some pretty impressive alliteration there

Remember Sadness? Many months ago we were treated to some tantalising production artwork for this potentially groundbreaking survival horror title, and then it all went silent. From what we can gather developer Nibris has experienced issues with finding a publisher, and this has led many people to write the project off as dead. The rumour mill is once..