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  • Video The Wii U Difference Campaign Explores Entertainment

    Rufus Hound gets the popcorn

    Earlier this month Nintendo UK employed the services of British comedian Rufus Hound to explain the "Wii U Difference" where he went through the various features of the GamePad, which was lovingly described as "the Wii U's wingman". A couple of weeks later Nintendo released the Hound once more. This time he informed...

  • Video The Wii U Difference Ad Campaign Continues With the "eShop Sandwich"

    Nintendo releases the Hound

    A couple of weeks ago Nintendo launched a new Wii U ad campaign to promote the system with a bit of humour, employing UK comic Rufus Hound to explain the Wii U difference with the GamePad. A new trailer has emerged onto the scene to show off the Wii U eShop, outlining it as a delicious sandwich of three parts. The...

  • Video UK Comic Rufus Hound Explains The Wii U Difference

    Educating the masses?

    Nintendo UK has employed the services of stand-up comedian Rufus Hound in order to spread the message of what's so great about its Wii U console, and the first of what will presumably be a series of videos has just hit YouTube. Hound — who many UK readers will recognise from the comedy quiz show Celebrity Juice (well, those...


  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Video Gets Serious

    Real life weapons

    Not long ago we brought you a video with UK celebrity Rufus Hound, which was a promo for the Mario Kart 7 "Fastest Family" competition. With regional heats due to start in August, and with a real car and coveted Leaf Cup at stake, the latest video has one simple message: get training. As you can see in the footage below some...

  • News Mario Kart 7 'Fastest Family' Competition Calls in a Celeb

    No, we don't mean Mario

    Not long ago we brought you Nintendo's announcement of the Britain's Fastest Family competition, which is naturally all about Mario Kart 7. Young and old family members team up and enter regional heats around the UK in August, with the grand finale in October. Regional winners receive 'a year’s worth of Nintendo 3DS games',...