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News: A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Music To Our Ears

A New Rhythm Heaven Game On Nintendo 3DS Is Music To Our Ears

Will contain 100 mini-games, 70 taken from existing titles

The recent Nintendo Direct broadcast was so packed with content that we can surely be forgiven for missing one or two things from the Japanese event -- one of which is the news that there's going to be a 3DS entry in the popular Rhythm Heaven series. The title is expected to hit Japan this...

News: Nintendo Throws Rhythm Heaven Events

Nintendo Throws Rhythm Heaven Events

If you're a fan of Rhythm Heaven, we've got the events for you.

For all of you Rhythm Heaven fans out there, Nintendo is throwing a few Rhythm Heaven events today and tomorrow. They'll be setting up these Rhythm Heaven 'lounges' at various major hubs across the US. You can check out the specific dates and locations below as well as a short snippet from the official press release promoting the..

Preview: Rhythm Heaven

Rhythm Heaven

Taking the Nintendo Channel's new demo for a whirl!

Nintendo has really unloaded on us today. With a storage solution for the Wii, the announcement of a new Zelda for the DS, and all the other news, it's possible that one might miss one little news item. You may or may not have known that in North America, Nintendo added Rhythm Heaven to its list of DS Downloads on the Wii's Nintendo Channel, and..