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The way of the ninja

The next game in the G.G series opts to return to the platformer genre yet again, and the end result is surprisingly engaging. G.G Series THE HIDDEN NINJA KAGEMARU is a unique arcade focused, 2D stealth platformer that manages to put forth a distinct and compelling gameplay system that'll keep gamers coming back again and again...

Review: G.G Series ALL BREAKER (DSiWare)

G.G Series ALL BREAKER (DSiWare)

Are you worthy of the hammer?

We have another title in the G.G series to consider, and this one opts to go back to action platformer roots. However, G.G Series ALL BREAKER focuses on including puzzle elements into the mix alongside the oddly compelling, melee-centric action. The end result is an engaging experience that'll keep challenging both your...

Review: Glory of Generals: The Pacific (3DS eShop)

Glory of Generals: The Pacific (3DS eShop)

War never changes

Whether fighting in fantasy worlds or gritty reality, 3DS-owning strategists have had a steady stream of wargames to keep them busy since the system's launch. CIRCLE Entertainment has been responsible for a particularly prolific eShop invasion, with World Conqueror 3D, European Conqueror 3D and Glory of Generals all joining the...

Review: Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (3DS)

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 (3DS)

​Live by the sword, grind by the sword

Koei's hack and slash franchise returns to Nintendo platforms with Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – a title that provides a more personal touch when it comes to retelling the events of Japanese history. This is a game that's largely about your own custom made character, as you follow a mostly historically...

Review: Shiftlings (Wii U eShop)

Shiftlings (Wii U eShop)

Stuck in second gear

Puzzle-platformers are all the rage in the world of indie games. Perhaps it's because they're so accessible for so many different kinds of gamers - or because they're a genre well suited to exploring unconventional narratives. Whatever the case, intuitive design is central to the success of these generally more minimalist games...

Review: Don't Crash (Wii U eShop)

Don't Crash (Wii U eShop)

Crash and burn

The Wii U eShop sometimes comes under fire for having a library of games that seem better suited to mobile platforms. Let's be fair, though: despite their reputation, mobile games aren't intrinsically bad - there are plenty of quality titles to play on smartphones and tablets if you're inclined to seek them out. That said, the eShop...



I hate snakes, Jock! I hate 'em!

The G.G series continues onward, and once again goes back to the platformer genre. G.G Series GREAT WHIP ADVENTURE does its best to provide gamers with a compact action platformer, and it largely succeeds in achieving this goal. While it may seem a bit derivative at times, the solid platforming action on offer here...

Review: Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburbs #1 (3DS eShop)

Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburbs #1 (3DS eShop)

Yes, that's actually the title

Every once in a while you play one of those games where it just makes you ask, "Why?" This isn't necessarily because the game is bad, as such, but occasionally one wonders what compelled the developer to make a game so decidedly perplexing. Japanese Rail Sim 3D Journey in Suburbs #1 is one of those games. While it more...

Review: G.G Series SHADOW ARMY (DSiWare)

G.G Series SHADOW ARMY (DSiWare)

Bob and weave

The next title in the G.G series opts to go once again into the shooter genre, and the interesting gameplay manages to set G.G Series SHADOW ARMY apart from its predecessors in a meaningful way. While some aspects of it may be dull and somewhat uninspired, the continuously variable and fast paced nature of its gunplay make it an...

Review: G.G Series EXCITING RIVER (DSiWare)


A quick trip through choppy waters

The G.G Series continues rolling forward with its seemingly endless number of releases, and this time it's branching out into light racing territory. True to the identity of the series that it's coming from, G.G Series EXCITING RIVER offers a barebones yet enjoyable arcade game that shows its value not through its...

Review: Kirby Squeak Squad (Wii U eShop / DS)

Kirby Squeak Squad (Wii U eShop / DS)

Squeaky Clean Fun

For a company so often associated as being at the forefront of innovative thinking in the video game industry, Nintendo can have a tendency to stick with a tried and tested formula. The Mario, Zelda and Pokémon franchises have all received their share of criticism for not drastically changing their instalments over the years, and...



Fresh off the conveyor belt

Packing away hundreds of toys rolling off of a factory conveyor belt, who hasn't had that dream? The next title in the G.G series is another falling block puzzler, and while it presents a unique and enjoyable type of gameplay, it's impeded somewhat by some suppressive game mechanics and an uninspired soundtrack. That...

Review: Garfield Kart (3DS)

Garfield Kart (3DS)

We'd prefer Lasagne Sim 2016

Mario Kart has gone from strength to strength over the years, and many of us have our own personal favourite entries in this superb series; as Mario Kart has evolved, so have rival Kart games from other developers. There have been some notable successes; Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing spring to mind, but head...

Review: G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK (DSiWare)

G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK (DSiWare)

Block Dude 2.0

Another entry in the G.G series has arrived, and anybody who's owned a TI series calculator and spent a lengthy amount of time in a high school math class will immediately feel at home with the type of gameplay here. Indeed, the premise of G.G Series BLACK X BLOCK feels like a successor of sorts to the cult classic, Block Dude, and it...

Review: G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON (DSiWare)


​More than meets the eye

Short, sweet, and to the point. That's the phrase that best describes most games in the G.G series and G.G Series ALTERED WEAPON is no different - it offers an interesting and enjoyable gameplay experience that's over just about as quickly as it's begun. While it would be nice if there was a bit more meat to it, what is...

Nintendo Life Weekly: Nintendo NX Release Date Rumour, Super Mario Maker, Federation Force

Nintendo NX Release Date Rumour, Super Mario Maker, Federation Force

Everything you need to last a week

Having trouble keeping up with everything that happens in the world of Nintendo? Don't worry, it happens to us all, so here, we've bundled everything you'll need to get up-to-date on the biggest and best news from the site as well as all the reviews and releases so you're no longer left in the dark, all in one...

Review: G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER (DSiWare)


Mega Buster

The G.G series keeps on going, and next up is another shoot 'em up; yet this one presents a unique and dynamic combat system that's surprisingly engaging. In an experimental series that's pretty hit or miss depending on the genre being attempted, G.G Series ASSAULT BUSTER provides a fun, arcade style shooter that's easily the most...

Review: Solitaire Dungeon Escape (Wii U eShop)

Solitaire Dungeon Escape (Wii U eShop)

Fortress of solitaire

Since the introduction of Windows, most PC owners have had the ability play Solitaire for free. A simple, addictive game of strategy and luck, there's a reason it continues to be available for free in various forms, so releasing a paid version of the game is an uphill battle from the beginning. Jose Varela Games' Solitaire...

Review: G.G Series COSMO RALLY!! (DSiWare)

G.G Series COSMO RALLY!! (DSiWare)

Get ready to activate your G-diffusers

This particular title in the G.G Series seems to have been inspired by a certain other futuristic racer, and while it presents an admirable take on the concept of high speed and interstellar racing, its lack of diverse content holds it back from being particularly memorable. That being said, G.G Series COSMO...