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Review: Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

Third time's a charm?

Art of Fighting sprang onto the Neo Geo arcade scene in 1993 and brought with it several innovations that would become a staple of future Neo fighting titles. For one thing the game featured huge character sprites, some spanning nearly the height of the screen. It also introduced the now famous SNK zoom system that would keep...

Review: HarmoKnight (3DS eShop)

HarmoKnight (3DS eShop)

Big beat

When you think Game Freak, you instinctively think Pokémon. It’s hardly surprising; the Japanese studio has been behind the million-selling franchise since day one, and the evergreen popularity of “catching 'em all” has ensured that the firm has little reason — or time — to explore other avenues. Apart from side-projects like...

Review: Forgotten Legions (DSiWare)

Forgotten Legions (DSiWare)

Tower offence

Forgotten Legions tells the story of a character named Merkhovious, who is apparently a wizard or some other type of magic user. He started using dark magic and was quickly banished from the town of Riverkeep, because the higher-ups there frown upon that sort of thing. Now Merkhovious is back, and he’s brought an army of undead...

Review: Jewel Master Atlantis 3D (3DS eShop)

Jewel Master Atlantis 3D (3DS eShop)

A diamond in the rough?

For years now, Cerasus Media has been pumping out game after game in the Jewel Master series, and very little has changed in that time. Each instalment is usually playable and entertaining enough, but in most instances the gameplay formula and overall presentation have remained the same. And while the classic phrase "If it...

Review: Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS)

Naruto: Powerful Shippuden (3DS)

He's a laugher, not a fighter

The first thing that's going to strike you about Naruto: Powerful Shippuden is the super deformed art style. After all, Namco Bandai has plastered it everywhere, so it must be quite proud of how it turned out. That's probably a smart move, because the visuals rank among this game's main strong points. It's only when you...

Review: Lola's Math Train (3DS eShop)

Lola's Math Train (3DS eShop)

I choo-choo-choose you!

Lola’s Math Train, the follow-up to the pleasantly surprising Lola’s Alphabet Train, isn’t quite a game as much as it’s a learning application. In this instalment Lola, the jubilant panda, is here to help kids learn about math, numbers and logical problem solving through various interactive challenges. This is a...

Review: Super Pang (Super Nintendo)

Super Pang (Super Nintendo)

Forever blowing bubbles

Capcom is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2013. Since the company formed in 1983, it has published a host of classic titles from the Resident Evil series, countless Street Fighter games and many timeless iterations of Mega Man. One of its lesser known titles is Super Pang (known as Super Buster Bros. in North America), an...

Review: Pets Resort 3D (3DS)

Pets Resort 3D (3DS)

Top dog, or just plain ruff?

It's that special time of the year again, when the world of casual gaming throws fluffy puppies and wide-eyed kittens at things and hopes to make a profit. This time Neopica has stepped up to the challenge with Pets Resort 3D. In the latest Nintendogs + Cats clone, the player takes command of a rather suspicious...

Review: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (3DS)

This game must be possessed

Nintendo has proclaimed 2013 to be "The Year of Luigi": a long overdue celebration of Mario's underdog brother. There are already a few Luigi-themed (or at least partially related) releases to come later in the year, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese games giant had a few more projects tucked up its sleeve...

Review: The King of Fighters '98 (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

The King of Fighters '98 (Wii Virtual Console / Neo Geo)

The best there ever was

For many 2D fighting game fans, The King of Fighters '98 represents the zenith of the series; the crowning glory of the only rival lineage to truly bloody the nose of Capcom’s genre-defining Street Fighter. It’s not hard to see why this is the case; the game looks stunning, has a massive roster of characters and boasts...

Review: Goony (DSiWare)

Goony (DSiWare)

You jelly?

Aside offerings such as I Must Run!, there haven't been a huge number of endless runner-style games on DSiWare. CIRCLE Entertainment's latest title, Goony, aims to fill that gap a little, while also proving that you don't necessarily need legs or a baffling amount of stamina to star in the genre – if you're a creature made of jelly, you...

Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (3DS)

A monstrous portable adventure

Back when the 3DS handheld was looking for saviours during the Holiday season of 2011, a certain mustachioed plumber was joined in Japan by Monster Hunter 3 G, an expanded version of the popular Wii title Monster Hunter Tri. Its sales were eye-catching and reflective of the fact that handheld Monster Hunter titles are...

Review: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Wii U)

Don't forget your potions

While the arrival of a new Monster Hunter title, particularly of the handheld variety, in Japan can probably cause retailer's systems to crash, it's a franchise that's been unable to capture that same fevered audience in the West. Capcom's latest attempt is Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, an expanded and enhanced re-release of...

Review: Mega Man 3 (3DS eShop / NES)

Mega Man 3 (3DS eShop / NES)

Sibling rivalry

It's fitting that Mega Man 3 introduces our hero's antagonistic, cocksure older brother Proto Man, as the game itself seems to eternally duke it out with its own brother Mega Man 2 for the coveted title of Best in Series. But wherever you may fall on the question, there's no doubt that this third installment in the classic franchise...

Review: LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U)

LEGO City: Undercover (Wii U)

On the block rockin' beat

Between the lucrative high profile movie tie-ins and people begging for Zelda and Mega Man editions, it's sometimes easy to overlook the fact that The LEGO Group cut its teeth on its non-licensed playsets. From fantasy wonderlands to more ordinary examples, the building bricks were an ever-popular force with children and...

Review: The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition (Wii U)

The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition (Wii U)

Spidey takes Manhattan, again

Our friendly neighborhood wall crawler's cinematic reboot in last summer's The Amazing Spider-Man had us leaving theatres utterly torn. We're down with new interpretations and while the Spider-Man on-screen offered a lot of what we love about the character, the surrounding film was kind of a mess. The same can be said...

Talking Point: Review Scores and Unwinnable Arguments

Review Scores and Unwinnable Arguments

Just how important are review scores?

Last week we published our Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate review; we liked it, despite some flaws that we outlined, and gave it a strong recommendation with a score of 8/10, which counts as "very good" in our review scoring policy. Such was the reaction to the review here, elsewhere and to the...

Review: Wrecking Crew (3DS eShop / NES)

Wrecking Crew (3DS eShop / NES)

I'm gonna wreck it!

It’s common knowledge for most gamers that Mario has been in countless games over the years, in which he has taken on a bevy of different roles and occupations. From race-car driver to boxing referee, Mario has done it all. Curiously enough, just about the only job Mario hasn’t performed in a video game is that of a plumber,...