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Review: Mega Man 6 (3DS eShop / NES)

Mega Man 6 (3DS eShop / NES)

Mega Man's NES swan song

In 1993, the SNES was already out and Capcom was about to release Mega Man X, but they just couldn't let themselves to say goodbye to the NES and made one last 8-bit Mega Man game for the beloved system. Mega Man 6 was released so late into the system's life that Capcom decided to not even publish the game in Europe — this...

Review: Sniper Elite V2 (Wii U)

Sniper Elite V2 (Wii U)

Reach out and touch someone

Let’s just get this out of the way: Sniper Elite V2 on Wii U seems built for the bargain bin. Were it a movie then this edition would be one of those bare-bones, dithery full-screen DVDs that advertises its interactive menu and scene selection as "features". So says the cynic in us, and our realist chimes in with a...

Review: Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Emphasis on the “mean”

Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine is somewhat of an anomaly. It's a Puyo Puyo puzzle game that takes place in the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog - a short lived but wildly popular television series from the mid-90s - universe, but the blue blur is completely absent. Instead, the only hero here is you, a presumably...

Review: Columns (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Columns (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Supporting a good time

Way back in the days when video games in general were often referred to as 'Nintendo' games, a little gem called Tetris was packaged-in with the Game Boy, and it helped catapult the handheld to dominating heights. A couple of years later SEGA released the Game Gear, and in what can only be seen as an attempt to capitalize on...

Review: Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Nintendo 64)

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (Nintendo 64)

Insanity redefined

Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh (which translates as Explosive, Invincible Bangaioh — you might know it as Bangai-O) is a relatively obscure Japanese exclusive for Nintendo 64 that holds a rather interesting history. Released in 1999 and developed by Treasure — the same team that produced the Sin & Punishment games — it is...

Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Game Boy Advance)

Mega Man Zero 2 (Game Boy Advance)

Zero times two

Just one year after Mega Man Zero, Inti Creates released a sequel. That might sound a bit quick, but Mega Man Zero 2 is no mindless cash-in. It took the sturdy foundation set by its predecessor and built upon it in impressive ways, while also smoothing out the rough edges. On top of that it wove an excellent narrative of its own and...

Review: Sonic the Hedgehog (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Sonic the Hedgehog (3DS eShop / Game Gear)

Put a ring on it

As one of gaming's most iconic mammals, Sonic the Hedgehog needs no introduction; he's graced consoles, comic books, crossovers and clothing lines in his double-decade career, and this is where it all began. Well, nearly — Sonic the Hedgehog on the Game Gear isn't a port of the Mega Drive / Genesis classic, but rather of the 8-bit...

Review: Jewel Quest 4 Heritage (DSiWare)

Jewel Quest 4 Heritage (DSiWare)

Losing its shine

It seems like the Match-3 genre never stops growing, with some new form of the popular puzzle games appearing what feels like every other week. It's a genre that has seen hundreds upon hundreds of releases, and there's little sign of it slowing down. If anything, it's baffling that so many of these games are still being made. Very...

Review: Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Wii U eShop)

Mutant Mudds Deluxe (Wii U eShop)

A muddled experience

In early 2012, Mutant Mudds hit the 3DS eShop, and we loved it. Its faux-retro sprite design and satisfying difficulty made for a great gaming experience, as did the fact that it actually used the 3D effect in an interesting way; our hero Max could leap forward and backward through the background layers in order progress through...

Review: Spelunker (Wii U eShop / NES)

Spelunker (Wii U eShop / NES)

Deeper underground

Ask a few western gamers about Spelunker and it's likely that barely any of them will have heard of the game, despite it being originally developed by an American company. Ask Japanese gamers, though, and it's a completely different story — the game is very well known to them and is joked about online all the time, though not...

Review: Mega Man 4 (Wii U eShop / NES)

Mega Man 4 (Wii U eShop / NES)

The Blue Bomber jumps onto the GamePad

In 1991 the world got a fourth entry in what had quickly shaped up to be one of the NES's most popular series. This game was Mega Man 4, and expectations were high. After all, the first game laid down a solid — if static — template that resonated very well with gamers, the second game refined the formula...

Review: Yoshi (Wii U eShop / NES)

Yoshi (Wii U eShop / NES)

Not very eggciting

With so many tile-matching games available on so many different gaming platforms, it’s surprising to see that, despite the Wii U launching six months ago, there have yet to be any released on the new console. Nintendo has finally decided to fill that empty gap with the Virtual Console release of Yoshi, an NES era puzzler...

Review: Mega Man 3 (Wii U eShop / NES)

Mega Man 3 (Wii U eShop / NES)

The Blue Bomber jumps onto the GamePad

It's fitting that Mega Man 3 introduces our hero's antagonistic, cocksure older brother Proto Man, as the game itself seems to eternally duke it out with its own brother Mega Man 2 for the coveted title of Best in Series. But wherever you may fall on the question, there's no doubt that this third installment in...

Review: Mega Man 2 (Wii U eShop / NES)

Mega Man 2 (Wii U eShop / NES)

The Blue Bomber jumps onto the GamePad

In 1987, Capcom released the original Mega Man. It was well-received by both gamers and critics, but it was not much of a financial success. Over the course of the next year, however, Mega Man 2 was developed as a labour of love by Keiji Inafune and his team, alongside other projects that were expected to be...

Review: Mighty Switch Force! 2 (3DS eShop)

Mighty Switch Force! 2 (3DS eShop)

The sequel, the sequel, the sequel's on fire

In late 2011, WayForward released Mighty Switch Force!, one of the first eShop titles to make significant use of the 3DS's capabilities. You took control of Patricia Wagon, a cop in search of the ostensibly criminal Hooligan sisters, and the puzzles were all based in some way around the 3D effect, popping...

Review: Fast & Furious: Showdown (Wii U)

Fast & Furious: Showdown (Wii U)

Oh, we're furious alright

It's easy to look at the name, Fast and Furious: Showdown, and leap to conclusions that it'll be a lazy, phoned-in movie tie-in that represents the lowest common denominator of gaming. Of course we shouldn't make such assumptions, as a game based around a series of over-the-top car action movies surely has the potential to...

Review: Mega Man Zero (Game Boy Advance)

Mega Man Zero (Game Boy Advance)

A side character gets a great spotlight

The classic Mega Man series was popular enough to warrant its own spin-off series, Mega Man X. That, in turn, proved strong enough for a spin-off series of its own, and in 2002 it arrived in the form of Mega Man Zero. The Zero series spans four titles — all released exclusively for the Game Boy Advance —...

Review: Ghosts 'n Goblins (Wii U eShop / NES)

Ghosts 'n Goblins (Wii U eShop / NES)

Lots of pain for little gain

From Software’s Demon's Souls and Dark Souls titles have been hailed as two of the most engaging games of this current hardware generation, praised by critics and gamers alike for their intense difficulty and complete lack of hand-holding. Set against other modern titles — which seem to fall over themselves to make...

Review: Kirby's Dream Course (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo)

Kirby's Dream Course (Wii U eShop / Super Nintendo)

Augusta this 'ain't

Kirby, being a lovable if slightly non-descript pink ball, can lend his hands — or flappy arms, whatever — to lots of things. Being shaped like a ball and all, he's indulged in pinball, for example, and when participating in his named spin-offs generally performs as the ball, rather than going all Mario and playing the sports...