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Nintendo 64x64: Conker's Bad Fur Day

Conker's Bad Fur Day

One mean %&*@% Squirrel…

Only Rare could have taken the cutesy adventure platformer genre and so masterfully warped it into such an hilariously offensive and beautifully vulgar gameplay experience. Enter Conker, a binge-drinking squirrel, whose walk home from the pub quickly turns into an adventure of inappropriate and scatological proportions...

Nintendo 64x64: Mario Golf

Mario Golf

Par 4

One of Mario Golf’s biggest successes is its intuitive and simple interface; it’s easy for anyone to play, making it a title that appeals even to those who don’t show any enthusiasm for the real-life sport. Featuring a good number of playable characters; varied and challenging courses; and connectivity with the Game Boy Color version,...

Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon

Mystical Ninja 2 Starring Goemon

Goemon returns!

The follow-up to Goemon's first 3D outing trades the free-roaming environments of its predecessor for a tighter and far more challenging 2.5 experience. The game comes with a two-player cooperative mode, which also extends to the series' renowned giant robot battles. Of particular note is the fantastic music, which merges traditional...

Nintendo 64x64: Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark

Near Perfect?

The Messi of FPSs: sublime graphics, gameplay, longevity, multiplayer. Goldeneye was tough to follow but the freedom of originality allowed Rare to let their creativity loose: Co-op mode; superb array of weapons; using Miyamoto's face (!) are some of my favourites. So why do I prefer Goldeneye? To me, it reinvented FPSs; Perfect Dark...

Nintendo 64x64: Mission: Impossible

Mission: Impossible

"should you choose to accept it"

Best enjoyed without the obvious comparison with other movie tie-ins. Don't judge on the poor opening two levels; they're far more engaging and complex as it progresses, plus unlocking levels like Terminal Room is immensely rewarding. Its strength is the stealth elements of the game, although unfortunately hindered...

Nintendo 64x64: WCW/nWo Revenge

WCW/nWo Revenge

"Fighting Game of the Year"

The best WCW game ever and only bettered by THQ's very own No Mercy. The game engine was the best a wrestling game ever had; simple controls to use, with scope to hone and perfect for expert status. It had a fantastic roster, all WCW arenas and competition for every belt. Revenge should have had a proper create-a-player...

Video: You are Hereby Ordered To Surrender Nearly Three Hours Of Your Life To Game Boy Title Screens

You are Hereby Ordered To Surrender Nearly Three Hours Of Your Life To Game Boy Title Screens

Strangely mesmerising

Ever wondered what it would be like to sit through every single Game Boy title screen? Ponder no longer, as YouTube user NicksplosionFX has given us the chance to do just that. The video below is almost three hours (2:42:02, to be precise) of Game Boy title screens — that's every known original game for the console — and...

Video: Check Out this Adorable Tribute to the Mother Series

Check Out this Adorable Tribute to the Mother Series

That's 'Earthbound' to us

Regardless of who wrote them, fans are the ones who can really tell the story of a game better than anyone, and that statement is no truer than in this video which pays homage to the Mother series, which sadly still only exists as a single game outside of Japan. All of the peculiarity, all of the charm, and all of the...

Video: Here Are Some Fun Facts About The Mighty GameCube

Here Are Some Fun Facts About The Mighty GameCube


The GameCube may be Nintendo's lowest-selling home console to date, but for some it's a special part of the company's history. It was the last occasion when a Nintendo system competed toe-to-toe with contemporaries in terms of raw graphical power, it brought us some absolute classics in its library, and it had a handle. Its controller...

Nintendo 64x64: Turok 2

Turok 2

Acclaim Entertainment took the successes and failures of its original first-person shooter for N64 and used them to influence the creation of a sequel that was superior in virtually every single way. The campaign mode is much more tightly designed, although getting lost is still quite easy at times. When played using an Expansion Pak, the game...

News: You Can Now Download The Entire Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack For Your Listening Pleasure

You Can Now Download The Entire Banjo-Kazooie Soundtrack For Your Listening Pleasure

And we mean the ENTIRE soundtrack

Rare's N64 classic Banjo-Kazooie is one of the best 3D platformers you're likely to find on any console, and its soundtrack was also pretty swell to boot. You can now download every piece of music contained in the game — that's 164 different tracks — over at composer Grant Kirkhope's Bandcamp page. It's not...

Nintendo 64x64: Sin & Punishment

Sin & Punishment

A real gem from the legendary shmup factory that is Treasure, Sin & Punishment delivers a consistently action-packed experience from start to finish. A Japanese exclusive that finally saw an international release through the Wii Virtual Console in 2007, the combination of ranged and melee combat results in a varied gameplay experience. The story is...

Nintendo 64x64: Space Station Silicon Valley

Space Station Silicon Valley

It’s hard to believe that SSSV was created by the team that would go on to develop Grand Theft Auto III; quirky, playful and downright bizarre in tone, yet remarkably fun as a result. Playing as a crawling microchip, you must commandeer various robotic animals to defeat enemies and solve exceptionally creative puzzles in a futuristic amusement...

Nintendo 64x64: GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007

Ah Mr. Bond, we've been expecting you...

A masterpiece of the first-person shooter and entire console gaming. Beautifully rendered visuals immerse you in the well-expanded film world with controls easy to use, challenging to perfect. Three difficulty levels pitched faultlessly – wonderfully rewarding on completion, especially Secret Agent. Levels...

Nintendo 64x64: Mickey Speedway USA

Mickey Speedway USA

Rare's spiritual follow-up to Diddy Kong Racing didn't contain quite the same level of magic and charm -- surprising given its Disney setting. Nevertheless, Mickey's Speedway USA achieves on a technical level, sporting a mostly consistent frame rate and tight track design to boot. The multiplayer mode is a worthwhile alternative to more popular...

Nintendo 64x64: Mischief Makers

Mischief Makers

2D on 3D platforms is risky. Mischief Makers shows how to get it right: by being utterly unique. Immediately surreal, you’re Marina; a robot on a quest to save her creator..! You jump, shake and throw your way through levels and worlds, and this simple premise is variedly combined to offer many types of level. 2D but nothing like you played on the...

Nintendo 64x64: Forsaken


Imagine the fast-paced gameplay of Quake, throw in some futuristic hover vehicles and you've pretty much got Forsaken. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this game is the incredible sense of speed you move at, although this quickly disappears with three other players also firing off various high-tech weapons. The campaign doesn't provide quite...

News: Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover

Ocarina of Time gets a 2D Makeover

Downgradin' and relaxin'

A group of Zelda fans have decided to take the classic gameplay and graphics from A Link to the Past and apply it to what is arguably the most famous outing the the Zelda series, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The game is in the very early stages, and it’s not clear what engine the game is running on, but it’s...