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Nintendo 64x64: Jet Force Gemini

Jet Force Gemini

Rare again with another original title: wonderful visuals, addictive gameplay and atmospheric soundtrack. You're the JFG team, attempting to thwart antagonist Mizar and his insect army. As a third-person shooter, it showed another string to Rare's bow and was very popular. Personally, a least-favourite Rare N64 outing, having awkward controls and...

Nintendo 64x64: Turok: Rage Wars

Turok: Rage Wars

Amongst four Turok games, Rage Wars is only for the purest Turok fan. Essentially, it’s a multiplayer-only game: lots of game options, characters, weapons and levels make for great battling. Single-player is weak compared to canonical Turok games, with its most redeeming feature being Co-op mode; although, subsequently bettered by Perfect Dark...

Nintendo 64x64: Tetrisphere


In the 3D age, this took Tetris to the next logical stage. By matching shapes, you break into a sphere to (e.g.) rescue that which is trapped inside. Graphically, it sensibly wasn’t overcomplicated, further accompanied by superb music score. Highly addictive in single and multiplayer modes, as all puzzle games should be. Despite this, still parts...

Nintendo 64x64: Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros

It may feature a limited number of characters and stages compared to later instalments, but Super Smash Bros. packed one hell of a punch when it landed in 1999. It feels a tad sluggish today, but the brawl 'em up's arena style gameplay system stills offers an addictive and frantic multiplayer experience. The merging of different Nintendo universes...

Nintendo 64x64: Shadows of the Empire

Shadows of the Empire

At the time, a decent addition to the Star Wars franchise despite its failings being magnified up against Mario 64. Level locations, atmosphere, music capture the Star Wars universe well. Personally, too many third-person platform levels: the game needed more variety. These levels are clunky and some overly long. Bosses can also be unnecessarily...

News: The Game Boy Color is Now 16 Years Old

The Game Boy Color is Now 16 Years Old

It'll be asking to host house parties...

Nintendo's released so many systems and iconic games that anniversaries are a regular occurrence; now it's the turn of the Game Boy Color — it's 16 years old, having been released in Japan on 21st October 1998. While some attribute Nintendo's trend for focusing on innovation and content over raw power as...

Feature: The Making of Rocket: Robot on Wheels

The Making of Rocket: Robot on Wheels

How one of the N64's most criminally under-appreciated games came to be

The Nintendo 64, while simultaneously renowned and infamous for doing many things, is arguably best remembered for defining the 3D platforming genre. When Super Mario 64 released in 1996, it didn't just blow everyone’s socks off; it revolutionised home console gaming and set...

News: New Music and Voice Samples Discovered in the Donkey Kong Arcade

New Music and Voice Samples Discovered in the Donkey Kong Arcade

A few decades on, there's still more to find

The Donkey Kong arcade was a key turning point for Nintendo as a company, as it brought Shigeru Miyamoto to the fore and helped to demonstrate to Hiroshi Yamauchi and his management that the video game business could be lucrative for the company. It's so iconic that a small band of gamers still compete...

Nintendo 64x64: Bangai-O


What a treasure

Few N64 games manage to come close to delivering the sheer amount of chaotic action that Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh delivers in droves. A Japanese exclusive, this 2D shoot ‘em up majestically -- and intentionally -- puts both the player and the console through their paces; the hundreds of projectiles and enemies on screen at any one...

Poll: Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3 More Influential?

Nintendo Minute Debate - Is Super Mario World or Super Mario Bros. 3 More Influential?

Well, which one?

We often like to share Nintendo Minute videos here on Nintendo Life, the series in which hosts Kit and Krysta play games and do various things to entertain big N fans. Their video this week tries something a little different, as the two hosts debate the following: Which game is more influential – Super Mario World or Super Mario...

Nintendo 64x64: Pokmon Snap

Pokmon Snap

Say Cheese

Off-beat and remarkably novel, it’s surprising just how well Pokémon Snap works as a concept. In this snap ‘em up, you trade in your Pokéballs for a trusty camera, with which you have to take the best Pokémon portraits possible. Sporting delightful environments and plenty of secrets to keep you coming back, it’s still one of the...

Nintendo 64x64: Snowboard Kids

Snowboard Kids

Mario Kart on snow

Racdym's cute and vibrant snowboarding-themed racing game is one that's unfairly drowned out by the perpetual, yet understandable noise that surrounds its more popular counterparts, Mario Kart 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. Incorporating a remarkably balanced offensive / defensive power-up system and a nifty stunt system that feeds...

Nintendo 64x64: 007 The World is not Enough

007 The World is not Enough

Christmas only comes once a year

No beating around the bush here; Eurocom produced a Goldeneye clone of epic, almost plagiaristic, proportions. Yet if one ignores this, TWINE is still an enjoyable FPS: objectives vary and increase with difficulty; AI is decent; locations represent the film faithfully; and it’s well-animated throughout. A return to...

News: Transport Yourself To The Eighties With This Totally Dope Ultimate NES Remix Cap

Transport Yourself To The Eighties With This Totally Dope Ultimate NES Remix Cap

Ships with the game when you buy from the UK online store

Ultimate NES Remix is a collection of mini-games inspired by some of Nintendo's finest 8-bit escapades and — we we're sure you're aware — hits the 3DS next month. Just in case the game's considerable retro vibe isn't strong enough for you, you can now pre-order the title from the...

Nintendo 64x64: Pokmon Stadium

Pokmon Stadium


Transferring data between games is a common feature nowadays, but in 1999 it was a huge deal for Pokémon fans who could finally see their favourite creatures battle it out in 3D. The pure focus on battling -- with various rule sets to choose from -- makes for a change of pace from the Game Boy original. The mini-games,...

News: Junichi Masuda Talks Pokémon Snap and Listening to Fans

Junichi Masuda Talks Pokémon Snap and Listening to Fans

Get your Game Freak on

In a recent interview about Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, director of the Pokémon games Junichi Masuda talked about the fans' desire to see a new Pokémon Snap game. Masuda-san was clear to point out that the N64 cult classic "wasn't originally developed by Game Freak", although it does seem that he has a certain...

Video: Your Heart Will Melt At This Sega Genesis Promo Created By A Son and His Gaming Mad Father

Your Heart Will Melt At This Sega Genesis Promo Created By A Son and His Gaming Mad Father

1991 home movie intended to convince family members to dump the NES

As you'll know if you've read the recent Console Wars, back in the early '90s Nintendo was still very much the king of the hill when it came to video games. Sega's time in the sun was yet to come, but the 16-bit Genesis (Mega Drive if you're outside of the US) was already making...

Nintendo 64x64: Quake II

Quake II

Operation Alien Overlord

A valiant console port of a PC classic, Quake II on the N64 comes with an original campaign and four-player multiplayer. The latter is where the game truly shines, providing a quicker and much deadlier arena shooter experience than competing titles on the system. It excels in terms of technical performance -- notably the...