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  • News NPD Q1 Spend Shows 1% Drop Despite Substantial Hardware Boost

    It's a tough market out there

    In recent weeks our coverage of the Japanese chart results has shown a certain pattern — sales are low and showing a lack of momentum. Despite two new home consoles in the past six months and Nintendo beginning to step up its efforts with both Wii U and 3DS, the latest figures for US retail sales are also showing a...

  • News Nintendo UK Store Promotes Its Awesome 'Cool Stuff' Range

    Figurines! Clothes! 3DS cases! Much more!

    We like cool stuff, we suspect you like cool stuff too — it's cool after all. The Nintendo UK store — still surprisingly the only official online store of its type in terms of range of goods and setup — is keen to let you know that it's got you covered for fun gaming extras that help you show the world...


  • News GameStop Plans to Close Around 120 Stores in the Coming Year

    Moving into a "GameStop 3.0" era, apparently

    Earlier this week GameStop hosted its 2014 Investor Day, at which it outlined some core business plans for the coming year. What does that mean for gamers? Less stores, basically. It's not a mass closure, but the company is clearly looking to streamline its business — it's planning to close 120-130...

  • News NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U Struggles

    Fingers crossed for May and June

    The latest NPD results covering U.S. physical retail sales are now out in the wild, and they bring mixed news. Hardware sales are up, being driven by PS4 and Xbox One, software is down but, overall, total sales of $1.03 billion represent a 3% increase over the equivalent month last year. Nintendo hasn't issued an...

  • News You Can Grab a 2DS and Pokémon X for $100 at Target

    We've dug up a couple of GAME deals in the UK, too

    As we gear up for an exciting new wave of 3DS titles in the coming months we can expect Nintendo to make another push for Spring and Summer hardware sales. While the system's family has performed rather well, there are plenty of potential consumers yet to take the plunge, with titles such as...

  • News Nintendo of America is Cutting the Price of Five Top 3DS Games

    All for $29.99 on the eShop and in stores

    In a move that's sure to tempt those yet to pick up all of the hottest titles on 3DS, Nintendo of America has announced a price cut — starting on 22nd April — on five major retail games; these include the three biggest-selling games of all-time for the system in the region. All five games will drop to...

  • News Target Offers Free $50 Gift Card With Mario & Luigi Wii U Bundle in the U.S.

    That's got to be tempting

    With major releases such as Mario Kart 8 getting closer, as well as a number of enticing download games on the eShop, the Wii U should become an increasingly attractive console in the coming weeks and months; there's also a backlog of high-quality titles to explore, too. We can expect various bundles and offers to tempt...








  • News Batman: Arkham Origins Will Be Cheaper on Wii U

    Savings in lieu of online multiplayer

    Although Batman: Arkham Origins for the Wii U will not be receiving the online multiplayer mode provided to its Xbox 360 and PS3 brethren, the omission does seem to be reflected in a lower price point. Kotaku reports that a $50 price for the Wii U version has been confirmed with a represent

  • News DuckTales: Remastered Coming to Retail on Wii U in North America


    DuckTales: Remastered is exactly what the title suggests, it's a re-worked modern version of the classic — and challenging — NES game. For fans of the original that fancied a shiny new run-through it's been largely well-received, but its old-school sensibilities also saw it cop some criticism; it's certainly down to taste. Up to now...



  • News Report Suggests You'll Soon Be Able To Purchase Nintendo Titles Via Your Phone Or PC

    Nintendo outlines its digital future

    Nintendo is taking the online side of its business very seriously — little wonder when you consider that it has just reported a 150% increase in download revenue compared to last year — and the next phase of its plan will allow users to purchase Wii U and 3DS content using platforms other than their consoles...

  • News Asda Stores No Longer Stocking New Wii U Systems or Games

    Limited stock via Asda Direct

    Update: Following the emergence of this story around various outlets, Asda has contacted MCV to state that Wii U consoles have only ever been available in around 100 stores, rather than all 555 around the UK. Wii U systems will apparently continue to play a part on Asda Direct — the online store — with limited...

  • News Pikmin 3 Causes Wii U Sales Growth In Japan

    Launch sales comparable to those of New Super Mario Bros. U

    Pikmin 3 launched this week in Japan, and appears to have had the desired effect on the Wii U's retail health. According to Japanese store Tsutaya, the sequel is selling very well indeed and has triggered "greater sales" of its host console. Here's Taketo Matsuo, Tsutaya’s Director of...

  • News Pikmin 3 is Playable Next Weekend At GameStop or EB Games

    Pre-order a digital copy to get it a day early

    During E3 Nintendo gave people in the US the opportunity to head down to a participating Best Buy store to play some of the games that were shown off during the special Nintendo Direct. The company is now running a similar scheme dedicated to the upcoming title Pikmin 3. Reggie Fils-Aime, President...

  • News Investment Expert Feels Nintendo Earnings Miss Will Trigger Multi-Platform Approach

    Investors should buy now and reap the benefits later

    Global investment firm Jefferies & Co's Atul Goyal has recommended that investors pick up Nintendo shares in the expectation of big profits should the Japanese company fail to meet its proposed operating profit of 100 billion Yen. Goyal's opinion is that Nintendo's failure to meet its targets...

  • News UK Store GAME Now Selling Original Wii Consoles For Just £35

    Even less reason to consider picking up a Wii Mini, then

    As part of its summer hardware and software sale, UK video game retailer GAME is now selling Wii consoles for just £35 (around $50 / €40). That's a considerable saving on the recently-released Wii Mini, which lacks internet connectivity, doesn't have an SD card slot and won't run on...

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