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  • News Pokémon Producer Still Interested in Producing Remakes

    Though no plans for Gen 2 On 3DS VC

    Take a look at the eShop charts in any region and you'll see that the Gen 1 Pokémon games still consistently take the top spots, proving that there is still a market for the older Pokémon games. Over the past few years, Game Freak has also sprung to remake the first 3 generations across the most recent Nintendo...



  • Weirdness This Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is Fairly Impressive

    It's HD Mario, which was a novelty once!

    Fans just can't get enough of retro Nintendo games, often recording themselves on speed-runs or producing animations, short films and music albums dedicated to various classics of years gone by. Some go a step further and decide to do their own remakes of the classics, no doubt hoping that their humble...


  • News Classic NES RPG Shadowgate Getting a Remake

    Creator Dave Marsh announces Kickstarter campaign

    Dave Marsh, the creator of classic point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate, has announced that his company is currently working on a remake for PC, Mac and mobile devices. A Kickstarter campaign will launch tomorrow (Friday 26th October) in order to raise the funds needed to develop the game...