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News: Dr Mario WiiWare Pulling A Sickie?

Dr Mario WiiWare Pulling A Sickie?

From the very moment a Dr Mario game was announced for WiiWare we’ve been eagerly anticipating its arrival. Whether we’re supposed to call it Dr. Mario Online RX or Dr. Mario & Germ Buster, it doesn’t matter to us; we just want to play it already! It was a surprising move for Nintendo to not make this available for the North American WiiWare launch last Monday, but now it looks like we may have to wait a little longer still.

With only Star Soldier R and Konami’s Critter Round-Up having been confirmed for this Monday’s batch of WiiWare games it is sta..

News: German Stores Selling Mario Kart Wii Early?

German Stores Selling Mario Kart Wii Early?

Our humourless European friends get to play it first

A poster on respected forum NeoGAF has claimed that some German stores are selling copies of Mario Kart Wii early, and has posted a photo to prove it. It would appear that the game comes packaged in an oversized cardboard box in order to accommodate the Wii Wheel, so you'd best make some extra room available on your shelf. The poster has also..

News: Update: Nintendo Puts Things Straight On European Brawl Release

Update: Nintendo Puts Things Straight On European Brawl Release

It seems that 1up's recent podcast suggesting Brawl has been delayed until Autumn in Europe isn't exactly true.

While recounting some of the info that I learned from Nintendo of America's President & COO, Reggie Fils-Aime, I implied that the European release of Super Smash Bros. Brawl had been moved to the fall of 2008...that's not quite accurate, as neither NOE nor Reggie has announced any..

News: Wii Fit Confirmed For April Release

Wii Fit Confirmed For April Release

Nintendo Europe have this morning announced that Wii Fit will be launching Europe on April 25th.

Nintendo’s new, unique and innovative application for Wii, which is hoping to get all across Europe moving their whole bodies - Wii Fit, is set to launch across Europe on April 25th 2008. Since its launch in Japan on December 1st 2007, Wii Fit has...

News: Mario Kart, Wii Fit And Smash Bros. Dated

Mario Kart, Wii Fit And Smash Bros. Dated

Deciding to get their arse into gear for once Nintendo of Europe actually made some announcements the people wanted to hear.

Mario Kart will be released on April 11th in Europe, one day after the Japanese version gets a release. The game will take the Mario Kart series onto Nintendo Wi-Fi for the second time (Mario Kart DS being the first to feature online play). Including in this iteration of the..

News: Mario Kart Wii To Hit Europe On April 25th?

Mario Kart Wii To Hit Europe On April 25th?

Online store seems to think so

Online retailer has sparked a shockwave of excited fanboy chatter by listing Mario Kart Wii’s European release date as April 25th. Nintendo’s previous date for the game was the somewhat vague “Q2 2008”, and a spokesperson for the company has insisted that is merely guessing at a possible launch date. However, we’re not totally convinced..

News: Out Today - Super Mario Galaxy

Out Today - Super Mario Galaxy

Today see's the launch of Mario's first solo outing on the Wii, believe the hype, go and buy this game.

"Become Mario™ as he traverses gravity-bending galaxies, traveling in and out of gravitational fields by blasting from planet to planet. Players experience dizzying perspective shifts as they run upside down through wild alien worlds that need to be seen to be believed. Whether you're surfing..

News: Wii'll Be Zapping By Christmas

Wii'll Be Zapping By Christmas

Nintendo set to release Wii Zapper in Europe and the UK on December 7th and should cost around £20 or 30 EUROs.

"Nintendo’s Wii Zapper will be available across Europe in time for Christmas, the company said today. The white, double-handed, machine gun peripheral will ship on 7 December, bundled with the Link’s Crossbow Training game. Additional titles are promised, including Resident Evil:..

News: Okami Wii-Bound

Okami Wii-Bound

The criticly acclaimed PS2 game has been confirmed as an upcoming Wii title.

Do you back in February when we posted an article about the possibility of Okami coming to the Wii? Well it has been confirmed by Capcom themselves and the rumour mill can finally be closed. The Wii seems a perfect platform for the game and Capcom could not resist turning the Wiimote in to a magical paintbrush it seems..

News: EuRoPEaN NiGHTS In January

EuRoPEaN NiGHTS In January

Sega Europe confirm the delay of NiGHTS in Europe, pushing the game back nearly 3 months.

SEGA® of Europe Ltd. today announced that NiGHTS™: Journey of Dreams for the Wii™ video game console will ship January 2008, in Europe. The title, a sequel to the critically-acclaimed hit NiGHTS, will allow players to take flight, unleash incredible airborne maneuvers, and explore seven magnificent..

News: Nintendo Conference Fall 2007

Nintendo Conference Fall 2007

Nintendo update us with the latest information from Japan, the big news being Super Smash Bros. has been delayed until Feb 2008 in the US.

On October 10th in Japan, Nintendo Company Ltd. president Satoru Iwata unveiled new products and initiatives for the world's best selling game systems, the Nintendo DS and Wii. Among the headlines are full online battling for Super Smash Brothers Brawl,..

News: Big Long List Of Upcoming Games

Big Long List Of Upcoming Games

Nintendo have released a list of upcoming games this year and beyond, dates included.

Here are both Wii and DS games with release dates, although subject to change (such as SSB:B). There are a fair amount of games here so I'm sure there will be a few that interest. We included all of October in case you have missed any this month. Major publishers worldwide are making games for Wii and Nintendo..

News: Super Smash Bros. Brawl Delayed

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Delayed

A major title that many have been looking forward to sadly has it's scheduled December release date slip to next year.

The US release date is now 10th February 2008 and the for Japanese the 24th January 2008. The reason; more development time is needed needed to complete the stuffed beat em' up. With the amount of features already boasted it makes us wonder what else they have to add unless we are..

News: Plunge Into The Endless Ocean

Plunge Into The Endless Ocean

Nintendo set to release the very fishy "Endless Ocean" in Europe on November 9th, but what is it all about?

Have you ever wanted to explore the bottom of the ocean or learn more about aquatic life? Now you can from the comfort of your living room with Endless Ocean on Wii! Discover the beauty of the sea and take part in various activities such as swimming, exploring marine life or cataloguing..

News: Out Today - The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

Out Today - The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

October 1st marks the US release of Link's first proper adventure on the DS, The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass.

The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker closed with Link and Tetra setting sail for waters unknown ... but their story was just beginning, and it continues on the Nintendo DS. When a mysterious fog waylays their band of pirates and leaves Link alone on an unfamiliar island, a new..

News: EA Get Boogying On DS (and PS2)

EA Get Boogying On DS (and PS2)

EA Montreal have been confirmed as making a DS version of the recently released Wii game Boogie. Release set for November: Gimmicks included...

Electronic Arts, in their wisdom, have confirmed that a DS version of the recently released Wii title Boogie is currently in development at it's Montreal studios. Pop legends such as Kool and the Gang and current favourites like the Black-Eyed Peas are..

News: Super Mario Galaxy To Release Nov 16th In UK/Europe

Super Mario Galaxy To Release Nov 16th In UK/Europe

Nintendo UK's brand new "Assets Library" website, confirms that Super Mario Galaxy is set for a UK/Europe release of November 16th.

After the announcement that US gamers would get Super Mario Galaxy on November 12th, alot of European gamers felt their hearts sink as it seemed unlikely that they would see the game this side of Christmas. This has all changed, hurrah! Apparently this news was slipped..

News: Master Fishing In September

Master Fishing In September

Hudson all ready to cast their latest Fishing experience on Wii from September 18th.

Hudson Entertainment, the North American publishing arm for Hudson Soft, today announced Fishing MasterTM has gone to gold master. Published by Hudson and distributed in North America by Konami Entertainment, Inc., Fishing MasterTM will be available in stores on September 18, 2007 for $39.99 exclusively for the..

News: Neo Geo Hits VC Japan

Neo Geo Hits VC Japan

Neo Geo fans in Japan will finally get the chance to start downloading some classics over the Virtual Console system.

It's been quite a wait, but after the universal excitement that Neo Geo would be coming to VC, Nintendo have announced that the following three games will be available this month in Japan. World Heroes Magician Lord Fatal Fury We'll have to wait alittle longer in the US and..

News: Table Tennis Release Date

Table Tennis Release Date

Rockstar have been back in the headlines recently, but something we kinda missed was the Table Tennis release date.

"Ever since we released Table Tennis, fans have been asking us to create a Wii version," said Sam Houser, Founder and Executive Producer of Rockstar Games. "By bringing Table Tennis to the Wii and utilizing the motion-sensitive Wii Remote™, a new audience can now experience a game..