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  • News 2DS Gets a Price Cut to $79.99 in North America

    Including options with Mario Kart 7

    The Nintendo 2DS has been a smart product, targeting parents with young children in particular. By taking away the age-restricted 3D screen and utilising a tough-as-nails slab shape, it's been a welcome affordable (and durable) option in the market. Nintendo of America is now moving to make it even more...


  • News White Wii U 8GB System Trade Price Has Been Slashed In The UK

    All in a bid to clear out stock

    Just last week we highlighted some outstanding Amazon UK deals on white 8GB Wii U systems, while other retailers have also been discounting the — effectively discontinued — unit to get rid of stock. As the model has struggled to sell it was safe to speculate that it was a damage limitation exercise to clear...



  • News Three Wii Classics Get A Price Reduction in North America

    Two Mario titles and a visit to Wuhu Island now available for $29.99

    Part of Nintendo's push for the Holiday season is to promote the good value of its various systems and games, and with that in mind Nintendo of America has confirmed three major Wii titles that, as of today, will have a suggested retail price of just $29.99 in the region. These are...