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  • Preview Feeling Warm and Fuzzy With Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World

    This is how 3DS ports should be done

    In recent times we've seen a very deliberate attempt by Nintendo to broaden the audience for key Wii U titles through 3DS ports. Hyrule Warriors Legends set the tone, and then Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS gave an offline spin on the home console title. In both cases the ports had tweaks to suit the...


  • News Nintendo UK Opens Contest to Attend Nintendo Switch Preview Event

    Check your email

    Nintendo of America has started to give My Nintendo members in some areas a chance to get tickets for a Switch preview in early January, and now Nintendo UK is getting in on the act. An email newsletter being sent out now to UK users offers a simple prize draw to get a place at a Switch event in London on 14th or 15th January. A...

  • Preview Running Wild in Super Mario Run

    Born to run?

    Considering the fact that the Super Mario series started out as a precision platformer, it seems mad to think that this formula could translate into a mobile app with only a single input. As such we picked up the game with few expectations and a healthy dose of scepticism, but thankfully our fears were allayed. Super Mario Run has...






  • Preview Mechanised Cuteness in Kirby: Planet Robobot

    A gem from HAL

    Occasionally Nintendo reveals a game out of the blue with a nearby release date, reminding us of the company's ability to deliver delightful spontaneity. Kirby: Planet Robobot is one such release, announced in the early March Nintendo Direct and all set for an early June release in the West. Having sampled what it's offering over a...

  • Preview Star Fox Guard Just May Be the Scariest Game of 2016

    No, really

    Star Fox Guard is a strange spinoff of a beloved franchise, taking on an entirely unorthodox gameplay loop for Fox and friends. You can glean as much from a quick peek at screenshots and videos. What you won't see in your fancy screenshots and schmancy videos is just how much Guard is secretly a horror game. Nintendo Life, we hear you...

  • Preview Preferring the Air in Star Fox Zero

    Well, Alex does

    It's been the best part of a decade since we last received an original title in the Star Fox series, a time only briefly broken up by the release of the admittedly excellent Star Fox 64 3D. It feels like this entry could be make or break for these anthropomorphic adventures in space, so can Star Fox Zero meet the lofty expectations...




  • Preview Hitting the Courts in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

    Called out

    Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash is one of a couple of key Holiday releases on the Wii U, fitting snugly into being familiar, accessible and inviting for families, in particular. As it has Mario in the title and is a 'wacky' sports game there's certainly the prospect that it could win over a few households for some multiplayer fun over the...









  • Preview Picking Up The Pace With Proun+ on 3DS

    Light at the end of the tunnel

    It seems, in recent times, that the majority of intriguing and exciting new projects on the eShop platforms brings us to the Wii U, with the home console's power and development tool support attracting plenty of companies. The 3DS eShop does have excellent titles of its own, but the volume seems lower in terms of...







  • Preview Ripping It Up With Wii U eShop Action Title Insanity's Blade

    Armless fun for all the family

    While Capcom, Konami and many of the other games companies which forged their reputations during the 8-bit era have since moved on to creating next-gen experiences, they have left a rich legacy of retro gaming brilliance which is proving to be particularly fertile ground for indie studios — one of which is Causal...

  • Preview Swords & Soldiers HD

    The best of both worlds

    The WiiWare platform may not always be considered in a particularly glowing light, but it's undeniable that it did deliver some top-class download experiences. One of these was Swords & Soldiers from Ronimo Games, a side-scrolling real-time strategy title that made use of the Wii Remote pointer in an intuitive, natural...


  • Preview Mario Kart 8

    The green light is nearly on

    When it comes down to major, triple-A retail releases on the way that will — Nintendo hopes — lift the Wii U's sales and boost the public's perception of the system, there's currently only one show in town. While there are a number of exciting titles on the way from Nintendo and its partners, Mario Kart 8 has a...


  • Preview Mario Golf: World Tour

    Swinging to the fore

    Mario Golf: World Tour has had an odd history to date. Announced in early 2013 for a "Summer" release, it was quietly pushed back to later in the year before drifting into 2014 with little attention going its way; perhaps distracted by the sheer range of hot releases on 3DS throughout the year and the ongoing issues and...




  • Preview Beyblade Evolution

    Spinning onto 3DS

    The Beyblade toy craze, where you can battle customisable spinning tops in an arena, has varied in popularity over the years and in different countries. Along with the TV show and toys there has been a range of video-games dating back to the GBA. With a new TV series and range of Beyblade “Shogun Steel” toys hitting the...


  • Preview Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    We ain't afraid of no ghost!

    There’s no denying that the 3DS was somewhat overshadowed by the Wii U during the holiday period and that it didn't quite have the packed software line-up it had enjoyed back in late 2011. Aside from Paper Mario: Sticker Star there wasn't a great deal for us to sink our teeth into, and things were made worse when the...


  • Hands On 2010 FIFA World Cup

    We go hands on with EA's upcoming footie title

    Last week, Nintendo Life headed over to EA's UK headquarters for a kick-about with their impending blockbuster 2010 FIFA World Cup. With the world's biggest sporting tournament only a few months away, gamers have been keen to see how they can grab a slice of World Cup glory from their living rooms, and...


  • News Dead Space: Extraction May Be The Biggest Waggle-fest Yet

    Shake to see anything? Hmmm...

    The recently re-christened Visceral Games, formerly EA Redwood Shores and the developers behind Dead Space: Extraction, don't want to make things easy on you. In fact, they might be trying to kill you. Well, maybe not in the sense of actual death, but a digital demise might be in order as well as accompanying real-world arm cramps. The original Dead Space gave you a..


  • News Excite Bots Preview - Not a Truck in Sight

    Excite Bots looking like Trucks. If it ain’t broken just add Robots.

    Is there anyone else out there who still plays Excite Truck for the sheer…excitement? The crazy loose physics that practically have you flying over tracks? Excite Bots: Trick Racing looks like a little more of the same with some added antics in the form of robot machines. This could be all it needed. True, no one wants to play..


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