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News: Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up

Red Steel 2 Sharpens Up

New build, new features, new joy

Since our first hands-on play with Red Steel 2 all the way back in June - yes, it really was that long ago - we've had two more chances to get to grips with the game, the most recent at this week's Eurogamer EXPO where a new build was on display. How's the title coming along? Very, very nicely. Our play-through was...

News: Live Down Under? Try New Nintendo Games!

Live Down Under? Try New Nintendo Games!

Be one of the first to try out New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Australians! Nintendo of Australia are offering you the chance to give a couple of very anticipated Nintendo games a spin before they are released. It's not often that Aussies get the chance to do stuff like this, so if you live in the Sydney or Melbourne areas, why not make an appearance? Nintendo will have the two..