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News: Plants vs. Zombies is On the Way to UK After All

Plants vs. Zombies is On the Way to UK After All

So put your brain fork away

When Plants vs. Zombies was announced for DS last year, developer PopCap said it had no plans to bring the game across to reach European gamers. With the title now sat on store shelves across North America, UK publisher Mastertronic has announced a partnership with PopCap to bring the game to British gamers. The partnership doesn't refer to any other Nintendo titles, nor..

News: Plants vs. Zombies Eyes Up DS, Licks Rotting Lips

Plants vs. Zombies Eyes Up DS, Licks Rotting Lips

2011 date for Popcap's classic

The DS keeps providing shelter for all kind of miscreants: Angry Birds was recently announced for a DS release, and now Popcap's similarly world-dominating strategy title Plants vs. Zombies is getting ready to infect the console next year. Plants vs. Zombies is tower defence done differently: there are no towers, for a start. The trailer below makes more sense, though..

News: Sorry Antipodean Gamers: No Bejeweled 2 For You

Sorry Antipodean Gamers: No Bejeweled 2 For You

PopCap confirms download title staying away from Australia and New Zealand

Fans of WiiWare in Australia and New Zealand are used to seeing titles face long delays or not make it across at all, but it still stings every time. Sadly there's more bad news: we recently interviewed PopCap's Ty Roberts who confirmed to us that Bejeweled 2 won't be heading to Nintendo's download platform Down Under. Ty..

First Impressions: Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled 2

Crack cocaine comes to Wii

Popcap Games is a modern internet success story. At a time when it was deemed impossible to make money from selling downloadable content on the web, John Vechey, Brien Fiete and Jason Kapalka managed to build a gaming juggernaut on the back of simple, but addictive games like Zuma and Peggle that have gone on to become the bane of office managers everywhere. Bejeweled was..

News: PopCap Confirms Wii, DSi Support

PopCap Confirms Wii, DSi Support

Casual developer expanding its console line-up.

PopCap Games, best known for their beyond-successful Peggle and Bejeweled series', are one of the biggest names in so-called casual gaming. So far, though, their console support has been limited to only a handful of releases on DS and Xbox Live Arcade (and some iPhone stuff), curiously lacking any releases for the world's current most popular home..