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  • Poll Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nintendo 3DS

    The portable is now four years old

    Today brings the fourth anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS being released in North America, which is certainly a landmark to celebrate following equivalent dates for Europe and Japan. After a sketchy start the system has become an integral part of the current-day gaming landscape, leading the way as a dedicated...

  • Poll Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should Have amiibo Support?

    A welcome extra or occasional option?

    Since the launch of the first 'wave' alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in November 2014, Nintendo's wasted little time in promoting and expanding amiibo. Continual waves have continued to take us towards coverage of the full cast in the brawling title, while an upcoming Super Mario range will accompany...




  • Poll Which is the Best Pokémon Game?

    Choose the most Super Effective of the main series

    With the festive reveal of our staff and reader awards results, we realised that the release line-up of 2014 had given us an opportunity to re-assess some of Nintendo's biggest franchises and determine current-day favourites. In our first poll Mario Kart 8 boosted away with over 50% of the v

  • Poll Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?

    Five choices, endless debates

    Following the announcement of our staff and reader awards results, we decided that the release line-up of 2014 had given us an opportunity to re-assess some of Nintendo's biggest franchises and determine current-day favourites. In our first poll Mario Kart 8 boosted away with over 50% of the vote for that IP. Th

  • Poll Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?

    Will you go retro, HD or portable?

    It's a time of year in which plenty of time is spent with friends, family and fellow web gamers debating all manner of topics. Is Kirby Nintendo's cutest mascot? Has Mario's moustache become bushier in the HD era? Will F-Zero ever return? It's a time of opinions, and having checked out the Game of the Year...

  • Poll Fake Wave 4 amiibo Images Make Us Dream of More Figures

    Which characters do you still want to see in amiibo form?

    Today we saw a tweet from Twitter user @Shiroth that got our pulses racing, as it shared an image of a potential fourth wave of amiibo due in March next year — the line-up showed Pac-Man, Greninja, Game & Watch, Dark Pit, Ness(!) and Lucina. Due to there being no official details from...

  • Poll Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smash Bros. Controller, GameCube Adapter and amiibo You Want?

    Stock issues have been ongoing since launch

    Since late November there have been a few key products that Nintendo has used to drive sales of the Wii U, all related to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The main product has been the amiibo range, now into its second wave, while alongside that there's been the GameCube Controller Adapter and a related...


  • Poll Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?

    For Smash Bros. training, more games and picnics

    Nothing says it's Friday like some nice, relaxing polls, so we thought we'd take one of the big topics of the week — amiibo — and gauge how you'll be enjoying — or not as the case may be — the upcoming range of toys. It's all very well looking at the attention Nintendo's directing towards...



  • Poll Tell Us What You Think of the New Nintendo 3DS

    The new 'New'

    The dust is now starting to settle on Nintendo's surprise reveal of the New Nintendo 3DS in a Japanese Nintendo Direct. Due in Nintendo's homeland this October and other regions in 2015, it adds a healthy dose of new features and improvements to — potentially — invigorate the 3DS family of systems in the coming years. Its success...




  • Poll What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?

    It's actually finished, you know

    E3 is over, finished, done for another year. It was three days (four if you consider the 'day zero' press conferences) of gaming madness, with information overload and the main console manufacturers, publishers and developers doing the equivalent of jumping around screaming "look at me, please!" for a sustained...

  • Poll Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo During E3 Day One

    So many choices

    Day one of E3 has drawn to a close, with the exhibitors and press heading off to an evening of writing — yes, including us — and 'after show events'. It's been an exciting day, as Nintendo kicked it off with its Digital Event, followed it with hours of live demonstrations from the Treehouse team and then, finally, the rather...





  • Poll Have Your Say on Satoru Iwata's Nintendo Strategies

    Plans to bring prosperity?

    After a couple of weeks of rampant speculation and opinionated musings around the web, Satoru Iwata stepped out following Nintendo's financial results reveal and put forward some plans, ideological shifts and teases to indicate, loosely in various cases, what the company would do to revive the Wii U and return to...




  • Poll Did You Pick Up Pokémon X, Pokémon Y or Both?

    The ultimate choice...

    Based on confirmed sales, social networks, the most active threads on our forums and general chit-chat, it seems that lots of 3DS owners are playing Pokémon X & Y. Of course, we write Pokémon X & Y in a way that perhaps doesn't make clear that they're separate releases, and with any new 'mon generation there's...


  • Poll How Important is Dual / Second Screen Gaming?

    A major part of Nintendo's strategy

    Yesterday brought us some interesting comments from Ubisoft Managing Director Nicolas Rioux, who spoke about the potential prominence of "second screen" gaming, even going so far as to praise the Wii U as an innovative first step. As we observed in that article, it'd be a nasty piece of irony if technical...


  • Poll Are You in the DLC Brigade?

    More and more is on offer

    The arrival of New Super Luigi U — our review of which will be posted this weekend — is, as we've argued, a potential evolution of paid-DLC and budget retail titles, as Nintendo seeks to produce a package significant enough to be a fairly expensive (comparatively) piece of add-on software and, on the flipside, a...

  • Feature The Big Nintendo E3 Survey

    So, what did you think?

    It's now been just under a week since Nintendo's E3 Direct and subsequent information overloads, and we're preparing to move on and start playing games again — as opposed to watching those Mario Kart 8, Monolith Soft's X or Super Smash Bros. trailers on an endless repeat cycle. But E3 was fun — at least, we think it...

  • Poll Which Wii U E3 Game Has Impressed You the Most?

    There are plenty to choose from

    This E3 has seen Nintendo show off a lot of Wii U software, even if we already knew about all but one of them before the expo launched. Rather than potential based on name alone, however, we've now seen these titles in action, with some certainly catching the eye. With the expo now having been open to the public,...


  • Poll Wii U Hardware Revisions and Accessories, There's No Escape

    Tell us what you'd like to come West

    So, who had between 6-7 months for the first Wii U hardware revision announcement? If you did, "A Winner is You!!" We're not talking about bundles, here, as we've had a few of those, but actual changes to the hardware at a manufacturing level; these can involve new colours or, as confirmed today, tweaks to...

  • Poll Do You Follow and Watch Rival Console Reveals?

    Microsoft's new Xbox is next up

    We're just going to come out and do it, and gauge just how much you, the Nintendo Life community, have been following the rival console reveals of the PS4 and today's Xbox Next/Infinity/they-might-just-call-it-Xbox event. As a network that includes www.pushsquare.com and www.purexbox.com, the latter of which is also...


  • Feature Nintendo Life's Top 20 Wii Games

    The best of Wii

    Yesterday we brought you a retrospective for six years of Wii, as we prepare for the not-too-distant future when the system will become Nintendo's "last generation" console. It's an emotional time, to be sure, and nothing touches raw and frayed nerves quite like a top 20 games list. With most of the likely candidates already in...


  • Poll Which 3DS Game at E3 Got You Most Excited?

    Only one can triumph

    After we asked which Wii U game got you excited? we want to know how you felt about the line-up for 3DS. Unsurprisingly Nintendo first-party games dominated the poll, but there were good showings from Konami and Square Enix. Paper Mario: Sticker Star — 75 Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon — 62

  • Poll Which Colour Wii U Would You Prefer?

    You might have to wait for black, though

    Yesterday we quizzed readers to discover what colour Wii U they would like to buy on launch. The results, you might say, were a bit of a landslide. Black won with an impressive 190 votes, compared to a measly 49 votes for the white option. If Nintendo Life readers reflect the mood of the general buying...

  • Poll Which Nintendo E3 Wii U Game Got You Excited?

    The results are in

    Yesterday, during the madness of the Nintendo press conference, we asked our Facebook followers which Wii U game they were most excited about. We had around 300 votes, and below are the results. Pikmin 3 — 112 New Super Mario Bros. U — 66 Zombi U — 57

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