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  • Poll What Are Your Nintendo Switch Pre-Order and Launch Day Plans?

    Are you going beyond Breath of the Wild?

    Since the big Nintendo Switch Presentation we've run a couple of polls to gauge your views and thoughts on the system, with a mixed outlook in our most recent set of questions. Over the past week, though, we've been publishing some guides for those that have decided they're picking up a Nintendo Switch on day...

  • Poll A Week On, How Do You Feel About the Nintendo Switch?

    Good, bad, numb to it all?

    Well, it's been a little over a week since Tatsumi Kimishima took to the stage in Tokyo and kicked off a weekend of reveals, events and live streams to showcase the Nintendo Switch. Early pre-orders have been made, games have been confirmed, and opinions have been shared. Some of you may recall that we ran a poll shortly...

  • Poll What Did You Think of the Nintendo Switch Presentation?

    Is the hype real?

    It's now been a few hours since Nintendo wrapped up its Nintendo Switch Presentation, during which it revealed a whole range of launch details. We learnt more about what the system can do, saw a lot of games, and discovered how much it'll cost. Our Nintendo Switch section has all the news articles, while you can watch the...

  • Poll One Week to Go - How Are Your Nintendo Switch Presentation Hype Levels?

    Let's get it goin'

    2017 is still barely underway but, from a Nintendo fan's perspective, the coming week is surely one of the most anticipated in quite some time. After last year's teaser video, the big N is finally prepared to show off its next generation of hardware in the Nintendo Switch Presentation. It's now less than a week away, and the...

  • Poll Are You Optimistic for Nintendo's 2017?

    There's a lot on the horizon

    2017 is a vital year for Nintendo; we think that's beyond dispute. 2016 did have highlights and moments of significant interest for the company, particularly in mobile and with notable Pokémon releases across smart devices and 3DS, but it'll also be remembered as a year in which Nintendo went into a bit of a holding...



  • Poll The Wii U is Four Years Old, But What Is Its Legacy?

    The GamePad! HD Nintendo games! Rubbish file management!

    On 18th November 2012, the Wii U was launched in North America. There was a high profile midnight launch attended by Reggie Fils-Aime to give it positive press, and it was Nintendo's jump into HD gaming, with a GamePad-led concept at the core of the messaging. The system had a relatively...

  • Poll Retro Delights and Stock Shortages - What Are Your Thoughts on the NES Mini Launch?

    Old games, old fun, old problems

    The Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System in Europe) arrived on 11th November, and it's certainly one of Nintendo's hottest releases of the year. It may seem strange that a micro-console loaded up with 30 NES games can be described that way, but it's...

  • Poll Are You Excited About the Mini NES?

    Perhaps hype is bigger than the diminutive system

    It's been easy to get distracted in recent times, but one of Nintendo's most important Holiday releases is around the corner. We're not talking about Pokémon Sun and Moon, that's still to come, but rather the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition (Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo...




  • Poll What Are Your Favourite Super NES Games?

    A tough call...

    As you've likely been aware, the Super NES recently turned 25 in North America. It's another nice landmark for the iconic system, and one that's prompted us to get all misty-eyed and reminisce on our youth. That aside, it's a chance to celebrate the best of the SNES era, so with that in mind we thought it'd be nice to have an...

  • Poll How Excited Are You About Pokémon Sun and Moon?

    We know quite a lot about the games now...

    Pokémon Sun and Moon, combined together, are the main event for 3DS this year. The hype and buzz around Pokémon GO hasn't exactly harmed awareness of the upcoming portable titles, and The Pokémon Company has also been upping its game with a number of major reveals. In recent times it's unveiled new...

  • Poll Which Nintendo NX Games Do You Want to See in the Launch Window?

    Mario? Mario Kart? Metroid? Something that doesn't start with M?

    Following last week's focus on the apparent form factor of the Nintendo NX, this week MCV spoke to sources to try and get the lowdown on the system's planned launch window games. Pokémon and Mario were mentioned as launch window titles, along with








  • Poll Which Nintendo Franchises Do You Most Want to See With the NX Launch?

    Whenever that may be...

    It's not particularly difficult to figure out one of the week's most passionate talking points - rumours of Super Smash Bros. being planned as an NX launch title sparked a lot of debate and conversation. It was particularly interesting due to the respected source, and his own uncertainty over the form of this rumoured title...

  • Poll Are You Optimistic About Nintendo's 2016?

    It's a big year for the company

    With 2016 now well underway many thoughts are on what will be a vital 12 months for Nintendo. In this year alone it'll reveal - and potentially release - its next generation of gaming hardware with the NX, it'll launch its first smart device apps and the My Nintendo / Nintendo Account services. Throw in the annual...






  • Poll Where Do You Stand on Miiverse and Its Planned Changes?

    Assessing opinion 2.5 years after its original launch

    Miiverse, Nintendo's bespoke social network service, will undergo a major redesign on 29th July. It's easy to forget that the service is only a little over two and a half years old, having arrived with the Nintendo Network ID upon the launch of the Wii U. NNIDs and Miiverse are familiar now, but...

  • Poll What Do You Want From Nintendo's NX Platform?

    Go on, ask for anything you want

    It's been an interesting couple of weeks in the world of the Nintendo NX. We still know little about it, but rumours of varying reliability made it a hot talking point online and within the community here at Nintendo Life. It's dominated the forums, and all the while we're left to wonder what this platform will...

  • Poll Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplayer Gaming Appeal to You?

    Big name IPs and co-op adventures

    While Nintendo has plenty of single player experiences and adventures on the way, some of its notable recent reveals are determined to get us playing with others. The Legend of Zelda and Metroid Prime are two IPs announced recently that will try and tempt us to play with others online or locally on our 3DS, albeit...


  • Poll How Excited Are You About Nintendo's E3 Games?

    Tell us which are must haves, maybes or misses

    Now that we've all had a little time to chill out and think about the games we've seen so far at E3, we can think about which Wii U and 3DS games can claim places on our wishlists. There is, once you list the upcoming releases, quite a lot on the way in 2015 and beyond into next year - enough to keep us...

  • Poll What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digital Event?

    Share your happiness, or otherwise...

    OK. So Nintendo's E3 Digital Event is over, around 50 minutes of reveals, puppets and release dates. We saw plenty of Star Fox Zero, had new games in the Zelda, Metroid and Animal Crossing franchises, and a long Mario montage at the end. Intriguingly, though, the franchises weren't exactly delivered in familiar,...

  • Poll We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do You Stand?

    Awesome collectibles, source of frustration, a bit of both?

    As we approach the 'expo we cannot name' - oh alright, E3 - we can't help but wonder how many times Nintendo will mention amiibo. Will we learn more about the amiibo cards that'll accompany Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer? Will there be more blasted Smash Bros. waves that we'll...




  • Poll Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nintendo 3DS

    The portable is now four years old

    Today brings the fourth anniversary of the Nintendo 3DS being released in North America, which is certainly a landmark to celebrate following equivalent dates for Europe and Japan. After a sketchy start the system has become an integral part of the current-day gaming landscape, leading the way as a dedicated...

  • Poll Which 2015 Nintendo Blockbusters Should Have amiibo Support?

    A welcome extra or occasional option?

    Since the launch of the first 'wave' alongside Super Smash Bros. for Wii U in November 2014, Nintendo's wasted little time in promoting and expanding amiibo. Continual waves have continued to take us towards coverage of the full cast in the brawling title, while an upcoming Super Mario range will accompany...




  • Poll Which is the Best Pokémon Game?

    Choose the most Super Effective of the main series

    With the festive reveal of our staff and reader awards results, we realised that the release line-up of 2014 had given us an opportunity to re-assess some of Nintendo's biggest franchises and determine current-day favourites. In our first poll Mario Kart 8 boosted away with over 50% of the v

  • Poll Which is the Best Super Smash Bros. Game?

    Five choices, endless debates

    Following the announcement of our staff and reader awards results, we decided that the release line-up of 2014 had given us an opportunity to re-assess some of Nintendo's biggest franchises and determine current-day favourites. In our first poll Mario Kart 8 boosted away with over 50% of the vote for that IP. Th

  • Poll Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?

    Will you go retro, HD or portable?

    It's a time of year in which plenty of time is spent with friends, family and fellow web gamers debating all manner of topics. Is Kirby Nintendo's cutest mascot? Has Mario's moustache become bushier in the HD era? Will F-Zero ever return? It's a time of opinions, and having checked out the Game of the Year...

  • Poll Fake Wave 4 amiibo Images Make Us Dream of More Figures

    Which characters do you still want to see in amiibo form?

    Today we saw a tweet from Twitter user @Shiroth that got our pulses racing, as it shared an image of a potential fourth wave of amiibo due in March next year — the line-up showed Pac-Man, Greninja, Game & Watch, Dark Pit, Ness(!) and Lucina. Due to there being no official details from...

  • Poll Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smash Bros. Controller, GameCube Adapter and amiibo You Want?

    Stock issues have been ongoing since launch

    Since late November there have been a few key products that Nintendo has used to drive sales of the Wii U, all related to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The main product has been the amiibo range, now into its second wave, while alongside that there's been the GameCube Controller Adapter and a related...


  • Poll Who'll Be Your Main amiibo Buddy?

    For Smash Bros. training, more games and picnics

    Nothing says it's Friday like some nice, relaxing polls, so we thought we'd take one of the big topics of the week — amiibo — and gauge how you'll be enjoying — or not as the case may be — the upcoming range of toys. It's all very well looking at the attention Nintendo's directing towards...



  • Poll Tell Us What You Think of the New Nintendo 3DS

    The new 'New'

    The dust is now starting to settle on Nintendo's surprise reveal of the New Nintendo 3DS in a Japanese Nintendo Direct. Due in Nintendo's homeland this October and other regions in 2015, it adds a healthy dose of new features and improvements to — potentially — invigorate the 3DS family of systems in the coming years. Its...




  • Poll What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?

    It's actually finished, you know

    E3 is over, finished, done for another year. It was three days (four if you consider the 'day zero' press conferences) of gaming madness, with information overload and the main console manufacturers, publishers and developers doing the equivalent of jumping around screaming "look at me, please!" for a sustained...

  • Poll Your Favourite Showing from Nintendo During E3 Day One

    So many choices

    Day one of E3 has drawn to a close, with the exhibitors and press heading off to an evening of writing — yes, including us — and 'after show events'. It's been an exciting day, as Nintendo kicked it off with its Digital Event, followed it with hours of live demonstrations from the Treehouse team and then, finally, the rather...

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