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  • Events Photos From The Eurogamer Expo 2012 Show Floor

    Your visual guide to the UK's biggest gaming event

    Just in case you didn't know, the Eurogamer Expo is currently running at full force in London. Nintendo Life is an official media partner for the event, and even has its own StreetPass Zone where 3DS users can meet up, engage in a spot of light gaming and generally have a chat. We'll be posting...


  • News Photos from Nintendo UK's Another Dimension Events

    Do not adjust your sets

    Your eyes do not deceive you: the gallery below does indeed feature photographs of renowned birdwatcher Bill Oddie and pop group The Saturdays. No, we haven't finally lost it and decided to turn Nintendo Life into a celebrity gossip blog — the famous faces came out to support Nintendo UK's Another Dimension photography...

  • E3 2012 Corbie's Photos From the Show - Day Two

    Deeper into the rabbit hole

    Yesterday we brought you the first set of Corbie's photos from E3, and now we've got another batch of shots to shoot your way. The E3 showfloor closes today so Corbie will be running around trying to get his hands on as many games as possible. It's a hard life. We'll have hands-on previews of all the playable E3 games...

  • E3 2012 Corbie's Photos From the Show - Day One

    Take a journey through LA

    Our man Corbie Dillard has been pounding the LA showfloors this week to go hands-on with some of the most exciting upcoming games you'll be playing later this year. But when his hands haven't been wrapped around a control pad they've been snapping photos left, right and centre. Here's some of Corbie's shots from LA so far...


  • News UK 3D Photography Fans to Enter Another Dimension

    It's a competition you see

    Nintendo UK just announced a new 3D photography initiative called Another Dimension, heading to the UK from next week. Interested 3DS owners can head out on special photography field trips with celebrities, like pop group The Saturdays or bird-botherer Bill Oddie, with their 3D snaps displayed as part of an installation...


  • News Here's a Dog Playing Nintendogs + Cats

    Barking mad

    Nintendo's first "spokesdog", Uggie from Oscar-winning movie The Artist, is chilling out after his success by playing Nintendogs + Cats on a pink 3DS. The canine actor's career hits a new high in these photos as he pretends to understand the console's autostereoscopic display and touch screen interface. We know the dog's smart,...



  • News Take a Closer Look at the Wii U Console

    See it from behind

    You've had your first look at the Wii U console, but we know you want to see Nintendo's new white box from all angles. While the machine was locked away pretty securely at E3, enterprising Japanese site Inside Games has snapped photos from the front, back and side to show exactly what's included. The back will be of most interest,...


  • News An Old School Look at The Reginator

    Our favourite Nintendo president in his prime

    Have you ever sat there watching Nintendo's E3 press conference and wondered what The Reginator looked like in his younger days? If so, have we got a picture for you. While we have no idea at exactly what age this photo of Reggie was snapped, we can definitely tell that people were still frequenting...


  • News Even in Pieces, the 3DS is a Sexy Piece of Hardware

    Naked sample

    You've seen the photos, you might even have held one in your hand, but it's unlikely you've seen a 3DS from the inside. Until now, that is, with Chinese site TGBus exposing the machine's guts for all to see. There aren't too many surprises beneath the machine's hard resin case, with the usual array of buttons, cables and chips, but it's still interesting to see what's held inside the..


  • News Nintendo Takes a Walk

    Upcoming Start! Heart Walk events announced

    Nintendo kicked off the first of five Start! Heart Walks with the American Heart Association on September 11th in Dallas with more events planned in the coming weeks. Events currently scheduled will be held in San Francisco (9/17), Chicago (9/24), Seattle (10/2), and Atlanta (10/30) for anyone looking to join in on the fun. Nintendo was kind enough to..


  • News These Domo-Kun Photos May be Too Cute for Human Eyes

    Domo plays classic Nintendo titles

    You know him as the face of a thousand memes but it's easy to forget that Domo-kun, the brown oblong with the sharp teeth, is a big Nintendo fan too. DSiWare fans may know him from his excursions into golf, rafting and construction, among others. As these recent photos show, he also loves to get his Wii game on. Taken from the flickr set of one Chris Gritti, the..


  • News Nintendo Embraces The Grey Market

    Wii is for everyone, that includes your grand parents. Last Nintendo went to The Carter Burden Center for the Aging to show us exactly whats replacing shuffle board.

    In this photo provided by Nintendo, Lillian Faybik, 87, of Manhattan, plays baseball on the Wii from Nintendo, Friday, Sept. 28, 2007, at The Carter Burden Center for the Aging in New York. Nintendo visited the center to show off..