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News: Wii Will Be Zapping Before The Year's Out

Wii Will Be Zapping Before The Year's Out

The latest in a long line of Wii peripherals (although this one is Nintendo made) is set to hit shops around the UK and Europe this year.

The hardware which allows a docking centre for your Wii Remote and Nunchuck is already confirmed to come bundled with "Link's Crossbow Training" as some exclusive software to help you get used to playing with the new peripheral. Players will be able to buy..

News: Zelda Game Accompanying Zapper

Zelda Game Accompanying Zapper

Details emerge on the software bundled with the Wii Zapper peripheral.

Remember when the 'Wii Zapper' was announced at E3? The attachment for the Wiimote that transforms it in to gun, similar to the Zapper made for NES. It was said there would be a training game of sorts bundled with it to introduce players to how to use the piece of plastic. Many expected it to follow tradition and for the..

News: Nintendo DS Camera Revealed

Nintendo DS Camera Revealed

It's been a touted announcement on message boards for some months now but today gamers got the information they've been waiting for.

The Nintendo DS camera has finally reared it's head onto the Internet and we have the screens to prove it. The camera slots into the GBA port on the Nintendo DS and includes a stand which keeps the DS upright when you're trying to take a photo of your beautiful mug..