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News: Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo

Reggie Trash-Talks the PSPgo

NoA chief doesn't know who the machine is aimed at

You might have noticed that the PSPgo - Sony's attempt to plant its flag in the soil of digital distribution before anyone else - has recently launched. It's hardly been the most positive hardware release of all time, with reports that stores are refusing to stock it and industry experts writing it off as an expensive and ultimately pointless..

News: Miyamoto Keeps Check On The Opposition

Miyamoto Keeps Check On The Opposition

Nintendo's number one gets up close and personal with the PSP Go at E3

No matter how proud you are of your own achievements, there's nothing wrong with checking out what the competition has to offer. That's clearly the thinking of Nintendo game design guru Shigeru Miyamoto as he was recently spotted getting intimate with Sony's shiny new PSP Go handheld. The new device is basically a redesigned PSP..