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  • Video Catch Up With Nintendo's PAX Xenoblade Chronicles X Panel and Nindies Presentation

    An extra look

    PAX Prime is now in its last day, with announcements out of the way and booths setting up for the final group of attendees. Nintendo's been particularly active this year, using the US event to make some notable announcements and to show off attractive releases. It's now released video of its main events for everyone to enjoy. First up...

  • News Check Out Upcoming eShop Treats in the Latest Nindie Sizzle Reel and Batch of Trailers

    Lots to look forward to

    Nintendo kicked off PAX with a bang this year, with its [email protected] event in Seattle causing plenty of buzz. On the one hand it confirmed leaks and rumours such as the Shovel Knight amiibo and Kerbal Space Program on Wii U. Some new game details were announced on stage, too, including


  • Video The Wonderful 101 Was Looking Good at PAX East

    It's oh so wonderful

    Those that were lucky enough to attend PAX East 2013 this year were given the chance to play The Wonderful 101, Platinum Games' upcoming Wii U exclusive. The footage below features our heroes battling it out against one of the giant robots, with plenty of action and fantastic visuals on show. Is The Wonderful 101 on your Wii...

  • News Unannounced Square Enix Wii U Title To Be Revealed At PAX East

    What could it possibly be?

    Square Enix will be attending PAX East this year, showcasing games for various platforms; this will apparently include a Wii U title. In an invitation sent to Gamezone, the company indicated that a previously unannounced title would be revealed for the console, although details were scarce. The convention will take place...


  • News Ron Gilbert's The Cave Coming To Wii U eShop

    Promises Metroidvania-like platform adventure action

    Ron Gilbert is something of a legend in gaming circles; he's the genius behind such LucasArts classics as Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island. He's currently working alongside fellow ex-LucasArts staffer Tim Schafer at Double Fine Productions, and The Cave is his latest venture...


  • News Suda51 Still Waiting for His Wii U Dev Kit

    Must be a problem with the post office...

    The Wii U controller may have given Suda 51 ideas for No More Heroes 3, but the eccentric head of Grasshopper Manufacture is still waiting for a development kit to call his own. Speaking to Nintendo Life's Jon Wahlgren this past weekend, Suda revealed he's not even sure he'll be working on Nintendo's new...