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Out Today: The Wonderful 101 (Europe)

The Wonderful 101 (Europe)

101 reasons to download a new wallpaper, today!

Every generation there are great games that seem to be overlooked and don't translate into sales success, so is The Wonderful 101 heading for the same end result? Over the past few weeks we've heard rumours of The Wonderful 101 having limited distribution of 30,000 units to retailers in Japan, while...

Out Today: Fire Emblem: Awakening (Europe)

Fire Emblem: Awakening (Europe)

European gamers, for you the wait is finally over

North American 3DS owners have been enjoying Fire Emblem: Awakening since February, and Japanese fans have had the game even longer — since April last year, in fact. It's only now that European players are getting their hands on one of the 3DS' most accomplished releases, but games of this...

Out Today: Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Europe)

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise (Europe)

Skip to the beat

Nearly five months after it hit North America, Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise lands in Europe today. The European release lets you choose between the English and Japanese soundtracks, a feature exclusive to Europe, but is otherwise unchanged from its North American release. If you're interested in some Wii-based rhythm, check out...

Out Today: Xenoblade Chronicles (North America)

Xenoblade Chronicles (North America)

About time

After a lot of campaigning and complaining, Monolith Soft's epic Xenoblade Chronicles makes it across to North America today. The mammoth RPG is available to buy from GameStop or Nintendo's online store. The regular version is $49.99, while the 'enhanced package' with black Classic Controller Pro will set you back $64.99 (plus tax, of...

News: Sakaguchi's The Last Story Launch Trailer is In

Sakaguchi's The Last Story Launch Trailer is In

Director has the final say

The Last Story is out today in Europe and creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has co-directed a trailer to get you even more excited. The trailer below gives you an idea of the scale you can expect from Sakaguchi's latest Wii RPG, which by our reckoning is rather good. Don't believe us? Our The Last Story review is pretty...

News: Solve the Mystery of the James Noir Launch Trailer

Solve the Mystery of the James Noir Launch Trailer

Oh, that was easy

One of the earliest third-party games revealed for 3DS James Noir's Hollywood Crimes finally makes it to Europe today, and we have a new launch trailer to show off. Originally called Hollywood 61, the game has one of the most bizarre plots we've ever heard in a game: as a contestant in a 1960s game show, you soon discover a diabolical criminal mastermind is murdering your fellow..

News: This Is The Sonic Generations Storyline Comic Strip

This Is The Sonic Generations Storyline Comic Strip

Try to keep up

Sonic Generations is out in Europe today, and what better way to celebrate than a comic strip explaining the game's story? Using still shots from the game's rendered intro — only available in the HD version, sadly — the strip sets up exactly why two eras of Sonic find themselves racing through the same stages. It also contains some very finely detailed digital cookies, if that..

News: Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Trailer Gathers Speed

Sonic Generations 3DS Launch Trailer Gathers Speed

Out this week

SEGA's mascot just hit 3DS in North America today, and to celebrate here's a brand new launch trailer. The video shows off Sonic Generations' stages, bosses, multiplayer and StreetPass mode, so if you've been waiting to see which classic and modern Sonic moments are revisited in the 'hog's first 3DS outing then wait no longer. Sonic Generations is out in North America today and..

Out Today: Super Mario 3D Land and Wallpapers

Super Mario 3D Land and Wallpapers

Double whammy

Talk about good days: Nintendo fans in Europe have a new Mario and a new Zelda to choose from today, as the much-anticipated 3DS release Super Mario 3D Land finally reaches European shores. To celebrate the plumber's first true 3D platforming game we've put together some awesome computer wallpapers to bring a touch of the Mushroom Kingdom to your desktop. If you needed any further..

News: Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Spooks 3DS Today

Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove Spooks 3DS Today

Starting Hallowe'en early

We took our first steps with Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix on WiiWare back in May, and now the spooky series has launched on 3DS as Natsume announces Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove 3D is available across North America from today. The 3DS's first dancing game follows Gabrielle, a poor girl who's sneezed her soul right out of her body, and her attempts to recover it by..

News: Inazuma Eleven Finally Makes it to UK Today

Inazuma Eleven Finally Makes it to UK Today

Taking its time

The DS football RPG from the developers of Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven finally reaches UK shores today after a huge delay. On-the-ball readers may remember it was mistakenly released in small quantities back in January, but it was always Nintendo's plan to release the game properly alongside the cartoon series which just began airing in the Sceptred Isles. You can check out our..

Out Today: The Conduit + Goodies Giveaway!

The Conduit + Goodies Giveaway!

Europeans finally have the chance to get their hands on The Conduit as it releases across the continent today, July 10th.

To celebrate the release of the fantastic The Conduit we've teamed up with SEGA to give away some wonderful The Conduit goodies. One lucky reader will receive the 1st prize of a Signed conduit poster, Concept art book, Portable MP3 speakers and Pocket torch and then two runners..

News: EA Serves a Tea Cup Full of Dual Screen Action

EA Serves a Tea Cup Full of Dual Screen Action

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure is released today in North America, and on Friday in Europe

Visitors to Nintendo Life this week must need their eyes testing if they haven’t comes across EA’s upcoming DS puzzler Henry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure yet – after all our homepage is bright orange and features the man himself! If you still need any more persuasion to go out and buy..

Out Today: Sonic & The Black Knight

Sonic & The Black Knight

SEGA unleash Sonic in 3D yet again across Europe from today, but is it any good? Early reports suggest not...

Created by Sonic Team in Japan, this innovative game takes Sonic into a medieval world and arms him with a sword to aid in his effort to save the day. Sonic and the Black Knight will provide Sonic fans with an irresistible cast of characters and teach them all what it takes to be a true..

Out Today: MadWorld


SEGA's second horror serving, MadWorld, is released across the US today, March 10th.

MADWORLD is an inventive third-person action game exclusively for Wii. Produced by Atsushi Inaba, MADWORLD has a unique black and white style, depicting an incredibly sharp backdrop that straddles graphic novels and 3D worlds. As players battle opponents, they must master the use of various weapons and items found..

Out Today: Big Bang Mini

Big Bang Mini

Exploding onto stores across the UK is SouthPeak Games' fireworks shooter, Big Bang Mini.

In Big Bang Mini, your objective is to destroy wave upon wave of enemies, which in turn lights up the night sky with bursts of colorful fireworks. Use the stylus to dodge enemy fire and debris while collecting stars. Specifically designed with the Nintendo DS Touch Screen in mind, Big Bang Mini packs a..

News: Out Today - Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

Out Today - Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop

US gamers can now get their hands on the slightly unfavourable Dead Rising Wii port from today.

Capcom®, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, is pleased to announce that Dead Rising™: Chop Till You Drop ships today for the Wii™ home video game system. Taking advantage of the same proven technology that brought Resident Evil® 4 so successfully to Wii, Dead Rising: Chop..

Out Today: House of the Dead: OVERKILL

House of the Dead: OVERKILL

They came for brains, you'll give them bullets! SEGA horror-thon House of the Dead: OVERKILL is out today.

Survival horror as it’s never been seen before! A pulp-style take on the classic SEGA light-gun shooter series. Back when the famous Agent G was still fresh out of the academy, he teamed up with hard-boiled bad-ass Agent Washington to investigate stories of mysterious disappearances in..

News: Bored today? Try Cheerleading with We Cheer!

Bored today? Try Cheerleading with We Cheer!

505 Games announce that Namco's We Cheer is out today in UK/Europe, apparently the girls of "Sheffield Storm All-star Team" are dead impressed.

“We’re more than happy to be involved with a game which will hopefully give more publicity to our sport, which is always growing in popularity in this country,” commented Coral Head, Storm All-stars founder. “I’m a bit of a gamer myself but this..