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News: Smash Bros. Brawl Online Confirmed

Smash Bros. Brawl Online Confirmed

Prepare for a worldwide brawl on the Wii.

We had suspected for months but today it is 100% concrete; we will be able to play each other on the sequel to the Gamecube's most praised fighting game. The Smash Bros. Dojo did not only confirm the presence of an online mode in Super Bros. Smash Brawl, but additionally went in to further detail explaining how the process will work. The two modes shared so..

E3 2007: FIFA 08


Nintendo today announced that FIFA 08 will be playable online and use EA's league and ranking system.

"FIFA Soccer 08 on the Wii™ makes it easy for the whole family to play and enjoy soccer with a flick of the wrist. Featuring superstar Ronaldinho as the first soccer player created as a unique and playable mini character, you’ll experience soccer in a videogame like you never have before..

News: Google Wiider

Google Wiider

You learn something new every day, it seems last month Google quietly released a special Wii UI for Google Reader.

"Google quietly launched Google Reader specifically designed for the Wii last night — the new interface even makes use of the buttons found on your Wiimote. On my initial digging, I cannot find a similar interface designed specifically for the PS3 browser." We've only just spotted..

News: Mario Strikers Online To Be Region Specific

Mario Strikers Online To Be Region Specific

Next Level games let it slip that Mario Strikers Charged Online matches might be region specific to help lag issues.

"Mike Inglehart of Next Level, the company developing the title for Nintendo, explained in an interview with the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine that due to their desire to get a “quality gameplay experience”, online matches will be region-specific. “The game is very twitch..

News: Wii's Friend Code Woes

Wii's Friend Code Woes

Details emerge of Nintendo's approach to online games for Wii, like the DS but even worse.

From a recent preview posted on British Gaming Blog we learn that Mario Strikers Charged (Wii's first online game in the West) will adopt the painful friendcode system, not only this but each Mii will have their own friendcode. "You import your Mii in Strikers, and get a friend code per Mii. This way, you..

News: Opera Browser New Feature Details

Opera Browser New Feature Details

Opera have spilt the beans on their updated Wii Browser, including a new "Living Room" feature the first browser to have a multi-player mode!

"Today Opera Software and Nintendo released the much-anticipated full version of the Internet Channel, powered by the Opera browser. The Internet Channel can now be downloaded directly from the Wii Shop Channel on any connected Wii™ console. Nintendo and..

News: Opera Browser (Final) Available Now

Opera Browser (Final) Available Now

As promised Nintendo has released the final version of the Opera browser and is free to download

Just a quick note to inform you that the Opera web browser is available to download from the Wii Shop now, but before you can get surfing the internet you are required to do a system update first. The new full version of the browser remains a free download until June 30, 2007, and once downloaded is..

News: Mario Strikers Charged Goes Online In May!

Mario Strikers Charged Goes Online In May!

Nintendo have today announced that "Mario Strikers: Charged Football" will be online multiplayer and released on May 25th in Europe!

Get your reading glasses ready, because today's press release is rather long! "Now’s your chance to bend it like Beckham, score like Shevchenko and hit it like Henry or, failing that, floor the opposition with a well aimed Blue Shell! What’s more, with Mario..

News: Final Opera Wii Version In April

Final Opera Wii Version In April

Nintendo announce that the final version of the Opera Web Browser for Wii will launch next month and be free until the end of June.

"Since late December, Wii owners have been able to download a trial version of the Opera Internet browser. After receiving substantial and helpful feedback from consumers, friends and family members, Nintendo developers have made a number of improvements to the final..

News: Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

Diddy Kong Racing DS Launches Stateside

Today marks the release of the DS remake Diddy Kong Racing DS which expands upon the classic N64 title.

Possibily the finest karting game of its generation, Diddy Kong Racing was one of the many classic titles that came out of Rare in the late 90's. Nintendo have teamed up once more with Rare to bring this 10 year old classic to the portable DS console. "Racing games have always been a popular..

News: Diddy Kong Racing Details

Diddy Kong Racing Details

Possible Mario Kart beater with four all new tracks, six player online action AND a track builder.

One game has been sleeping, sleeping until now. Nintendo have finally revealed all the goods on their upcoming remake of the N64 classic Diddy Kong Racing, hitting the DS in the US next month. Fact Sheet:A bloated space pig has taken control of Diddy Kong’s island paradise, and only you can stop his..

News: News Channel Launches

News Channel Launches

Wii gets another new channel, this time its all in the news.

Nintendo have today announced that the free "News Channel" will be available for Wii from tommorrow. The channel using the international resources of the Associated Press gives you key stories in multiple categories from across the country and around the world. "What Wii has done for video gaming, we hope it will also accomplish for..

News: Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Wii Opera Browser Free Until June 2007

Good news for early adopters; The Nintendo Wiis Opera web browser will be free to download until June 2007.

A press released by Opera today has stated that the Wii web browser will be free to download until June 2007. The browser will not cost a thing once downloaded. After that you will be required to use up your Wii points to download the browser...

News: Wii Will Not Support Third Party Online Play Until 2007

Wii Will Not Support Third Party Online Play Until 2007

Looks like we're going to have to wait some time to get online play.

IGN published a preview for "Tony Hawks Downhill Jam" today and at the end it has a bit of information regarding the titles online status. IGN claim that third party developers will not be able to utilise the online interface for the Wii until well into 2007. Of course I don't think this is going to affect first party support for..