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News: Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty

Nyko Tries to Make Circle Pad Pro Pretty

Extends battery life, tries to stay out of ugly tree

The 3DS Circle Pad Pro isn't widely loved, it's safe to say, with comments around the peripheral ranging from 'it's OK and works' to 'OMG WTF!!!'. Much of the attention when it released was around arguments that 3DS should have included two Circle Pads in its design, and also that it was...

Review: Nyko Power Grip

Nyko Power Grip

Gripping or griping?

Battery power. It is both the benevolent force that makes portable gaming possible, and the cumbersome reason some gamers choose to keep their games at home. Throughout gaming history, handheld consoles have been subjected to a slew of power-boosting peripherals promising more game time at the cost of extra bulk. The Nintendo...

News: Nyko Bringing Wii MotionPlus to Wand+

Nyko Bringing Wii MotionPlus to Wand+

No more plug-ins for you

If you're fed up of clicking that MotionPlus accessory into the bottom of your Wii Remote, you might want to consider picking up Nyko's new Wand+, which features the accessory built inside the controller itself. Arcane magic indeed. Here's what Nyko has to say about its new creation. By building the technology into the controller, the Wand + provides all the functionality..