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  • Nintendo Download 28th July 2011 (North America)

    Farming, shrines and more

    In all the excitement about 3DS price drops and free download games, don't forget your old friend the Nintendo Download. Here's what's available in North America later today. 3DS eShop: Let's Golf! 3D (Gameloft, $6.99) — The eShop's first properly new downloadable game, Gameloft's golfing game features six courses, eight...

  • News 3DS Mario Titles Land in November and December

    Official titles revealed

    Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 will launch in November and December this year respectively, Nintendo has announced. The company made the decree in the same statement that outlined the new 3DS price drop and Game Boy Advance Virtual Console games We played Super Mario 3D Land recen

  • News 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August

    Hoping to stop the rot

    Fresh from the announcement of the Japanese 3DS price drop we have news of the North American savings. From 12th August the machine will drop to $169.99, down from $249.99, a huge price drop that Nintendo hopes will set the console up for a profitable holiday season. If you've already picked up your machine, you're eligible...

  • News Three New Rewards Hit Club Nintendo in North America

    Giant AR card approaches

    Club Nintendo coins burning a hole in the brick you use to store them? Want to set them free but don't fancy bashing your head in? You need a new reward, then. You can now choose from a Metroid: Other M screensaver, a set of three posters charting the history of Donkey Kong or, best of all, a giant double-sided AR card for the 3DS. The screensaver costs 10 coins, the giant..

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