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News: DS Breaks UK Sales Record Again

DS Breaks UK Sales Record Again

The Nintendo DS continues to sell like cakes that are rather hot, effortlessly breaking the UK hardware sales record for the second week running.

All the predictions of a bumper Christmas for Nintendo in the UK seem to be proving accurate, with news that its consoles are selling in record numbers. The DS has now broken the previous UK weekly hardware sales figure twice this month, shifting 185,000..

News: EA Get Boogying On DS (and PS2)

EA Get Boogying On DS (and PS2)

EA Montreal have been confirmed as making a DS version of the recently released Wii game Boogie. Release set for November: Gimmicks included...

Electronic Arts, in their wisdom, have confirmed that a DS version of the recently released Wii title Boogie is currently in development at it's Montreal studios. Pop legends such as Kool and the Gang and current favourites like the Black-Eyed Peas are..

News: Nintendo DS Camera Revealed

Nintendo DS Camera Revealed

It's been a touted announcement on message boards for some months now but today gamers got the information they've been waiting for.

The Nintendo DS camera has finally reared it's head onto the Internet and we have the screens to prove it. The camera slots into the GBA port on the Nintendo DS and includes a stand which keeps the DS upright when you're trying to take a photo of your beautiful mug..

News: Wii And DS Connectivity Inevitable?

Wii And DS Connectivity Inevitable?

A hidden object in Super Paper Mario hints at future connectivity between the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

Super Paper Mario is already gaining a reputation of being hidden with little treats and one such gamer has found a Nintendo DS hidden within the game. On clicking it a message appears stating "Awaiting Data Upgrade". Will a Wii update in the very near future allow us to send data to our DS?..

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