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News: Official Nostalgia Trailer Released

Official Nostalgia Trailer Released

Ignition Entertainment shows off their epic air-based RPG for Nintendo DS.

Ignition Entertainment has just sent us the first official gameplay trailer for their upcoming air-based RPG Nostalgia coming to Nintendo DS this fall. The trailer shows the game and its main characters in action and shows off some of the game's amazing air-to-air battles...

News: Made in Ore Gameplay Videos

Made in Ore Gameplay Videos

For those who are a little confused as to what to expect with the latest WarioWare title, Nintendo has released plenty of videos to help explain things a little better.

Over the past week, we've done plenty of coverage on Made in Ore and its WiiWare counterpart, Asobu! Made in Ore. Thoiugh we've given you plenty of details on these upcoming titles, we haven't exactly been able to show you any..

News: The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virtual Console?

The DSi – One Step Closer to a Portable Virtual Console?

Nintendo has just unveiled details of a new handheld console called the DSi.

But before you get too excited and spill your Sunny D all over the keyboard, it’s worth noting that it’s essentially a DS with slight modifications rather an all-new machine. Improvements include larger screens (3.25 inches, up from 3 inches), two cameras (both 0.3...

News: Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Nintendo Squash "New DS" Rumour

Well that's no surprise then. What did I tell you? You can't remember. Well, I told you it was too damn early for a new DS.

And I was right. Following on from our report last week about the possibility of a new DS to be announced at E3. The news came from Hamamura-san (head of Japanese publishing giant Enterbrain) and has been squashed by both Nintendo of Japan's head of PR Ken Toyota and..

News: New DS Castlevania Is Given A Name

New DS Castlevania Is Given A Name

More vampire-hunting tomfoolery on your portable

The Entertainment Software Rating Board of America (better known by the shorter title of ESRB) has revealed the name of Konami’s next DS Castlevania adventure: The Order of Ecclesia. Series producer IGA hinted some time ago that another DS installment was in the offing, but this is the first news we’ve heard since that announcement. There’s no..

News: This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

This Is A Pretty Hearty Rumour: DS 2 At E3?

And it's all down to an article posted by Bloomberg Japan which has caused a whole host of rumours across the nerd-o-sphere.

According to the article, the president of Japanese magazine publisher "Enterbrain" (which hosts the gaming bible "Famitsu") has commented that Nintendo may (note the emphasis) be announcing a new version of their blow-away success console: the Nintendo..

News: Disney Turn The DS Into An Interactive Tour Guide

Disney Turn The DS Into An Interactive Tour Guide

Never get lost within the Magic Kingdom again - whoopee

Some interesting developments are happening in the Magic Kingdom. In a recent post on a Disneyland fan website (we don’t make a habit of visiting these places, honest), a recent vistor to Walt’s Wacky Wonderland reveals that they were asked if they would like to participate in a trial run of the park’s new guide system. Amazingly, it..

News: Apollo Justice Demo Released

Apollo Justice Demo Released

And the best thing is, no DS is required to play it

Capcom has released a rather neat Flash-based demo for its upcoming legal sim Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.[/flash] The game is the next in the Phoenix Wright series of games, although Phoenix himself has stepped down and made way for the up and coming Apollo Justice. Now there’s an excellent name..

News: Assassin's Creed DS Gets A Subtitle

Assassin's Creed DS Gets A Subtitle

Altair's back for another stab on the DS

The home console version may have been the most crushing disappointment your humble reporter has experienced in quite some time, but we’re nevertheless still quite excited about Assassin’s Creed: Altair's Chronicles on the DS here at NintendoLife. Publisher Ubisoft has released some details on the forthcoming prequel, which will utilize a 3D engine and..

News: First Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Screens

First Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Screens

First shots of BioWare's latest RPG epic, featuring Sonic himself!

American softco Bioware, famous for its Star Wars RPGs on the Xbox (as well as numerous other titles) has released shots of its upcoming Sonic title for the Nintendo DS. Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood (to give it it’s full moniker) is looking very promising indeed and the initial scans published in the latest edition of..

News: Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Gets Euro Name Change

Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin Gets Euro Name Change

Just to make things even more complicated

Intelligent System’s latest entry in the massively popular Advance Wars series has been given a new name for its forthcoming European release. The eagerly awaited title, which will be released in the US as Advance Wars: Days of Ruin and in Japan as Famicom Wars DS 2 (which is in keeping with the Japanese name for the franchise), will now be called Advance..

News: Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga

Features robots and large breasts, in that order

Fans of obscure Japanese RPGs should rejoice - Famitsu magazine has recently revealed that Nintendo's Monolithsoft is working with Banpresto to create a new title called "Infinite Frontier Super Robot Wars OG Saga". I'm sure you'll agree, that's quite a mouthful. Coding duties are being handled by Terada-san, who is responsible for the..

News: Nintendo Triumphant In Japan This Christmas

Nintendo Triumphant In Japan This Christmas

Videogame giant is unstoppable on home soil

Early figures from Famitsu magazine indicate that Nintendo has dominated the Japanese sales charts over the Christmas period. Although a PS2 title (Super Robot Taisen Original Generation Gaiden) took the number one position, a quick glance at the rest of the top 20 shows that the Big N is firmly in control; 7 of the top 10 titles are for Nintendo consoles..

News: Full Game DS Downloads NOT Coming After All

Full Game DS Downloads NOT Coming After All

A simple case of crossed wires?

It seems that our man Reggie was misunderstood in a recent interview with the New York Times. As we (and pretty much the rest of the internet) reported a few days back, his interview with the well known newspaper seemed to indicate that ‘full’ DS titles would be made available for download in the future. However, Nintendo has now released a statement clearing up..

News: Boffins Brand Nicole Kidman A Dirty Liar

Boffins Brand Nicole Kidman A Dirty Liar

Claims that Brain Training can boost intelligence may not be true after all - well, duh

You might have seen Nintendo's Brain Training adverts, in which well-known celebrities like Patrick Stewart and Nicole Kidman gleefully promote the software like it’s a one-stop miracle solution to being a bumbling thickie. "I have quickly found that...

News: Virtual Console Coming To The DS?

Virtual Console Coming To The DS?

Reggie speaks about the upcoming game download service on the DS

The rumours have been circulating for quite some time but the concept of downloading ‘complete’ games to your Nintendo DS is becoming a reality, if a recent interview with Reggie is anything to go by. Nintendo’s main man spoke to the New York Times recently about the new ‘Everybody’s Nintendo’ channel and how DS owners..

News: Sim City DS 2 Revealed In Famitsu

Sim City DS 2 Revealed In Famitsu

Long-running Japanese publication has the scoop on this interesting update of the classic city building franchise

The latest issue of Japanese videogame magazine Famistu carries an interesting news story regarding the next instalment of the Sim City franchise. Dubbed Sim City DS 2, the game appears to be heavily tailored towards younger gamers with some cute looking townspeople not a million miles..

News: PS2: Pwnd!

PS2: Pwnd!

The DS passes PS2 lifetime sales in The Land of the Rising Sun

We all know that the Nintendo DS has been a massive success for its parent company but the latest figures from Japan still make for stunning reading; the likeable handheld has now surpassed the PS2 in terms of Japanese sales. To put this into perspective, the PS2 has sold millions of units since its release several years ago and is..

News: Wii And DS Dominate In Japan

Wii And DS Dominate In Japan

Sony and Microsoft struggle to get a look in

Sony’s Gran Turismo 5 Prologue may have entered the Japanese sales charts in the top 5 but a cursory glace at the rest of the chart should make depressing reading for anyone not affiliated with Nintendo. The Wii and DS continue to dominate the Japanese market in a way that hasn’t been seen since the days of the Famicom and Gameboy. Here's the lowdown..

News: Europe Loves Brain Training

Europe Loves Brain Training

It's already sold bucketloads of copies in Japan, American and the UK - now our European friends are warming to Dr. Kawashima's unqiue brand of mental fitness.

Nintendo's amazing success story continues with the news that its Brain Training series has topped sales charts in two key European territories. Nintendo's DS Brain Training games have...