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Nintendo 64x64: Forsaken


Imagine the fast-paced gameplay of Quake, throw in some futuristic hover vehicles and you've pretty much got Forsaken. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this game is the incredible sense of speed you move at, although this quickly disappears with three other players also firing off various high-tech weapons. The campaign doesn't provide quite...

Nintendo 64x64: Killer Instinct Gold

Killer Instinct Gold

Wisely held back from the Snes; giving gamers a further reason for a N64. Subsequently, better fighters did arrive but this became one to saviour as Rare never produced its own sequel. Instantly, the killer soundtrack stands out as well as great backgrounds, fresh new characters and team battles. Pitched perfectly to novices and experts; a rare...

Nintendo 64x64: F-Zero X

F-Zero X

The best F-Zero

F-Zero had abundant stand-out features, leaving even the strong competition tailing. Although graphically divisive, fans hailed Nintendo for capturing the Snes essence - choosing speed and frame rate over unnecessary graphical overhaul. Persevere with completion - the ground breaking random track generator ensures longevity almost...

Nintendo 64x64: Gauntlet Legends

Gauntlet Legends

While a multiplatform release, the N64 version of Gauntlet Legends benefited greatly from the system’s four built-in controller ports. Ported over from the arcade, Gauntlet Legends’ simplistic hack n’ slash gameplay makes it accessible to players of all skill levels. It’s a solid, button-bashing adventure which is best enjoyed with three...

Nintendo 64x64: F1 World Grand Prix

F1 World Grand Prix

Solid racer but one only suitable for the niche F1 gamer, not a casual lover of the racing genre. The F1 ‘feel’ is realistic and racing from the bumpy cockpit view is awesome. Accurate track layouts yet backgrounds are dull and racing them doesn’t engage like a F-Zero or MK64 track. Advice: conquer the challenges but turn down that incessant...

Nintendo 64x64: Wave Race 64

Wave Race 64

The physics are perfect, the graphics hold up surprisingly well, and the environments are perfectly varied. The only negative aspect of this game is the always irritating announcer, and even he is part of the drive to succeed in the game. I still periodically go back into obsessive Waverace64 phases, because nothing else has captured the magic of...

Nintendo 64x64: Extreme-G


It's a more or less fun game, with medium graphics, average gameplay, with the only great point being the soundtrack. And there's the competition, how can you pay attention to an average game when you have, on the same console, F-Zero X, Star Wars Racing, Mario Kart 64 and Top Gear Rally. In a time of amazing racing games, Extreme-G can't reach...

Nintendo 64x64: Excitebike 64

Excitebike 64

This game is also one of my favorites on the N64. The music was the best, and the race tracks were always awesome to play on, but if anything, what kept me coming back to the game was the challenge. Just when I thought I had my control down, I'd always be left with that same sentence from the announcer. "Jim Rivers! ...eats dirt.

Nintendo 64x64: Banjo-Kazooie


Rescue you he will not dare, there's many dangers in my lair!

The progenitor of the "collect-a-thon" 3D platformer, this one holds up better than any of its successors today. Inspired worlds, massively inventive gameplay, and clever dialogue that surpass anything else that comes to mind. I have no shame in saying this is one of the best games ever...

Nintendo 64x64: Beetle Adventure Racing!

Beetle Adventure Racing!

Before I played it, I took this as nothing more than a cheap advertising game for the new model Beetles. This game surprised me when I finally rented it. With excellent controls, lots of track shortcuts to explore, and a catchy soundtrack to drive to, Beetle Adventure Racing is one of the best racers, period. It should be a part of everyone's N64...

Nintendo 64x64: Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon

Your friendly neighbourhood ninja

What do you call a game where you use a pipe and farts to fight food-monsters, duke it out in huge mechs, explore castles and towns inspired by the old japanese eras, fight a villain that comes from outer space and gain new allies, each stranger than the other along the way? A great Nintendo 64 classic with a bit of...

Nintendo 64x64: Pilotwings 64

Pilotwings 64

On target

From a calming glide through thermal currents, to blasting rockets into a giant humanoid robot, this game nails many great experiences in one package. A simple concept executed well, Pilotwings' depth relies heavily on perfecting subtle manoeuvres with a great variety of aircraft. Perhaps because there has been little to challenge it...

Nintendo 64x64: Chameleon Twist

Chameleon Twist

I saw the cover of this game years ago but I played it first time only recently. First thing I can say about this Chameleon Twist that it's the shortest 3D-platformer ever. It does have some fun play mechanics involving your characters long tongue but it doesn't make up enough for it's really short main campaign. Now if someone could make a...

Nintendo 64x64: Mario Tennis

Mario Tennis

Quite the smash

This is hands down my favourite tennis game ever. I loved the simple and yet effective controls and the gameplay was easy to pick up and yet difficult and very rewarding to master. One of the multiplayer highlights on the N64 for me. Few games can rival the fun and insanity of a 4 player doubles match. They kept it simple and nailed...

Nintendo 64x64: BattleTanx: Global Assault

BattleTanx: Global Assault

Madison's Militia

BattleTanx: Global Assault is one of best video games I have ever played. I remember picking this game up in 1999 and was I blown away with hours of fun game play with friends. I absolutely, loved this game so much that, I played this game every year with GoldenEye. I really would love if the vehicular combat genre would make...

Nintendo 64x64: Cruis'n USA

Cruis'n USA

They see me cruis'n...

When Crusin' USA hit arcades, it was impressive enough to claim a few dollars from me, especially since it touted itself as a sneak peak of the "Nintendo Ultra 64". Then previews of other games showed the system doing real 3D environments instead of cardboard. The only thing that could save this port is if it could bring the...

Nintendo 64x64: Hybrid Heaven

Hybrid Heaven

"Mr. Diaz, a synthetic human hybrid created by aliens"

This is a game that I remember playing as a child and being HIGHLY confused. The combat system was baffling and I didn't understand why muscle man was beating up bird-looking guys.. Going back and trying it (after seeing this article pop up), I realize that while it is pretty clunky, and while I...

Nintendo 64x64: Doom 64

Doom 64

This was my first N64 game purchase, and is still one of the best. Great atmosphere, lots of secrets, superb gameplay and lots of content ensured this is a game I still play today. It is my favourite Doom game by far, and is more importantly accessable to newcomers to the franchise. Insanely difficult in the later levels, this is not to be missed!

Nintendo 64x64: Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing

The single player was great and I loved the adventure element to it. I never really got into this on the multiplayer front though. I didn't really like the way the cars handled and the items weren't as fun as those in MK64. I really enjoyed the hovercrafts and planes however and the excellent and original single player adventure make this a Rare...

Nintendo 64x64: Buck Bumble

Buck Bumble

Stop the evil Herd Army!

Featuring the most annoying theme song to have ever graced the medium, Buck Bumble is an aerial combat game in which radioactive waste has transformed the insect world into a high-tech war zone. Playing as a gun-wielding bumblebee, the task of completing garden-based objectives is unusually appealing, yet a lack of polish...